11 Most Stylish Airline Uniforms ( All The Time )

1. Etihad's Women Cabin Crew Forbidden To Wear Trousers

It's 2015 and an airline refuses to let the women in its cabin crew wear the trousers from its newly designed uniforms. Gulf carrier Etihad has confirmed to RGN that, while its newly designed uniforms were created with a trouser option, flight attendants will only be allowed to wear skirts. Etihad's new uniforms, designed at great expense by Italian couturier Ettore Bilotta, and unveiled in a runway event at Abu Dhabi airport last month, build on the airline's Facets of Abu Dhabi rebrand, which continues throughout the carrier's lounges, aircraft livery, new aircraft interiors and older aircraft cabin refreshes.

2. Tiger Lady National Airlines ( USA )

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Flight attendant Cynthia Robertson models the new synthetic tiger skin uniform for National Airlines, to be worn by over 1,000 flight attendants, March 16, 1971. In her arms is an eight-week-old Bengal tiger named Indira.

3. Air Canada (Canada)

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1960s mod attire from the flight attendants of Air Canada. Designer unknown.

4. Alitalia’s New Uniforms Are Flagship Of New Brand Image

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We are in love. It’s official. Alitalia’s new uniforms which were revealed yesterday in Rome epitomise the JetSet era nostalgia that airlines around the world are trying to recapture, but done with an iconic Italian twist that screams style and glamour. Designed by Ettore Bilotta, a Milan based haute couturier, the striking new look has been designed and tailor-made by a team of nearly 500 people in Italy, with fabrics made in Tuscany, silk in Como, men’s uniforms tailored in Puglia, and leather accessories such as gloves in Naples, and shoes in the Marche region – all re-imagining the 1950’s and 60’s.

5. The 1960s Pucci Air Hostess Uniforms, Ideal for Mile High “Stripping”

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I was doing my daily browse through Pinterest and came across this eye-popping photograph of two ladies wrapped around the staircase of an airplane cabin, unmistakably decked out in head to toe Pucci prints. By now we’re probably all aware that mid-century air travel was the bee’s knees, but surely, no airline ever actually dressed their flight crew like this? A quick reverse photo search in Google later, and I discover a whole new chapter of airline fashion history I somehow missed. These uniforms were in fact one of many ensembles designed by Emilio Pucci for the now defunct Texas-based airline, Braniff. Oh, and this was the swinging ’60s after all, so you can expect all political correctness to go flying out the cabin window right about now…

6. Alaska Airlines (U.S.)
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Alaska Airlines' Golden Samovar Service uniforms, 1970s. Designer unknown—but they are fab, aren't they?

7. Chinese Airline’s New High Fashion Uniforms Are Fire

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China-based Hainan Airlines is taking cabin crew fashion to the next level after it debuted its new uniforms last Tuesday at Paris Couture Week. One thing we do have to point out is that the fashion ad campaign is lacking in models of color. If Kenzo managed to fly in 83 models of Asian descent during the unveiling of their 2018 spring collection in Paris, then so can Hainan Airlines. One of the Hainan uniforms is reminiscent of the school attire worn by Harry Potter character, Fleur Delacour.

Designed by Laurence Xu, the fifth-generation uniforms combine elements of “classical, time-honored Oriental aesthetics and the silhouette of a modern Western suit” for repurposing the stylish traditional Chinese cheongasm dress. The uniform also features traditional Chinese art such as cloud patterns, as well as the sea and mountains, and even the roc, a mythical bird symbolizing strength.

8. Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

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The Singapore Girl has been a trademark and brand for Singapore Airlines since 1972 when French haute couture designer Pierre Balmain was hired to construct and update the airline's uniform.

9. Olympic Airways (Greece)

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Pierre Cardin was the uniform designer for Olympic Airways from 1969-1971. His space-age look included a mini dress, a cape, and a mod bonnet.

10. Style in the Aisle: Awesome Vintage Hawaiian Airlines Uniforms Over The Years

Getty Images
She looks like a vacationer and not a flight attendant, but that's just what she was! In 1968, "Flower Power" was integral to Hawaiian Airlines' Fashion Flight Attendant Plan. Attendants wore an A-line dress designed specifically for the airline by Tiger Fabrics of New York. Fresh Plumeria flowers were worn in the hair as part of the ensemble with pale yellow tights accentuating the look. The Evins Shoe Company designed the shoes, and the yellow leather purse was designed by New York fashion house, Park Lane.

11. So Fly: Vivienne Westwood Designs for Virgin Atlantic

Getty Images
The British designer gives the airline's uniforms a stylish makeover. Boxy, boring uniforms, be gone! Virgin Atlantic flight attendants can now fly in style, thanks to Vivienne Westwood's newly redesigned uniforms for Richard Branson's airline. The British designer has upgraded the airline's iconic red outfits, with silhouettes inspired by '40s French fashion. For the female flight crew, Westwood's revamped pieces include a doubled-breasted drape coat, an oversize high-collar jacket with a matching pencil skirt in red and Westwood's signature hourglass heels.

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