7 People Who Died While Doing Unsafe Sex In A Car

Unsafe Sex : 7 People Who Died While Doing It In A Car

1. Taiwanese couple die from exhaust fumes while having oral sex in parked BMW

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A man and a woman were found dead inside a parked BMW on Tuesday night in New Taipei City. The man was nude from the waist down while the woman's face was lying on top of his lap.

Police broke into the locked car after receiving a call about two people sitting motionless inside. After looking over the scene, they have come to the reasonable conclusion that the couple were likely engaging in oral sex when they died, Taiwan News reports.

The cause of death has yet to be determined. However, police believe that the couple probably died from carbon monoxide poisoning as exhaust fumes built up inside the tightly-sealed vehicle. Officers found no signs of suicide or foul play.

2. Teacher and his girlfriend, 22, drown when their car rolls into a Russian lake while they were having SEX

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A Russian couple died after their off-road vehicle rolled into a lake while they had sex, say police.

The 22-year-olds could not escape from their Russian-made Niva as it sank, and they drowned on the vehicle's back seat.

The school physical education teacher and his girlfriend had earlier driven to the lake in Volograd region, but worried relatives reported them missing when they failed to return.

The couple were named as Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova.

'The car was lifted out of the lake and the bodies of the young people were found on the back seat,' said

Andrey Fedotov, an official of the Russian Investigative Committee.

Detectives say the couple were 'making love on the back seat when the car was parked near the lake', according to local reports.

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3. Police officer, female lover die while having sex in a moving car

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A police officer and his alleged lover have lost their lives in an auto crash while they were reportedly having sex on wheels.

The policeman, whose identity was given as Constable Ramon Stephens, attached to the Motorized Patrol Unitn alongside the woman identified as Kodian – Kody, died from injuries they sustained in the tragic accident.

According to reports, the two dead victims were found naked.

Eyewitnesses said the car was travelling at a very high speed and lost control, probably at the climax of the sex.

The incident happened in the western parts of the Island, along the North-South link of Highway 2000, Jamaica.

Meanwhile, the Road Safety Unit has denied sexual act was the cause of the fatal crash

Director of the unit in the Ministry of Transport, Kanute Hare told The Jamaican Star that despite calls on the subject on sexual intercourse and suggestive photographs, the evidence on the ground doesn’t give latitude to make those statements at all.

Hare said, “Persons have been calling me about it. There are some photographs even flying about the place but I beg not to believe that because my information is not telling me (that) and for somebody who understands how traffic accidents occur, I am not surprised the clothes were off.”

4. This woman was killed in a car crash after having sex with her husband - while the car was moving

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The thought of having sex in a moving car while one party is still attempting to drive sounds like an incredibly dangerous thing to do, and this recent story proves as much.

31-year-old Amanda Notebaert had been out drinking with her husband, 34-year-old Matthew Notebaert, near their Florida home in March 2014 when the couple began having sex during the drive home.

As you can imagine, driver Matthew wasn't able to maintain full concentration on the road while he was having sex, and it inevitably caused a car crash. According to The Palm Beach Post, the couple's car hit the canal bank "so hard... the SUV went airborne for 30 feet."

According to official reports into the incident, the car had been travelling up to 55 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, and Matthew's alcohol levels were found to be almost twice the legal amount in Florida.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the last thing Matthew remembers was his wife sitting on his lap before he woke up in a car wreckage next to Amanda's body.

Matthew's wife had been killed in the irresponsible road accident, on her first night out since having given birth to the couple's second child; a baby girl they named Stacey.

Following a trial, Matthew Notebaert has been sentenced to five years in prison for driving under the influence. The Palm Beach court judge, Judge Laura Johnson described the incident as "the most senseless, tragic act".

Notebaert himself is described as having been hugely emotional in court, saying: "I miss her more than words can express".

5. The teacher who was killed in a car crash while having sex in Thailand

In June 2017, an Irishman was killed in Thailand while having sex in the back seat when the driver lost control. English teacher John Malone, 39, had been traveling in the speeding black Suzuki when it lost control and hit a concrete post. Horrific CCTV shows the car spinning several times as sparks fly and glass smashes before it comes to a stop further down the road in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Malone was pulled half-naked from the wreckage as was a naked Thai woman who was also found in the car. Neither had seat belts on.

The male driver—who was clothed—and the female front seat passenger were treated at Kasemrad Sriburin General Hospital.

6. Man shot dead while having sex in parking lot

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A South Carolina man was getting busy with a woman in a parking lot when someone shot him to death.

North Charleston police said Ladontes Miller, 34, was having sex in a van when someone drove up to the vehicle and shot him. The suspect sped away in a car, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.

Authorities found Miller dead, slumped over in the driver’s seat of a running car. The vehicle was backed into a residence as if it had crashed, officers said.

Witnesses said his companion was using narcotics in the back seat after the fatal shooting. They tried to help her from the car, but she pulled the door shut.

The woman, who police said was a “known prostitute,” was able to provide few details about the incident. She said she did not know the victim’s name.

“She also was unable to tell me how many subjects there were,” the officer wrote in the report. “(The woman) informed me that she had just smoked crack. As a result, she struggled to follow my questions with any proper mental capacity.”

7. The professional soccer player and girlfriend who suffocated while doing it in a garage

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First division Romanian soccer midfielder Mario Bugeanu, 24, and girlfriend Mirela Iancu, 23, couldn't wait to make love on a Sunday evening back in 1999. As soon as their car was parked, they consummated their passion. They died from carbon monoxide poisoning shortly after that, inside the vehicle they left running in the garage during their liaison.

The couple was discovered by Mario's father Monday morning. "They appeared to be unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide," police said.

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