10 Awesome Pool Floats

10 Of The Coolest Pool Floats

1. Bikini Babe And Macho Man Pool Floats Are Ridiculous
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Here are some pretty goffy ass pool floats sold by Perpetual Kid for $40 a pop. One looks like a bikini babe, the other looks like a macho man. So there we go. The classiest pool floats in existence. Then again, pool floats are not inherently classy to begin with. In fact, I am pretty sure that they are inherently not.

2. Someone has unintentionally designed a pool float that looks like a giant sanitary pad

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Learn this lesson from Swimways, a brand that's managed to design a pool float that looks just like a giant sanitary towel. We're not kidding. The Aquaria Pasadena pool float has got the same shape as a pad. It's light blue, just like the fake period blood everyone uses in adverts for tampons. It's quilted for your comfort. The pool float pad is currently getting loads of attention after it was tweeted by writer Jillian David.

3. Boohoo is now selling the mermaid tail pool float of your dreams

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It started with Taylor Swift swanning around on, well, an inflatable swan. Then Kim Kardashian brought out a load of kimoji pool floats. Including one designed to look like her butt. Not a novelty pool floats is the thing to have. They're popping up on everyone's Instagrams, in the shape of bananas, flamingos, avocados, and all other vaguely irritating iterations. So naturally, there was always going to come a time when the pool float trend would collide with the other big grend of the moment. Nope, not unicorns( unicorn pool floats are already a thing ). Mermaids.

4. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris ride on inflatable swan in their first social media photo

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship looks like it's going swimmingly. The superstar and her hunky beau were the picture of happiness as they rode along in an infinity pool on an inflatable swan, because, why not? Tay Tay, who has been seeing the DJ for a couple of months, debuted their romance on Instagram and captioned the snap: "Swan goals" and we all remain incredibly jealous. The svelte singer can be seen wearing a black bikini and shades while pointing out across the pool as Calvin relaxes in his bathing shorts and salutes in the hilarious snap. Taylor, 25, is currently on her would tour in support of her album 1989, while the Scottish DJ, 31 continues to perform gigs accross the globe.

5. An Avocado Pool float new exists to make your holiday even more millenial

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We love holidays as long as they're Instagrammable enough, yet turn into soulless husks if deprived of avocados for more than 24 hours. So what happens when you hit the beach, and forget to bring your tupperware of avo along with you? At long last, an avocado shaped pool float has now been created. Thanks to Kickstarter project by a company called Kool Pool, you could spend your next pool trip on the soft green underbelly of an avocado. And its stone is detachable so you can use it as a beach ball.

6. Channel your inner mermaid this summer with these amazing shell pool floats

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Whether you own a pool or just need something to bring along to your holiday, these giant shell pool floats will make you feel like the mermaid you’re destined to be. The giant, 67″ clams are perfect for whether you just don’t fancy getting your hair wet or if you want to lay back and relax as others swim around you – and they’re big enough for two, meaning there’s no need for your friend to buy a matching float.

Though unlike The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, you won’t be able to dramatically bust out of the clam to an epic Disney song (even though she didn’t turn up anyway) there’s no harm in playing ‘Under the Sea as you float along. The shells, which come with an inflatable pearl in case you fancy some ball games in the pool, cost £37.59 and are currently available on eBay – they’re going for much higher rates by other sellers so if you want to save some money, it’s best to get yours from here.

7. InflataBull Bull-Riding Pool Float: Ride or Drown!

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This isn’t my first rodeo, but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone bring the rodeo to the pool. For just fifty bucks, you can get the InflataBull, a pool float based on a mechanical bull. But instead of a machine, your friends do all of the hard work by yanking the handles attached to the outer ring, and try to knock you off.

Can you last 8 seconds? I bet you can. This won’t be as extreme as a real mechanical bull. Now sharks, on the other hand – that’s my kind of water rodeo. Not this bunch of bull.

8. InflataBull Bull-Riding Pool Float: Ride or Drown!

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If you’re a sexy woman who enjoys lazing around in the pool, you want this giant inflatable cockroach. According to the images here, the ladies love to lounge around on a giant cockroach. Kids too, but gals in bikinis really seem to love it. Way too much. Cockroach tease. You might as well embrace it now, because after the apocalypse we’ll all be riding cockroaches like slow jetskis and have cockroach highways. Those of us who survive anyway.

Just remember, you put one of these in the pool and before you know it, you’re infested. Which is fine, if these things really do attract the bikinied ladies. But if not, then you just have a pool full of cockroaches. If you want to chance it, you can get one from Amazon.

9. You can now keep your rose cold and within reach with this amazing wine float

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Floating around on a lilo is all well and good until someone gets thirsty. Then you’ve got to heave yourself up and paddle your raft to the side of the pool, before schlepping to the kitchen or bar. It’s a massive drag. But that’s all going to be a thing of the past. Because someone’s come up with the most ingenious pool-based invention ever: a wine float. In what is undoubtedly going to be THE must-have accessory of the summer, Funboy has created a magical float which has holes for your wine glasses and a bit in the middle in which you can put ice to keep your bottles nice and cold.

The company’s been huge on Instagram ever since the likes of Taylor Swift jumped aboard their flamingo floats. But nothing they’ve done comes close to the Matching Rainbow Cloud Bar. So practical. So cute. And if you’re on your own in the pool one day, they’ve got your back too. They’ve created mini floats that’ll keep a single glass of G&T nice and cool and conveniently close. You’ll never need to leave the pool again (except for food/the loo/to avoid sunburn). Incredible scenes.

10. Get your hands on Kim Kardashian's ample assets! Reality star releases $98 pool float shaped like her butt as part of new Kimoji merchandise range

Those who have long envied Kim Kardashian for her assets can now take one of them home and float on it in their pool. As summer approaches, the reality star is making sure her fans have just what they need to make the most out of the hot weather - which apparently includes selling a pool float that looks just like her famous rear end. The newest line of Kimoji merchandise hit the web on Tuesday, and while there is plenty on offer that will appeal to the Kim-loving masses, there is one product in particular that is causing a stir.

The Kimoji Butt Pool Float is currently available on the site for pre-order, to be delivered in June, and costs $98 each. The float itself appears to be a - literally - inflated version of Kim's butt emoji, which features a cartoon version of her rear in a black thong. Of course, social media users couldn't help but start talking about the strange new addition, with many taking a bit of an issue with the price tag.  '98 dollars for a pool float? Come here sis.. I jus wanna talk,' wrote one user.

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