7 Unbelievable Videos of Babies Escaping

Adorable Videos of Babies Escaping

1. Baby gate escape seems like magic. Like Houdini.

Kids always figure out how to escape just about everything. But this baby escape was so easy and quick that this girl's father, and all parents watching, wonder how it ever happened.

2. Baby's epic escape from not one, but two, childproof gates

One gate, no problem. Two gates? Let's give it a shot.

3. Toddler helps baby brother escape crib

A baby monitor captured this priceless moment of brotherly love. In a video posted to Facebook, the toddler is seen showing his baby brother how to escape from his crib. The little boy brings a blue chair into the crib. He then climbs in himself to demonstrate the great escape. The boy eventually helps his brother get out of the crib, and they celebrate with a hug before leaving the room.

4. Baby finds a clever way to escape from the crib

A very clever baby's great escape.

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5. Twin toddlers run riot in their bedroom

Twin toddlers were caught escaping from their cribs to have an overnight party - including a gymnastics session and a late night talk. Two-year-old brothers Andrew and Ryan paid no mind to bedtime rules, as the pair were filmed sneaking from their beds to play in their room last Sunday night. Even after parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, of New York City, put them back to bed after a serious talk, they escaped for one more chat before putting themselves to sleep. Jonathan Balkin posted a hyperlapse video of the overnight shenanigans on Monday morning and wrote: 'When the parents are away the cubs will play... even if it comes at the expense of sleep.'

6. Baby boy cleverly stacks pillows on the floor so he can escape from bed

The footage, captured by the infant's father, Francisco Aguilar, and later posted online, shows a little boy peering over the edge of a mattress as he desperately attempts to climb down from it. But as hard as he tries, his short, chubby legs will not let him reach the ground. Instead, he realizes comes up with another idea.

7. "Houdini" escapes baby gate and crib

This adorable baby is a clever one! She's found a way to break out of her baby gate using a necklace and has climbed out of her crib with ease!

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