9 Shocking Beach Trends

Unbelievable Beach Trends

1. Watermelon Dresses

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Cute, innocuous, and fun—that's what the beach is all about, right? The hottest (and most adorable) trend this summer is the watermelon dress, and it's taking over social media. If you haven't seen them on your feed yet, people are taking bites out of watermelon slices and carving the fruit into a trendy cover-up. Then, they hold their pink masterpiece close to the camera, positioning it in a way that fits their model. While watermelon dresses aren't limited to beach going, the trend sure goes hand-in hand with seaside fun.

2. Summer's Hottest Swimsuit Silhouette Is Not Meant For Swimming

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Off-the-shoulder swimsuits are officially the hottest swimsuit silhouette of the season, mimicking the growing trend we’ve seen in stores, streets and even the White House. While the swimsuits are undeniably cute, they’re clearly meant for sitting around the pool. Since you can’t even raise your arms above your head in these suits, you wouldn’t want to try to out-swim a shark in such a getup.  Clearly not all swimsuit are meant for swimming, but these somewhat ridiculous tops would make it tough to even apply sunscreen (and they’d leave behind a pretty nasty tan line, too).

3. A sparkly butt is the latest beauty trend that you've secretly always wanted

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The "glitter booty" is the brainchild of artist Mia Kennington, who was inspired by the sandy-butt look that goes hand in hand with spending too much time on the beach. Kennington is part of The Gypsy Shrine, a group of glitter artists who host body art pop-ups at festivals.  Kennington has been posting photos of her glittery experiments on Instagram.

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4. Car Twerking

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In the Miami-Dade area, or the "305" as Pitbull calls it, some brave young women are risking their lives just so they can furiously twerk atop moving cars—and the dangerous trend is spreading. Watch as a bikini-clad beachgoer seized her chance to twerk on top of a police ATV. The officer promptly shoves her off the vehicle. Is it a flagrant case of unchecked police brutality or was it for her own safety? You be the judge.

5. In Sea Isle, 'beach-spreading' is the new 'manspreading,' and nobody is saying sorry

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On Day One, an amiable family from Quebec settled onto their favorite Jersey beach and promptly turned into tomatoes. They looked around: Tents, canopies, cabanas. Major beach spreading. Clearly, they were doing it wrong. That night, they purchased a $60 10-by-10 canopy from a store in nearby Stone Harbor, which Dad kept calling Pearl Harbor, and on Day Two, the St. Pierre fam claimed a major piece of shaded real estate around 45th Street, complete with a place to hang their music speaker, towels, and hats. An entire room of shade. Nearby, they lined up their crocs and flip-flops on a bed of sand as if it were the floor of a closet. Or perhaps a boundary. “We are,” declared Eric St. Pierre triumphantly, “New Jersey people.”

6. People Are Using Coca-Cola To Get A Tan Faster

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You know drinking Coca-Cola — or soda in general — isn't great for you, but it turns out, putting it on your skin is even worse. People have been slathering it on themselves for years now, with the belief that it'd help them tan faster. It sounds like the kind of wives'-tale-meets-beauty-hack your weird college roommate swore by — but it turns out there's truth to it. And the results are far more dangerous than you'd think.

Rubbing soda on your skin, like you would tanning oil, can make you think you're getting instant results. That's partially because the soft drink contains a caramel dye that could stain your skin, giving you a slight, faux-bronze glow you'd be better off getting from a bottle of self-tanner. What's worse, though, is how the combination of sunlight and soda can damage your skin, says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Zeichner told Allure that, because the soda is acidic, "it may exfoliate dead cells, enhancing the ability of UV light penetrate into the skin."

7. Glass-walled swimming pools are all the rage on Instagram

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THESE days, selfies are almost as important as sun, sea and sand when taking a summer holiday. The latest social media trend for vacation photos is cheekier than most though – and it’s come about thanks to a rise in glass-walled swimming pools, reports The Sun. Hotels and beach clubs have started to build their pools with transparent sides – and Instagram users have inevitably turned them into a social media opportunity. The glass-walled swimming pools allow people to see people swimming underwater from outside, which is perfect for people who like all eyes on them.

Women in bikinis are now making full use of the glass walls, by pressing their bums up against the side for photoshoots. From Dubai and Mexico to Las Vegas, Instagrammers are leaving little to imagination as their share their new underwater “belfies”. If you’re tempted to get on board with your own belfie photoshoot, here are some of the most popular see-through swimming pools around the globe…

8. Yes,This Fish Bra Bizarre Trend Is Trending On Instagram !

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Fish Bra trend - The world was always full of odd and weird things but thanks to our social media, these odd things are now coming out in the open. Lately, plenty of weird trends have been trending on Twitter and Instagram and well, they are textbook Bizarre! Hardly anyone knows how these trends came into being and the reason behind it. Most people are just busy following them. And why not? Some of these trends, though strange, are really cool! Just like all trends, the most recent trend which has taken Instagram by storm, is that of Fish Bras. Yes, this trend is really worth that what-the-hell look you have right now. This Fish Bra trend has been making rounds for almost a month now. So, what is it all about? The Fish Bra trend is about when you go for a fishing session, clad in just a bikini top and a thong.

If you are lucky enough to catch a fish that day, you pose in front of the camera by holding the catch of your day in front of your breast in a manner that the fish covers them. So the picture is taken with you posing and the Fish acting like your bra. This has got to be the weirdest trend ever to be on Instagram, don't you think? Sometimes, if your catch of the day is not big enough to cover you up, there's an option for that too! You can always use two fishes to cover your breasts!

9. Going topless on the beach still a trend? French say no

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France's beaches have gotten increasingly modest of late, as it's been found that women under 30 in the European country now feel it's a massive no-no to go topless beside the seaside. While in the bra burning era of the '60s, women like Brigitte Bardot were casting aside their bikini tops in the name of liberation, it's a dying trend in the Noughties. In a survey conducted in France, 35% of women said they found it unthinkable to sunbathe minus their bikini top, and for those aged between 18-24 the figure was a massive 50%. And just two percent of women in this age bracket said they would go topless.

A French magazine suggested women had "regressed" and that now going topless is now seen more as a form of activism from protest groups like Femen, rather than a commonplace way for women to express their equality to men. And dishearteningly, it suggested that the prevalance of porn may of made women feel like they'd be viewed as "loose" by men if they went topless. Philosopher Bernard Andrieu also noted the impact of porn and advertising on women's body image and subsequently how self-conscious they felt baring their breasts. He explained: "Facebook and social media channels push us even further away from our living bodies, because we build an idealised image with which to identify ourselves. It becomes difficult to face up to animalistic selves by going half naked."

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