8 Madman Who Underwent Surgery To Look Like Someone Else

More Crazy People Who Had Surgery To Look Like Someone Else

1. 'I have my own beauty ideal'; Argentina man spends $45K to look like elf

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Some people wear costumes to look like fantasy creatures. Others prefer plastic surgery.

A 25-year-old Argentina man has spent more than $45,000 on plastic surgery to look like a real-life elf.

Buenos Ares resident Luis Padron is fascinated with elves and other fantasy beings that he's determined to look like one.

According to the Daily Mail, the man has started bleaching his skin and hair, currently spending more than $7,000 a month on special creams, dyes and SPF 100 sunscreen to change his complexion.

Padron also spent more than $45,000 to rework his face, which includes liposuction, a nose job, body hair removal and procedures to change his eye colour.

All to be transformed into an elf.

"I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what,” Padron said to the Daily Mail. “'I want to have my ears cut to become pointy like an elves, my jaw to look more sharp like a diamond, a face-lift and an eye-lift to give my eyes a cat-like shape.”

Padron became obsessed with the fantasy creatures in his teen years after being bullied as a child.

While his unusual looks have turned heads, it has produced success for Padron. He now has a modeling career and says he makes paid appearances as a real life elf.

2. Man undergoes plastic surgery to look like Chinese billionaire Jack Ma

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Jack Ma, founder of internet giant Alibaba Group, has one of the most recognized faces in China, but he’s not exactly famous for his good looks.

Still, that hasn’t stopped on young entrepreneur from spending a small fortune on plastic surgery just so he could look more like the popular billionaire.

Huang Jian, a young man in Shenzhen, claims that he has so far spent around one million yuan ($145,000) on facial plastic surgery, in an effort to make himself look more like Jack Ma. The procedures were done in South Korea, Asia’s premier destination for extreme plastic surgery. Jian says that he is a big fan of China’s second richest man and is undergoing this extreme makeover in the hopes of one day meeting his idol.

A salesman himself, Huang Jian is also a student at Hupan College, in Hangzhou, a private school founded by Jack Ma where young entrepreneurs can learn how to start up their own businesses. After news of his actions went viral on Chinese social media, most people called him crazy for going under knife out of admiration for someone, even if that someone is Jack Ma, while others said that he must be a great salesman to be able to spend that much on plastic surgery.

According to People’s Daily, Huang’s face is a work in process, but even though he’s not yet the spitting image of Jack Ma, you can definitely spot some similarities between them already.

As strange as Huang Jian’s extreme makeover might seem, it’s definitely not the most bizarre. In the past, we featured a guy who went under the knife to look like Michelangelo’s David, this lady who underwent several procedures to look like a drawing, or this Filipino Superman fan who used plastic surgery to make himself look more like the popular superhero.

3. Extreme plastic surgery: Manga fan goes under knife to look like cartoon pin-up

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"Nozomi" has now been dubbed the "two-dimensional babe" after her drastic transformation which has left her with enormous eyes and a "flat face" out of a 2-D comic page.

Now the v-logger, from Tokyo, Japan, is being bombarded with attention from adoring men with comic book fetishes.

But social media users have been stunned by her bid to emulate her favourite anime pin-ups – especially after realising the photos of her face have NOT been doctored.

Nozomi is a familiar face at Manga conventions in Tokyo, in particular the anime capital known as the Akihabara district.

She came up with her online persona three years ago but relied on make up to achieve her striking look until 2016.

It comes as wannabe Barbie Martina Big splashed out £50,000 to get what she claims are the biggest breasts in Europe – an eye watering 32S.

And a real life Hulk who was bullied for being scrawny is now risking his life injecting oil into his arms to achieve bulging biceps.

4. Man Spent over $80,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Britney Spears

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Bryan Ray, a 31-year-old man from Los Angeles, California, is so obsessed with pop superstar Britney Spears that he has spent $80,000 over the last 14 years to look like her.

Ray says he knew there’s was something special about Britney the first time he saw her. The look, her voice and her choreography were “the perfect package” for him and he knew he wanted to be like her. So at age 17, when the dentist designing his veneers asked him which celebrity smile he wanted to base his on, he answered almost instantly. But that was only the beginning of Ray’s transformation, as over the last 14 years, he has had over 90 cosmetic surgeries to make himself look more like his idol.

“So many people refer to me as ‘Britney’ and for a very long time friends have greeted me with the infamous quote ‘It’s Britney, bitch!’ from her song ‘Gimme More’, which I absolutely love,” Bryan proudly says. “Britney will always be one of my biggest inspirations. I love that she was the biggest star in the world, went through an incredibly hard time and came out on top.”

Looking at photos of Bryan Ray today, you may think “he doesn’t really resemble Britney,” but compared to the way he used to look when he met the artist for the first time, you have to admit that the transformation is significant. He looks like a totally different person, but I guess $80,000-worth of cosmetic procedures – including a nose job, fat injected into his cheeks, laser hair removal, lip fillers, veneers, and Botox injections – will do that to you.

But Ray’s obsession with Britney Spears isn’t just about looks. He also learned all of her choreography and performed her most famous dances in nightclubs, watched all her interviews, dressed up like his idol, and lip-synced her songs.

“I love impersonating Britney Spears so I want to continue doing that and see where it takes me,” Bryan says. “I used to perform in west Hollywood, doing songs and numbers – it’s still something I want to do in the future.”

But apart from wanting to look like Britney, the 31-year-old owner of a marijuana edibles company is also motivated by his desire to look young. To this end, he spends around $500 a month on skin creams and lotions meant to keep his skin wrinkle-free. He also avoids sunlight as much as he can, but admits that his youthful looks are mainly preserved by his love affair with Botox and laser hair removal.

Bryan gets laser hair treatment every two months, Botox every five months and lip fillers four times a year.

“One of my primary goals is to preserve my youth for as long as possible. I don’t want any facial or body hair as it will age me,” the self-confessed ‘human doll’ said. “I’ve fully avoided wrinkles, Botox has been my best friend throughout my journey to prevent ageing, even today people think I’m younger than I am.”

5. Plastic surgery addict who wants to look like a real-life DOLL wants a nose job on the NHS because he says it’s too big

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A WANNABE model who wants to look like a real life doll is hoping to get a nose job on the NHS – because he thinks it’s a “bit big”.

Unemployed Grant Coulson has already had fillers for acne scars paid for by taxpayers but now wants further work on his face.

The 25-year-old went to doctors about his nose – telling them he struggles to breathe.

But speaking exclusively to Sun Online he said: “I think it’s a bit big too – it has a bump in it.

"I told the doctor I was also having breathing difficulties so I’m just waiting to hear back.

“It’s looking likely I will get it. I should hear in a week or so."

6. These Texas Women Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump

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Tiffany Taylor is a country girl at heart and the 33-year-old mom of three is a Texan through and through, with a surprisingly cosmopolitan role model.

For the past year, Taylor, an aspiring socialite who works in the oil and gas business, has been transforming her body and face to look like Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump.

Taylor has already undergone multiple rounds of plastic surgery to look like her beauty idol.

“I had my breasts done and I got a ‘C,’ so I had them done a second time and got a ‘D;’ I also had my nose done they just took out some of the bulk out of the tip and kind of defined it a little bit right here,” she said.

She’s also had injections in her cheeks and a “mini eye lift, and then my chin area lifted up to help with my acne scars and define the chin and I also had lipo in my stomach.”
And Taylor said she wants more. She recently went in for another round of surgery for a new nose job and to have her eyelids done. In all, Taylor said she has spent approximately $60,000 on plastic surgery.

“I see perfection,” she said, looking at her bruised and bandaged face in the mirror. “Absolutely stunning perfection. It's like an art piece it has high points and some love. It's really pretty.”

Taylor’s Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose said he is getting more and more clients asking for the “Ivanka Trump look.”

“She's very beautiful and she's very poised … and very elegant and very soft-spoken. So patients want to be like that,” Rose said.

After her latest round of surgery, Taylor went to Neiman Marcus to find clothes that would emulate Ivanka Trump’s classic style.

Come to find out that Taylor isn’t alone in her quest. Jenny Stuart, a 36-year-old mother of two and an IT headhunter in Texas, is a consistent head-turner when she’s out.

“I’ve been told probably hundreds of times that I look like Angelina Jolie,” Stuart said.

For some, a comparison to this Oscar-winning actress would be hitting the jackpot, but Stuart also wants to look like Ivanka Trump.

“Honestly if she was running I would absolutely vote for her,” Stuart said. “I was impressed with her when I saw her at the RNC. She looks amazing … and she’s just a very classy pretty, which I admire.”

Stuart also sought out Dr. Rose for the Ivanka makeover. Her surgery entailed liposuction to harvest fat for a Brazilian butt lift, a nose job, breast implants and injectable fillers for her face. She says the procedures cost her $30,000, including a discount from her surgeon for appearing on television.

“This might be the 1000th very, very beautiful patient that I've operated on,” Rose said. “In an odd way, it’s sort of more enjoyable because you can take the beautiful into the hyper-beautiful.”

But not everyone is convinced, including some of Stuart’s friends who said, “If she was ugly, we would probably support her more.”

Stuart’s 6-year-old daughter Olivia was also struggling with her mother’s decision at first.

“I don't want you to have surgery,” Olivia told her. “I just don't want you to look different.”

Though after her mother's surgery, Stuart reassured her daughter and asked, "You think everything about mommy looks the same?"

"Everything," Olivia said.

After several weeks of recovery, both Stuart and Taylor said they were pleased with the results.

And even though she wanted to look like a Trump, Stuart said she has already cast her ballot in early voting -- and she voted for Hillary Clinton.

“It might seem ironic to some I’ve spent all this time and money to try and look like Ivanka, who I still adore and I think she’s gorgeous and a good business woman, but I don’t associate her with father,” Stuart said. “I cannot possibly condone his behavior even though I have historically voted Republican … so I voted for Hillary.”


Getty Images
It's totally reasonable to want your life to be like David Beckham's. The soccer superstar is regarded as one of the best athletes ever, he has a reported a net worth of $350 million, and he's married to the extraordinarily gorgeous Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham.

That said, a young man named Jack Johnson has spent nearly $26,000 in government benefits in an attempt to transform himself into a David Beckham lookalike. Check out his explanation to the hosts of the British talk show This Morning above.

The only problem is that, as a few twitter users have so kindly pointed out, he looks more like a white Kim-Jong Un than People's former sexiest man alive.

According to the interview, the unemployed Johnson has had his cheek and chin filled, an eyebrow lift, his lips and teeth enhanced, and currently receives monthly tanning injections to "try and get [Beckham's] skin tone."

Worse yet, he admits he wants to shell out another $40,000 to complete his quest, and he believes that when it's complete, he'll become acquainted with the likes of celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Simon Cowell.

Host Holly Willoughby even probed Johnson with the question that anyone seeking to better themselves through cosmetic surgery should be asked. "Do you ever worry that after doing all of this, spending all of this money, and putting your health at risk, that maybe you should actually just work on you, and learn to love the person you really are?" she asked.

Johnson responded: "Not really, I'm happy looking like David Beckham." 

Best of luck, guy.

8. Family gave pet plastic surgery to look like dog from The Mask

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A family has been criticised after they took their dog for plastic surgery because they didn’t like the shape of its ears. Vets were asked to lower the Jack Russell’s ears because they wanted it to look more like the dog from The Mask.

Marina Esmat, 37, from Russia, bought the puppy for her son but they noticed that his ears were growing upwards. The family used weights and glue to try and keep them down, but when that failed they opted for plastic surgery instead. Mrs Esmat said: ‘We noticed that after a month, something with his ears was off. We decided that we would fix this and started looking for a surgeon. First we tried to glue a patch and coins to his ears, but that did not help. The dog, of course, was feeling discomfort.

‘At a family meeting we decided that we would fix his ears with the help of a surgeon. The doctors tried to convince us not to do it, but we decided that that way it would look more aesthetic.

‘We would like him to reproduce, but with his ears lifted we could not find him a mate for breeding. Also, we would like to go to dog shows. Now everything is great.’ The vets they visited tried to talk the family out of the surgery but the family were adamant. Surgeon Andrey Mezin said he was against the operation, calling it ‘unnecessary.’ He said: ‘The people contacted the vet clinic asking the vets to lower the ears of the dog.

‘We don’t think that this surgery is justified, but some ask a lot, want to change the way the ear looks so that the dog would look like he belongs to some kind of breed. ‘A surgery was performed. We injured the cartilage and because of that, the standing ear became lying.

‘The dog owner strongly insisted, because they wanted a show dog. On the dog competitions, there are certain criteria for this type of breed. The dog looks like the breed, except for his ears and because of them he can never win anything.’ But after the story was posted online, online viewers were furious at the act, labelling it ‘cruel’. One wrote: ‘Torturers, because of their benefit are bullying the dog,’ while another added: ‘This is so cruel.’

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