7 Recent Strange Crop Circles

Recent Bizarre Crop Circles

1. What on earth? Crop circle sightings in Dorset leave spotters baffled

Are we alone in Dorset? Crop circles in the countryside have sparked thoughts that something may have attracted an extra-terrestrial visitor.

This crop circle appeared in a field near Cerne Abbas.

Shazz Hooper, 35, took a drone out to take aerial photos of the spectacular pattern. Her interest lies in the mystery behind what created them.

She said: “Dorset is a good place for crop circles throughout the year, I know there have been plenty.

“Some people think it’s alien activity, some people think it’s a hoax. It’s different and it brings people to them.

“I like to think there is something out there. It’s interesting.”

Speculators think this design resembles a religious symbol of Jesus Christ.

Crop circles, or crop formations, are patterns produced by flattening crops. Experts agree they are man-made although some people claim there are mysterious forces behind the patterns.

Paul Jacobs is an independent researcher of crop circles in Dorset. He also works with farm liaison group Core Group Initiative, who organise access to crop circles in fields where farmer permission has been granted.

Although he doesn’t believe the crop circles are down to extra-terrestrial life, he says the real reason is harder to explain that some might think.

He said: “I have been researching this now for 18 years and it remains a complete and utter mystery.

“I take it very seriously, and my conclusion is there is no simple explanation. I have ruled out the explanation that it could have been done by what I call a ‘mundane’ explanation - that it involved human beings.

"I enlisted the help of a chartered surveyor company who gave me a statement on a sample crop circle. They said it would take days and days to create a detailed crop circle, but nearly every time they turn up overnight.

“We do not know what is causing it, but whatever is causing it is of a high order indeed.”

The English countryside has been the site of crop circles that have baffled observers for centuries.The earliest mention of a crop circle dates back to the 1500s.

Circles began appearing in the 1960s and 70s in England and the United States. But the phenomenon didn’t gain attention until 1980, when a farmer in Wiltshire county, England, discovered three circles in his oat crops.

UFO researchers and media descended on the farm, and the world first began to learn about crop circles.

By the 1990s, crop circles had become something of a tourist attraction. In 1990, over 700 circles appeared in Britain alone and within the next few years, there were thousands.

Although crop circle numbers have declined throughout the years, each sighting still leaves many spotters perplexed.

2. 'Fidget Spinner' Crop Circle Found in England

A recently-discovered crop circle in England seems to suggest that even aliens cannot escape the latest craze sweeping the planet as the formation bears a striking resemblance to a fidget spinner!

Although not an exact depiction of the popular children's toy, the similarity was enough for crop circle expert Matthew Williams to tell the Daily Record that, "it certainly could be the world's largest fidget spinner."

Considering the craze surrounding the gadget, it's unlikely that those behind the crop circle intended for it to be an advertisement for the toy, since the last thing the fidget spinner needs is more word of mouth.

As such, more esoteric observers of the crop circle phenomenon have suggested that the formation, found in the county of West Sussex around the end of last week, is intended to convey the Celtic cross.

Regardless of the intended meaning of the design, it will no doubt irritate authorities who have been lamenting that the number of crop circles in England has increased significantly this year, leading to a greater number of famers losing money due to the formations.

Then again, perhaps that was the message behind the crop circle in that its creator was telling police that, much like the fidget spinner, the formation is their way of having some good old fashioned fun.

3. Prince Logo Plowed Into Field

Gene Hansen of Edgeley, North Dakota, is not only a retired farmer and landowner, he's an artist with a plow. The 75-year-old recently paid tribute to the late Prince by plowing a football-field-size love symbol, which was his name for a while, into a field.

"I thought to myself, maybe I should try something like that," Hanson said Monday, May 2. "I didn't tell anyone I was going do it, I didn't even tell my wife I was going to do it. But it's been fun."

He used a drawing of Prince's "love symbol" that he pulled from the internet as his guide, he said.

"I don't have a cab on my tractor. I just have a three-point disk in the back," he said. "I taped that little sign on the hood of the tractor and just went by that."

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It sounds a bit like a riddle. What’s 400 feet long, French, and guaranteed to make a woman smile? The answer is this representation of a clitoris that materialized in a field in the village of Montferrier-sur-Lez in the department of Hérault near the Mediterranean Sea.

The image is the handiwork of two sexologists named Marie-Noelle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard, and a protest against the taboos that prevent the depiction of lady parts in public places, esp. in textbooks, which, according to the two professors, become curiously euphemistic when female sexuality is the topic.

“The clitoris still has no visibility in biology textbooks,” Lanuit said to the Midi-Libre newspaper. “Either it’s absent or it is included but with no mention that it is the organ of female pleasure,”

Lanuit continued:

“Female pleasure is taboo in the medical world. Only the vaginal pleasure is taught where the clitoris plays a secondary role, with arguments that are often incompatible with anatomical data. It is sometimes named, but it is never drawn in textbooks in the complete form. In books it is usually presented as a small bean.”

Lanuit and Piquard were dressed in red to represent the sexual organ.

5. This crop circle appeared overnight in a wheat field in Wiltshire – but why does it look like the logo of an American company that makes equipment for smoking DRUGS?

This crop circle has left enthusiasts puzzled - as it looks like the logo of a company that makes bongs for smoking cannabis.

The stunning 330-feet-wide circular design covers two acres and has 20 different symbols that resemble astrological signs around a central mandala.

It has been described as the best for many years in the crop circle hotspot of the border between Wiltshire and Dorset.

The circle appeared overnight in a wheat field and no footprints or evidence of human involvement were found.

But some observers have drawn a comparison to the logo of the American company Mothership Glass, which creates intricate bongs used for smoking drugs.

The symbols featured around the edge recently featured in a design posted on the Washington-based firm's website.

But Karren Price, owner of the field and the Ansty Farm Shop on the A30, six miles east of Shaftesbury, insists she has no knowledge of how it was created.

It appeared overnight last Friday while she was on a five-day break in Devon with her family.

Karren said: 'I have designed mazes myself but this surpasses anything I've ever seen.

'The first maize maze I did took six weeks to create so for this amazingly intricate pattern to be created so quickly is astonishing.

'We are a busy farm shop and so there are people out in the fields around here all the time, working, harvesting and picking, so nobody would have particularly noticed anyone working in the field.

'We don't have any neighbours so nobody reported anyone - or anything - in the vicinity to us, no torchlights or anything like that.'

The site is 19 miles from the ancient mecca of Stonehenge and close to a number of mystical sites in the Wiltshire area.

However, crop circle experts - or 'croppies' as they are known - have been quick to dismiss any possibility of alien or supernatural involvement.

Marc Smulders wrote on a forum: 'There is no doubt that the formation was inspired by the company Mothership Glass. This does not mean that the formation is a hoax.'

6. Mysterious Metatron’s Cube Crop Circle Found

I know what you’re thinking … crop circle? Really? I tend to avoid them unless there’s something interesting about it and this one caught my eye because it resembles a Metatron’s Cube, one of those sacred geometry figures that give a crop circle a greater air of mystery as well as a high challenge for perfect completion. Throw in the fact that Metatron is a name that appears often in literature and on television and that the location of the crop circle has an old legend involving the Devil and you’ve got the makings of an interesting tale.

The 400-feet-wide (120 meters) crop circle was reportedly found on July 18, 2017, in a wheat field near Cley Hill, Warminster, U. K., and photographed by the folks at Cropcircleconnector. It’s described as a variation of Metatron’s Cube, so let’s see how close it is.

A Metatron’s Cube is a set of 6 circles placed in a hexagon around a central seventh circle, with six more circles extending from the radii of the inner six, for a total of 13. It also has the five Platonic solids or polygons that can be built within a sphere – Tetrahedron (triangular pyramid), Hexahedron (cube), Octahedron (8-sides), Icosahedron (12-sided) and Dodecahedron (20-sided). The 3D Dimension website shows the correct design of Megatron’s Cube and shows the solids, while Linda Moulton Howe at earthfiles.com points out that the Megatron variation crop circle at Cley Hill actually has 18 triangles inside 18 circles that border the triangles.

Cley Hill saw another crop circle last year – a less-intricate formation said to resemble the calendar wheel of the Mayan Long-Count calendar. But the real mystery of Cley Hill is its association with the devil. According to local legend, the 66-acre mound west of Warminster in Wiltshire was formed by the devil when he was tricked by an old man who recognized him and dropped his sack of dirt that he planned to use to bury the nearby town of Devizes for converting to Christianity.

As fitting of its association with the sacred geometrical shape, the word Metatron has a mathematical origin, coming from the Latin mētātor which means “one who metes out or marks off a place, a divider and fixer of boundaries.” Its most well-known ancient use is in the Judaic Book of Enoch in the form Mattatron, the Recording Angel or the Chancellor of Heaven. Most people today are probably more familiar with Metatron, the Voice of God in Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma, played by the wonderful real voice of the late great Alan Rickman. Metatron also shows up as an angel character played by Curtis Armstrong in the TV series Supernatural, an angel in the manga series O-Parts Hunter and and angel in the science-fiction/fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

7. Artist creates bizarre ‘Ebola awareness’ crop circle

As governments institute measures to protect their citizens from the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, one Italian artist is determined to do his bit – he’s made a crop circle. Dario Gambarin, from Verona, carved up 37,000 square metres of field in Castagnaro, creating a 200m image of the virus’s structure, accompanied by the words ‘EBOLA VIRUS’. Although the crop circle has some artistic merit, its purpose – to ‘raise awareness’, the artist says – may be a tad unnecessary, given that the virus has dominated headlines since early September.

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