8 Funniest Parents Celebrating The Start Of The School Year

Hilarious Parents Celebrating The Start of The School Year

1. ‘Bye Felicia’ Mom Is Back With A Last Day Of School Photo We Can All Appreciate

At the beginning of the school year, one mom's photo went viral because -- let's face it -- some of us need a break. The school year gives us that break, or at least a few hours to focus on work if we work from home, or just some time to not have to tend to another human. Jessi Kittrell is a professional photographer and mother of four who won the internet back in September with her take on the “first day of school” Pinterest tradition. Now she’s back, welcoming “Felicia” home.

Party’s over, parents. Is everyone ready for a house full of kids again?

“I got a lot of slack but laughed it off, she had a good year,” Kittrell writes on her Instagram page. If you’re wondering why she got so much slack for a light-hearted post that was meant to be a funny take on the Pinterest tradition, welcome to the internet: where any parenting choice you make is up for debate and criticism.

2. East Alabama mom earns fame with viral back-to-school pool picture

One East Alabama mother is earning widespread fame for her viral back-to-school picture of her and her kids.

Jena Willingham grew up in the Valley-Beulah area and she's now a mail carrier for the USPS. But the mother of three never expected her social media post to catch on with millions around the world.

The post began as a favor. Willingham poses in her cousin's backyard pool, with her three children looking on in disapproval. The staged picture was taken the day before the kids went back to school.

"I love them, and I love having them around," Willingham told News 3. "But, I mean, they do get on my nerves when they start acting crazy."

Social media and broadcast media outlets like CBS News and Buzzfeed, and even magazines, quickly shared the viral sensation. Willingham says she's taking all the fame, replete with a bevy of interview requests, in stride.

"This is really exciting for us and neat for our family," Willingham said. "I don't want it to be bogged down with a bunch of mean people that don't really know me. And if they knew me, they'd know it was just a joke. Every week, I post something silly, and they're like, you're going to go viral one day. You're going to get your own reality show. You're so crazy."

Willingham says she tries not to focus so much on the negative feedback from the photo. Rather, she's using her newfound fame to inspire other mothers who have big hearts for their kids.

"They are everything to me," Willingham said. "My whole world revolves around them. All I do is take care of them and go to work and go home, then take care of them some more. I love them with everything I have."

3. About to 'lose their minds,' parents cheer summer's end in back-to-school parody

As fun as summer vacation may be, parents can only handle so many days of dragging their belongings to the community pool or playing referee to sibling arguments before they lose their minds.

In a new parody of DMX classic "Party Up (Up in Here,)" the Holderness family fully admits that they've reached their threshold when it comes to summer vacation activities.

"Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Ya'll gonna end up in time out, up in here, up in here," Penn and Kim Holderness sing in the parody. "Ya'll need to not lose your cool, up in here, up in here. Ya'll need to go back to school, up in here, up in here."

The video shows scenes of summer vacation familiar to all parents — from kids complaining that they're bored while sitting in a room filled with toys, to finding summer reading assignments crumpled up in backpacks and rushing to complete them.

4. Mom Keeps It Real In Hilarious Back-To-School Photo

First day of school? More like “first day of freedom,” at least according to one mom.

Meghan Oeser, a mom of six who blogs at The Ultimate Spoon, posted a photo on Facebook on Wednesday to mark her children’s first day of class, and it’s not the typical back-to-school pic popping up on your Facebook feed. The comical photo features Oeser sipping on a bottle of Malibu rum through a straw and holding a sign that mimics the ones kids hold on their first day of school that includes their ages and hobbies. What sticks out on Oeser’s sign is the “Mom’s First Day of Freedom” banner at the top.

Oeser’s back-to-school board shows her interests, which include silence, “pooping alone,” and “spontaneous napping.” She also notes that she could use some work on laundry and not forgetting her kids’ names. In the caption of the post, Oeser wrote that she’s a stay-at-home mom who loves “the s**t out of [her] kids,” but knows the chaotic reality of being a parent.

“I’m a SAHM [stay-at-home mom]. I AM blessed. I wouldn’t have it ANY other way, but S**T…I’m DONE!!!” she wrote. “Momma’s tired.” The mom also hilariously summed up what she won’t miss while her kids are away at school.

“I’m TIRED of f**king singing ‘Let it Go,’” she wrote. “I’m tired of looking at their poop because it slightly resembles Sheepy from ‘Doc McStuffins.’”

In two days, the photo has been shared more than 1,700 times. Oeser ended the post saying that all parents deserve to be celebrated, whether they’re sobbing at the bus stop on the first day of school or slightly happy to have a break.

“All in all…we’re all PARENTS, and we’re in this s**t together.”

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5. Mom takes hilarious back-to-school photo looking ecstatic

It's a feeling that most parents can relate to.

In the family's annual back-to-school photo, mother Keshia Leeann Gardner is seen literally jumping for joy as her children look bummed. One even has his hand covering his face in disdain.

The happy mom captioned the now viral photo, "Happy 1st day of school kids. I'm gonna miss y'all."

Gardner, 39, told ABC News that she is hamming it up for the camera. Still, the photo is meant to "make my friends laugh and cheer them up because [some parents] have a really hard time letting their babies go."

It's also an annual tradition beloved in her family. Indeed, this is the "fourth or the fifth year" they've taken a photo like this one, the Woodville, Alabama, woman said.

"I actually was not going to do it this year because I had gotten sinus infection and I didn't feel well with the chaos of the first day of school," she explained. "I was running late to work ... and I was like, 'OK, let's go!' And they said, 'We have to take a back-to-school picture. It's our tradition.'"

6. These Tallahassee moms 'Can't Stop the Feeling' of back to school

After a whole summer of making memories with their kiddos, these Tallahassee moms admit — they just can't wait for their kids to go back to school.

And they're toasting to moms everywhere who feel the same way.

The Tallahassee Working Like Mothers duo strikes again with a jubilant parody of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” As of Wednesday, the video had more than 87,000 views on Facebook.

“No need to hide, ‘cause there’s no one at home,” Linley Paske and Lauren Pasqualone sing with their signature magenta-pink lips, their faces in comic disbelief.

“No one yappin’, mama’s nappin’ — did that just happen?”

It will — on Aug. 14, when Leon County kids start school.

The music video segues from inside Target, where a carefree Paske and Pasqualone sip on Frappuccinos with no kids fighting or in their shopping carts, to a Table 23 brunch — where, finally, they're "the ones to be waited on."

Though the back-to-school rush of school supply shopping can be stressful, like most moms with school-aged kids, Paske and Pasqualone know that they’ll soon get a breather when the semester starts next week.

7. Parents Trolled Kids Who Had To Go Back To School

Oof, this is just cruel and unusual punishment.

It's every kid's suspicion that when they go off to school their parents party like it's 1999 — you know, the greatest year for parties ever. What ... are you really going to argue with Prince?

Well, this video posted to Twitter pretty much confirms that conspiracy theory. It's true. Parents are getting turnt when kids aren't around in the most parent-way possible.

Todd and Becky Tackett live in Ohio, so you just know they're partying constantly since the Cavs won the championship.

They also have three daughters (I guess that's also important to them), and on their first day of school, the two parents created a video showing their children heading off to pursue some serious higher learning.

When you watch the cute series of photos, at first you'll be like, "D'aww that's sweet," and then you'll be like, "Uh, wait, what the what is happening?"

Potential normcore dad of the year winner Todd Tackett does a serious fake-out by playing hooky with his job and then jumping in the pool with his work clothes on.

Then the married couple proceed to grill, get their drink on and even get lei-ed (no, not in that way).

The whole montage ends with the two driving off into the proverbial sunset, basically reenacting the song "The Way" by the band Fastball.

8. A couple "high fives" each other at a school bus stop

As one Redditor writes about this photo submitted by @gotmunchies2nite, "Twist: The adults in that picture are childless and showing the neighbors what they are missing."

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