8 Most Bizarre Eyebrow Trends

Craziest Eyebrow Trends

1. Feather eyebrows are the newest beauty trend taking Instagram by storm… so would you give them a go?

These big-brows are the latest viral makeup look, but they aren't everyone's cup of tea.

IT looks as if big eyebrows are here to stay, but not in a way you might expect.

The latest beauty trend is feather brows, and it's quite possibly one of the most bizarre and outrageous looks to date.

If you thought Madonna's eyebrow micro-blading was weird, wait until you hear about this.

The bold new look involves parting your eyebrows and splaying the hairs into a feather-like shape with the help of some Vaseline.

When Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen posted a photo on Instagram with the so-called feather brows, she wasn't expecting her little make-up experiment to catch on.

But within a matter of hours the bizarre trend had spread, as thousands of others shared their carefully preened peepers.

It would be fair to say these eyebrows aren't quite to everyone's taste.

2. Rainbrows Are Officially A Crazy New Eyebrow Trend

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While most makeup mavens may prefer to sport classic dark brows, the Spring/Summer 2016 trend of vivid painted eyes has migrated up to the eyebrows.

On Instagram, beauty lovers are adorning their arches with surprising shades of blue, violet, red and green. In fact, this latest trend has been appropriately titled “rainbrows”, and the catchy moniker is certainly a perfect description for the fiercely colourful look.

With music festival season in full swing, we can see the look of rainbow-coloured eyebrows dominating the scene at outdoor concerts and after parties. However, vibrant brows are best left for the weekends, and are most likely not an acceptable look for a day on the job- unless you happen to be a daring makeup artist, that is!

Rainbrows are being paired with long, flirty eyelashes, glowing skin and glossy lips for the warmer months of the year. If you’re aiming to try this adventurous new trend, it may be best to stick to a natural-looking visage and rosy pink cheek colour. For a finishing touch, add a pale pink or nude lip, and allow your natural makeup to truly showcase your powerful brows.


Getty Images
Cara Delevingne might be the queen of the power brow, but Gigig Hadid is currently ruling the under eyebrow trend.

What’s even is that, you ask? Well…

Having been sparked on the runways at Paris Fashion Week – Gigi nailed it at the Giambatista Valli AW16 show – the under brow trend involves drawing a ‘second eyebrow’ just beneath your own.

While Gigi’s take on the trend saw her sporting a subtle (sort of) slick of silver beneath her brows, others have used bright and bold colours, metallic liners and even played around with position, trying it out just above the eyelid crease too.

Also known as a ‘floating brow’, and initially considered a little too experimental for the mainstream, the look has now broken free (hurrah!) and filtered its way down the beauty chain – supermodels > beauty bloggers > real life.

Arriving just in time for festival season, the under brow is currently flooding Instagram with a seemingly endless number of ways in which to do it.

We do love ‘experimental’ summer makeup!

A fun way to add a fresh new twist to your face, the trend is also perfect for adding even more definition to your super on fleek ‘upper’ brows. Show those babies off!

From streaks of neon blue to a more subtle take on the full glitter brow, here’s how to rock it…

4. Dragon eyebrows are the latest beauty trend set to sweep Britain… but would YOU give them a go?

Getty Images
The bold look involves carefully shaping your brow hairs into six little triangles, using a brush or spoolie, so they look like the spikes on the mythical creature's back.

They are then fixed into place with hair gel or eyelash glue.

A 23-year-old make-up artist from Oregon, who goes by the name harlibi, shared a photograph of her brows in tiny spikes on Instagram - and garnered over 6,000 likes, with others quickly following suit.

5. Wired Eyebrows

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Eyebrow rings are a thing of the 90's and should be left there, says celebrity brow specialist Joey Healy. But the wired eyebrow beauty trend made a brief comeback on the Rodarte runway show at New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2014. Thankfully it has since faded away.

6. Glittered Eyebrows

Getty Images
It’s not a party without cake and confetti. Since we love to jazz up a DIY with a couple shakes of glitter, we figured we’d apply the same treatment to our holiday makeup. We’re taking a cue from the runway trend and found glitter eyebrow looks that we dare you to try.

7. Yup, Brow Carving is the New Instagram Eyebrow Trend

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just another Instagram beauty trend that has burst forth brightly, like a ray of light shooting across the sky, only to die a quick death with the rest of the Instagram beauty trends in about a week. But for now, the internet—or at least a few legit beauty bloggers—has quickly become obsessed with brow carving, which is essentially a faded, smokey look for your brow bones, because sure.

The creator of the look, at least according to Allure, is a Texas-based makeup artist named Alexa Link, who first posted a photo of the look back in April, but has now watched it become a trend slowly over the last few weeks, with other makeup artists trying brow carving on themselves, with different shadows, pigments, and shimmer.


Getty Images
After bushy brows à la Cara Delevingne or glitter brows to nail the My Little Pony look, meet the latest beauty sensation: Ferral Frond brows.

These past few years, brows have taken the center stage of impeccable makeup looks. From the arched brows à la Kardashian to the pastel-coloured ones on the runway, there is something for everyone.

Introduced by Andrew Galli on his Instagram page, the NARS Makeup ambassador unveiled the latest brow trend, Feral Frond eyebrows. The technique is easy as pie: draw some hair-like strokes along the arches, giving your eyes a bold and edgy look.

From up close, you might look like a porcupine but the overall result is pretty cool. Willing to give the trend a try?

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