10 Unbelievable Trends Of Instagram in Summer

Unbelievable Instagram Trends For Summer

1. Charcoal Hair Is Trending On Instagram

Feeling rainbow hair fatigue? We have the perfect antidote. The latest hair color trend blowing up Instagram will ease your unicorn-trampled heart and speak to your inner dark goddess. Colorists on Instagram have been dying their clients’s hair a deep gray shade, calling it charcoal hair. The result is everything pastel hair is not. It’s smoky, sultry and isn’t inspired by a Starbucks drink.

Celebrities have been embracing the gray hair trend for years now. Earlier this week, Blac Chyna even slipped on a lilac gray wig and totally slayed us. However, this is the first time we’ve spotted this ashy shade. It’s not quite black, and it’s not quite silver, but it also has a hint of blue. Maryland-based colorist Maayan Birnstein tells Allure, “The balance between blue and grey is really key.” And to make the color look its best, “The hair needs to have no orange remaining in it,” she adds. To make sure this happens, Birnstein recommends asking your colorist for a bleach and tone.

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2. Coffee caviar is the latest foodie trend and there’s something kind of gross about it
Coffee caviar is the first two of these things, though looks a lot like the latter. The latest food trend to sweep Instagram, it’s essentially little blobs of coffee added to desserts and savoury dishes. While it’s often used in fine dining, Instagrammers are also adding it to homemade puddings and whatnot. And whether you think it looks tasty or not, it sure looks weird.

‘Using a syringe, small drops of the coffee and alginate mixture is added to the diluted calcium chloride. ‘The result is lots of little balls which create a myriad of tiny explosions on the palate.’

3. Divorce Selfies Are Now Actually a Real Thing

There are an increasing number of ways to celebrate divorces. There are divorce cakes, divorce parties, and "divorce-moons" happening. Yes, people are finding all kinds of ways to celebrate their official split.

So "the latest trend in divorce" is actually a #divorceselfie. Yep, it's all about snapping a selfie with your ex after your divorce is finalized at the courthouse.

Most couples who have posted the photos say that they're the photo to celebrate the time they did have together, and they say that it serves a reminder to move forward in life.

By the way, they're more common than you think. A search on Instagram using the hashtag #divorceselfie resulted in well over 500 photos of couples celebrating their divorce.

4. Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Cloud Eggs?

We're all looking for an escape these days, and these dreamy, fluffy cloud eggs are just what we need. They're popping up on Instagram feeds these days like little rays of sunshine: sunny yolks surrounded by the puffy, baked whites. A little beacon of hope sitting on your plate at breakfast to start the day off right.

It's easy to make these cloud eggs: just separate the eggs, then whip the whites into stiff peaks and bake in mounds in the oven until set (like a meringue). Drop the yolk into the center and bake another minute or two before serving, and your cloud egg is ready to go. Serve on top of toast to sop up that runny yolk, and of course a little bacon on the side doesn't hurt, either.

5. Sweat It Out in Style by Picking Up Your Dog and Joining the #SquatYourDog Trend

Scrolling through Instagram, something caught our eye.

Across the social network, people are posing with their dogs. Not unusual mind you, but this new pose is something different. Instead of cradling their dogs like babies or getting close for a selfie, pup owners are picking up their pooches and using them to enhance their squats.

Hence, #SquatYourDog is now a sensation spreading across Instagram with hundreds of animal lovers carefully grabbing their dogs and sweating it out. It’s really a win-win situation. You get to burn some calories and your pup gets a break from being on four paws.

And it’s not only bodybuilders that are adding some woofing weight to their workouts; all kinds of dog owners with all different kinds of dogs are getting in on the trend.

6. Goth food is the antidote to the unicorn trend

One-up the latest Instagram trend with this traditional Chinese dessert that gets its darkness from toasted black sesame.

Certain foods are “Instagram foods” — the esthetic takes priority over taste and practicality. Created to go viral, they push the envelope of good taste, both literally and figuratively.

Earlier this week there was the cloud egg: egg whites separated from the yolk, whipped to form stiff peaks and then reunited and baked to achieve a cumulus appearance. And of course there’s the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks — a multicoloured sweet and sour concoction that contained as much coffee as actual unicorn.

This week, in response to the colourful rainbow unicorn toasts, milkshakes, cupcakes and lattes, Instagram went goth with food that’s entirely black and L.A.-based ice cream shop Little Damage’s goth ice cream cone went viral. The almond-flavoured black soft serve ice cream served in a black waffle cone is coloured with activated charcoal. This hot new trend includes charcoal lattes popping up in cafés in New York, Jakarta and Edinburgh so far.

7. Body-positive Instagram trend sees women of all shapes and sizes proudly putting their 'visible belly outlines' on show to prove that having a tummy is nothing to be ashamed of

Women are taking to Instagram to show off their bellies in the latest body positive trend to take the web by storm.

Ladies of all shapes and sizes boast round bellies that stick out a bit under fitted clothing, and while beauty standards may suggest that these are meant to be whittled away through diet and exercise or hidden under baggy clothes, many women are taking to displaying them with pride.

One body-positive blogger, @_selfloveclub_, is showing other ladies just how it's done with a powerful post in which she shows off her curvy form from the front and from the side in a tight skirt showing the outline of her belly.

'Cheers to a summer of rocking clothing that give you a visible tummy outline,' she wrote.

'Cheers to not giving a s**t what people think about your body or the way you dress. Cheers to embracing what we've been told not to wear because it doesn't "flatter our body type." Cheers to living free of judgement, reservations, and inhibitions.'

She added: 'Life is short, enjoy it. Don't let others affect your happiness and self worth. Bellies are cute and worth showing off.'

The post has received overwhelming praise from women who have felt self-conscious about their own bellies.

8. The Latest Instagram Trend: Applying Temporary Tattoos to Your Eyes and Lips

Just because you're a fully-grown adult who pays bills and does your own taxes doesn't mean you have to give up temporary tattoos. In fact, makeup artists on Instagram are making a pretty convincing argument for bringing back the childhood birthday party staple. They've been incorporating temporary tattoos into their makeup and topping them with high-shine clear gloss to elevate the look. Not only is the result is stunning, temporary tattoos are the perfect lip art or bold eye makeup hack.

If you aren't particularly coordinated with your liquid liner, temporary tattoos are actually the perfect shortcut for adding graphic details to your look. You don't have to worry about drawing out your best flower or geometric shapes only to smudge it the second you're finished — these teensy temporary tattoos deliver sharp designs every single time.

The mini lip tattoos from Violent Lips, which are specifically made for placing on your pout, are most used on Instagram. For $10, you get 100 teeny tiny tatts in fun shapes like emojis and cupcakes. However, Giselle Ali, a professional makeup artist based in London, recently used a sheet of random roses she found on Amazon for a couple dollars. "But if you want to push the boat out, Tattify.com has some really unique designs," she tells Allure. We also love Tattly's selection, as it combines pretty fragrances and super ornate imagery.

After you pick out your temporary tattoo, you have to decide where to put it: on your lid or your lips. (Ali also has placed them over blocked-out brows.) If you opt for your lips, Ali recommends swiping on some matte liquid lipstick as a base. "It's important to use a lipstick that will dry matte as the transfer will need an oil-free surface to stick to," she says. If you're going for a bare lip look, you can use the M.A.C. Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Lady Be Good like Ali did, which was the perfect MLBB shade.

9. Rainbow Village: Indonesian Government Invests $22,467 To Paint 232 Slum Houses, And Result Is Amazing

Why go somewhere over the rainbow when you can just hang out inside of it? Kampung Pelangi, a small village in Indonesia, has transformed itself into a stunning display of bright colours and whimsical designs, a huge departure from its former state of squalor.

The Central Java community, located in a southern district of Semarang, spent over $22k on the magnificent makeover in a bid to shake off its status as a degraded slum. Initiated by 54-year-old junior high principal Slamet Widodo, the project was inspired by at least 3 other towns in the country that adopted similar paint jobs, and has turned at least 232 homes in Kampung Pelangi into works of art. Creative murals adorning the walls of narrow passageways burst with life, giving a veritable pulse to the whole village.

Tourists have definitely taken early notice of Indonesia’s growing rainbow village trend, and have flocked to them accordingly, including Kampung Pelangi. The investments made in revamping the former slum are sure to pay off, as local businesses are already seeing a rise in souvenir and food sales, according to the Indonesian Builders Association. It goes without saying that the lively, bohemian atmosphere of this newfound hot spot is also gold for Instagram shots!

10. Eyebrow Wigs Take Over Instagram

Eyebrows have been all over our social media feeds lately, from mind-boggling shapes (dragons, feathers, barbed wire) to permanent transformations (also known as microblading). It seems that everyone is looking for new ways to give their arches a makeover, and Instagram just stumbled upon the best option yet. Enter eyebrow wigs, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like.

While these faux brows may sound like an out-there beauty trend few will actually wear IRL, many companies actually invented them to fulfill a specific need. For people who have undergone chemotherapy treatments — and subsequently had all of their hair fall out — options like these provide a way to recreate their brows without committing to the much more permanent option of microblading. Applied with lash glue (the adhesive provides a much more comfortable wear than double-sided tape), they really do mimic the exact look of your own groomed and shaped eyebrows.

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