How To Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software!

Ever wanted to download a Facebook video, but couldn't figure out how?

It's actually not that hard.

Why would you want to a download Facebook videos?

Here are 2 possible reasons:

1. You uploaded via Instagram

You created a video on Instagram and pushed it to your Facebook page (excellent way to get big reach, btw!).

Now you want to use the video on YouTube, Vimeo or your own site.

2. You uploaded via a gaming console

My 10 year old son wants to be one of those gamer kids on his YouTube channel.

His PS4 console has the option to record the video game -- but then only allows him to post it to Facebook, not YouTube.

Not good.

So, how do you download a Facebook video file so you can upload it to other places? I'll show you below.

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How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software!

This ninja trick shows you how to extract an MP4 file of your video from Facebook.

No fancy software required!

The example comes from a Facebook Page of LearningRx.

Step 1: Go to Page

Go to the page that posted the video.

Then click the ‘More’ button below the cover image -- or just scroll down the page and find the video.

Step 2: Find the Vid

Find the video you want to download -- then click on it to open it.

Step 3: Change the URL

In the URL, change the "https://www" to "https://m".

For instance, the above video link is:

https://www facebook com/video.php?v=852749211435663&set=vb.404427976267791&type=2&theater
So I replace the https://www with "m", like this:

https://m facebook com/story.php?story_fbid=852749211435663&id=404427976267791&_rdr
Now when you view the video, you see the mobile view, which fills the whole screen, like this:

Step 4: Save the Video

Now all you need to do is right click on the video and choose the "Save video as" option.

You will then see the MP4 option. Choose a name for the file and save to your computer.

NOTE: If you right click and have not played the video, this option does not come up.


Yep, it's really that simple! That's how you download Facebook videos.

Once you download the file, you can reuse the video on other platforms -- like your website, YouTube or any other video channel you would like.

What about you? Have you tried this?

Download Facebook Videos from Third Party :

1. Visit fbdown net or en savefrom net

2. Insert link to their browser

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