The Truth And Fact About Hamas !!!!

Video 1 : Hamaz organized a "peaceful" riot
This is what Hamas is doing by encouraging and utilizing Gazans to protest what the world calls "peaceful" protests, namely making riots on the Israel-Gaza border fence. They also used children, babies and women as shields for any riots on the guardrail. Israel has been defending itself to protect civilians and defend the border so that it will not be invaded by Gazans who have lived for a long time in a hardline view of Hamas. ( 20 Juni 2018 )

Video 2 : Hamas Rocket To Gaza
This is one of the rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza to one of the kindergartens in Israel yesterday. This is not the first time Hamas has fired rockets at the kindergarten in Israel. A month ago, Hamas also fired 2 rockets at a kindergarten in Israel. Good thing there are no fatalities!

But does the media preach this? Not! ( 21 Juni 2018 )

Video 3 : 
Those who have a border with GAZA are not only Israel, but also Egypt. As I explained earlier, Egypt closed the border door with Gaza called Rafah Crossing. Egypt is just like Israel, it does not want to be invaded by millions of Gazans who have lived with the mindset and perspective of the hardline Hamas. Will Egypt allow Palestinians to cross into their country from Gaza? Definitely not!

This video is a Palestinian from Gaza who wants to enter the territory of Egypt illegally (by sea). And was shot on the spot by Egyptian border guards. But there have been protests from other countries including Indonesia?

Definitely not!

Video from Al Jazeera
21 Juni 2018

Video 4 :
In addition to using rockets, Hamas also attacked Israel by using hundreds of bombs tied to kites and flown towards Israel. Some were flown to farms belonging to Israeli civilians, some were flown in crowded cities like civilians in this video. Does Israel have to keep quiet to see its territory being attacked and endanger its civilians?

Answer yourself!
JUNE 21, 2018

Video 5 :
This is one of the Israeli land which was burned by Hamas with a bomb tied to a kite. They flew hundreds of kites to burn down agricultural land of Israeli civilians and forests in Israel.

Are media reports like this? Not!
21 June 2018

Video 6 :
This is a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Gaza. Hamas educated small children in Gaza with violence since childhood, namely killing Jews. See children acting as targets in the video. The clothes worn by them were the clothes of orthodox Jews.

Obviously Egypt closed the Gaza border door tightly! Egypt, like Israel, will not allow its territory to be invaded by Gazans who have long lived in the mindset and perspective of Hamas!
21 June 2018

Video 7 :
Hamas statement that death has become an industry, and they use women and children as shields (human shields) 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈. Gazans have lived suffering because of Hamas! Every year the international community provides assistance that is not small in number to Gazans, but taken by Hamas to buy rockets or build underground tunnels to terrorize Israeli civilians! Gazans live under poverty !!

But who is blamed? Israel!

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Video 8 :
Video from Twitter of Tamara Zieve

Until now, Hamas is still provoking Palestinians in Gaza to fly kites and bomb balloons towards land owned by Israeli civilians. The former Israeli defense minister called for Israel to take "an eye for an eye" (war with Hamas) in dealing with Hamas in Gaza. I can't imagine that this "eye for eye" really happened! 🙈🙈🙈

July 10, 2018

Video 9 :
Seconds when Hamas launched rockets towards densely populated settlements in the south of Israel last night. This is a video that was recorded by an Israeli civilian. And in this video there is also the sound of rockets fired by Hamas. Is this in the media? NOT!

JULY 14, 2018

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Video 10 :
The IDF (Israel Defense Force) retaliated against Hamas rocket attacks by attacking the Hamas terror tunnel. IDF fighter jets are targeting terrorist tunnel attacks in southern Gaza, in addition to several terror sites throughout Gaza, including complexes used to prepare terrorist attacks and Hamas terror training facilities.
14 Juli 2018

Video 11 :
IDF (Israel Defense Force) terus menerus menggempur basis-basis Hamas di Gaza.
Ini salah satunya.

Video 12 :
To date, Hamas has fired 200 rockets towards densely populated settlements in southern Israel! This is a rocket fired by Hamas in one of the children's playgrounds in Israel. Thankful there are no fatalities. Something like this won't have news in the media!

Hamas are the real terrorists !!!

Video 13 :
Hamas is the real terrorists!!!
This is a videotape of a pedestrian in Sderot City, Israel who was almost hit by a rocket attack from Hamas. Luckily he survived and escaped the attack. Why aren't there such things in the media? Is it because the media is now reporting news that fits the audience's wishes only, and not according to the facts?

Or the media today are biased? Last night I watched the news on the television station, which reported that only Israel attacked Gaza. But why is there no news of Hamas attacking Israeli civilians with 200 rockets? For the sake of rating huh? Afraid no one is watching because they are telling the truth?

Video 14 :
This video was taken two days ago. Location in Southern Israel. After the ceasefire, Hamas still burns Israeli civilians fields with bomb kites. Who can tolerate this terror attack??
Senior Israeli officials tell IDF if arson attacks on Israel do not stop soon, Israel will begin a wide scale operation in Gaza.


Video 15 :
When Hamas fired rockets in Sderot, southern Israel 4 days ago.
One synagogue was hit by a rocket fired!
The media will not tell you this!

Video 16 :
July 19th, 2018 Hamas attacked a Kindergarten school with 2 balloons bomb. Locations in southern Israel. The media will not tell you this!
There were no injuries 🙏

Video 17 : 21 July 2018
Israel strikes Hamas outpost in Gaza!

Senior Israeli officials tell IDF if arson attacks on Israel do not stop soon, Israel will begin a wide scale operation in Gaza.

Video 18 : 21 July 2018
3 rockets were launched at Israel. 2 were intercepted by Iron Dome. One landed in open field inside Israel.
No injured victim.

Video 19 : 21 July 2018
BREAKING VIDEO: Israel airstrikes in Gaza moments ago.
Hamas is the real terrorists!
Israel CAN NOT & WILL NOT tolerate attacks threatening Israelis' lives!
I want to see what the media tell the public tomorrow!

Video 20 :
4 members of terrorist Hamas killed by Israel airstrikes.

Video 21 :
This is the truth about Hamas!
Hamas used the children in Gaza to commit violence!
Hamas luring this children with candy to convince them to run to the Gaza border fence and confront IDF soldiers. Free Gaza from Hamas!
Hamas is the real terrorists!

Video 22 :
This is the truth that the media won't tell you!
Hamas provoked Gazans to made the riot violence on the Gaza border. When the riot occurred, Hamas snipers shot an IDF soldier, Aviv Levi, 21 years old. Then Israel attacked Hamas posts in Gaza. No one can tolerate the terror attacks that Hamas has done! Hamas uses Gazans include women and children as human shields! And then playing victim and blame Israel when they are injured or dead! When the United Nations sends humanitarian aid to Gazans, Hamas takes it to live a luxurious life!

Hamas doesn't care about Gazans!
Hamas are the real terrorists!

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