What Is Bedbugs?

Bedbugs, also known as bed bugs, are small, brownish-colored parasitic insects. Bedbugs can bite human or animal skin to suck their blood. Usually bedbugs are lodged in the cracks of the mattress, the spring box, the back of the bed, the bed frame, or other objects around the mattress. Although it is harmless and does not spread infectious diseases, the bed bug bites can cause bodily reactions and cause psychological stress if persistent.

Bedbugs Symptoms
Bedbugs or bed bugs do not feel pain, but some people will feel the reaction afterwards. This reaction may appear several minutes to two weeks after the bite.
Usually bedbugs bite on the face, neck, arms and hands. Some of the symptoms of bedbug bites that are commonly present in a person's body are:
  • Red spots, with a blackish red dot in the middle. Usually the spots are in a striped or assembled pattern.
  • Itchy.
Bedbugs are commonly found in vehicles or crowded settlements that often alternate occupants or passengers, such as:
  • Dormitory spaces.
  • Train or bus.
  • Hotel.
  • Refuge.
  • Cruise ship.
  • Homeless shelter.
  • Apartment complex.
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Causes Bedbugs
Bed bugs can spread from one place to another by "riding" on clothes, bags, furniture, mattresses and boxes. Bedbugs can easily creep to move between rooms or rooms. The existence of b edbugs is also not related to the level of cleanliness of the surrounding environment, because what is needed by these insects is a warm environment that has many places to hide. In addition to cleanliness, other factors that may increase the risk of bitten bedbugs are mattress tick resistance to antiser drugs, as well as high travel frequency.

Diagnosis of Bedbugs
Generally the diagnosis is performed by a physician by going through a physical examination of bedbugs , including evaluating the skin disorder and the patient's perceived symptoms.
If it is diagnosed with a bedbug bite, the patient should immediately check his or her residence to locate the insect nesting (eg in mattresses, furniture, or walls). The patient is likely to have to check his or her residence at night, when bedbugs are active.

Some signs of the existence of bedbugs are as follows:
  • Dark spot stains, commonly found on mats or bedding. This spot stain is the dirt of bedbugs .
  • Leftover skin. Bedbugs change skin five times as they grow into adulthood. Usually this outer shell is pale yellow.
  • Reddish stains such as rust, which usually appear on the bed sheet where someone accidentally squeeze bedbugs .

Bedbugs Treatment
Generally bites of reddish bedbugs will disappear by itself after one to two weeks. Patients can accelerate healing by applying a hydrocortisone cream to bitten skin or taking antihistamines (antiallergic).

Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics if the patient is suffering from a skin infection from scratching a bedbugs bite. Once symptoms have been addressed, patients should immediately combat bedbugs . This is quite difficult because bedbugs can hide quite well and can live for several months without eating.

Prevention of Bedbugs
There are several ways you can protect yourself from the bites of bedbugs , among them by spraying the antiser liquid, installing a coated wire lined with permethrin pesticides, or wearing clothes that cover the skin.
Meanwhile, to anticipate the emergence of bedbugs in your residence, there are several ways that can be done are:
  • Be careful while at the hotel. Check the bedding in the hotel room, and place the bag or suitcase on the table rather than on the floor.
  • Clean the dwelling place of the bird or bat nest, because the bedbugs can ride on the body of a bird or bat to move from one place to another.
  • Check for used goods. If you buy a used mattress, chair, or sofa, check it carefully before bringing it all into the house. However, should avoid buying a mattress or used chair.

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