8 Strange Pallbearers

8 Unusual Pallbearers

1. The pallbearers who dressed as a 7 year old's favorite superheroes

In 2014, pallbearers dressed as 7-year-old Sebastian Gerena's favorite superheroes to carry his casket during his funeral mass in Philadelphia. Sebastian was just days short of his 8th birthday when he passed away from a heart condition.

2. Ghana’s Dancing Pallbearers Send Loved Ones Off in Style

Families in Ghana are increasingly turning to troupes of dancing pallbearers to send their loved ones off in style, and bring some joy to what is usually perceived as a very sad event.

Dancing pallbearers not only lift the casket at a funeral, they also lift the mood of attendees by putting on a show. They parade the casket on their backs and shoulders, while at the same time executing a complex choreography that often involves spinning around, dropping to the ground and even pretending to drop the casket, all to the delight of the audience. It’s definitely an unusual display, but families in Ghana are increasingly paying for the services of such troupes to give their loved-ones an upbeat send-off.

3. When a veteran died without family, these teens volunteered to be his pallbearers

Six young men from Long Beach (Miss.) High School gave up a morning of their Christmas vacation to pay final respects to a man they didn’t know. The teens, all upper classmen, served as pallbearers for Jerry Wayne Pino, who died Dec. 12 at the age of 70. He served his country in Vietnam and wanted to be buried at Biloxi National Cemetery. Pino pre-arranged his service, but something was missing. Pallbearers were needed.

“He was an unclaimed veteran,” said Cathy Warden, who works at Riemann Family Funeral Homes, which handled Pino’s services. “Eva Boomer, who also works at Riemann’s, is a veteran, too. She asked me, ‘Do you think we could get Bryce (Warden’s son) and some upper classmen to come out?’”

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4. Mickey Mouse leads pallbearers in toddler's burial

As water fell from the sky, tears fell down cheeks.

"I thought I got all the burdens off my shoulder but something lifted again," Pastor Terrance Long said.

The brace of a hug and an alleged killer behind bars made Friday's funeral for 3-year-old Acen King, just a little easier.

"That changed the entire mood of this day," Long said. "I believe that helped make it not so somber as it would've been."

Long said the service at Baptist Church in North Little Rock was a celebration of Acen's life.

"We are all mourning but it was a great mourning. It was a mourning of relief to know we have nothing to be sad about," Long said.

Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore says the gloomy day will pass leading to a brighter and better tomorrow.

"We are sad today. We are going to come forward as a community. We are going to be a better city because of what happened," Moore said.

While Acen's favorite Disney character Mickey Mouse led the pallbearers to Acen’s final resting place, Long said there was a story shared with him that he'll hold close to his heart.

"Every Sunday after church, he [Acen] would come into [Long’s] office because he gave the kids candy and the fact that he's going to miss him coming into his office every Sunday after service," Long said.

Acen's grandmother performed a song during the service.

Around 300 people attended, showing the impact Acen had, only three years into life.

"He was full of joy. He was a very happy little boy," Moore said.

Long is organizing a balloon release for Monday. A time and location has not been announced yet…Reported and written by Mitch McCoy, KARK

5. Mourners remember teen car crash victim by wearing pink polka dot dressing gowns to funeral Dec 6, 2014

Hundreds of mourners at a teenager's funeral paid tribute to him by wearing his favourite item of clothing - a pink polka dot dressing gown.

Popular Max Lewis, 19, died when the car driven by his friend Dan Palmer, 22, collided with a van last month.

His grieving mother Nicola had asked mourners to wear something that showed her son's "sense of style", so dozens of friends donned pink hooded dressing gowns - one of the teenager's trademark outfits - including the pallbearers and even the reverend.

Speaking to the gathering of 450 friends a tearful Ms Lewis, 50, said: "You always had a strong sense of who you are.

"You were determined, adventurous and playful, funny, mischievous and energetic and very caring.

"You have left a huge gaping hole in our lives and hearts."

She added: "Please young people, try to keep yourselves safe, because it is just too hard to lose you."

Max, from Melksham, Wilts., was a passenger in a red Citroen Saxo which collided with a white Renault Master van on November 15.

Driver Dan Palmer, 22, suffered a punctured lung and broken pelvis and had to undergo extensive surgery following the smash, but is now recovering at home.

Locals wearing the pink hooded fleeces and carrying single roses lined the streets approaching St Michael's Church in Melksham on Thursday before packing out the service.

6. 'I will always love you son': Father's heartbreaking tribute at Star Wars themed funeral to boy, 4, who died after battling brain tumour

In his short life Jack Robinson's fight against an inoperable brain tumour inspired his heroes Gary Barlow and Matt Smith to help him complete his bucket list. But the four-year-old's final 'unique' wish could only be fulfilled yesterday, when his family and friends said goodbye to him at his Star Wars themed funeral. His parents Terence and Marie Robinson were determined to celebrate their son's life and passions, having his body carried in a Star Wars coffin on a white horse-drawn carriage surrounded by stormtroopers.

7. Clown Funeral – Tragically Hilarious

Seemed like a catchy title, but there’s really nothing hilarious about it, just tragic and bizarre. These photos were taken at the Fairview Cemetery, in Springfield, where 79-year-old Norman Thompson, member of the Antioch Shrine Funster Clown Unit, was buried, on May 29. His clown-friends dressed up for the occasion and honored Norman, for the last time. It looks bizarre, I know, but I was reading about this on the web, and found out that this is a tradition for clowns and magicians. Apparently this is the way they show their respect to their fallen colleagues.

8. A controversial Lima tradition where pallbearers are always black – ‘Beyond the question of racism or prejudice, I think it is simply a question of employment’

Elegant in tuxedos and white gloves, the six black pallbearers silently and gracefully remove the mahogany coffin bearing a Lima tire magnate from his mansion. They slide it into the Cadillac hearse that will parade Jorge Reyna’s body through the Chorrillos district where he was once mayor.

The pallbearers are in the job precisely because of the color of their skin, a phenomenon unique to this South American capital that was the regional seat of Spain’s colonial empire for more than three centuries. In fact, prominent citizens such as Reyna, a widely respected, charitable man of indigenous origin who died at age 82, request black pallbearers for their funerals.

“He planned his funeral and wanted it to be elegant,” said Reyna’s widow, Clarisa Velarde.

Blacks routinely bear the caskets of ex-presidents, mining magnates and bankers to their tombs in Lima. The peculiar tradition exists neither in provincial Peruvian cities nor in other Latin American countries with significant black populations such as Brazil, Panama and Colombia.

It is not a profession chosen by Lima’s blacks but is rather thrust upon them by a lack of opportunity, say Afro-Peruvian scholars. And racism remains so deeply ingrained in Peru that many don’t consider the practice discriminatory.

“Beyond the question of racism or prejudice, I think it is simply a question of employment,” said Jose Campos, a leading Peruvian black studies scholar and vice rector of the National Education University.

For 61-year-old Armando Arguedas, who like his fellow pallbearers never finished elementary school, it’s simply a job.

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