8 Awesome Coffee Artists

Unbelievable Coffee Artists

1. Brisbane barista makes coffee even better with rainbow latte art

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What was once a quiet Brisbane cafe, is now an internet sensation thanks to a unique menu item.
Emily Coumbis, a 25-year-old barista at Piggy Back Cafe in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee, is behind the cafe’s visually stunning rainbow lattes.

She first saw the technique online, which involves dropping regular blue, pink, and yellow food dye into the milk, and decided to try it out herself.

Now, she has customers coming from as far as Singapore to try her creations – making up to 300 cups a week.

The Piggy Back Cafe is sharing its success with those in need too; donating $1 from each coffee sold to not-for-profit organisation The Mind Shift Foundation.

If you can’t get to Brisbane to try one, you can still watch the drink being made below. It’s absolutely mesmerising.

2. Michael Breach Specializes In Coffee Art

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Latte foam artwork, which is believed to have originated in Italy has been around since the 1980's. But while many have mastered the art of sketching beautiful flowers and hearts, very few can compete with coffee artist extraordinaire, Michael Breach. The New York-based 'painter' who has been called the Da Vinci of barista coffee art can (literally) whip up any image that is presented to him - All he needs is a toothpick and some foam!

Breach says he began creating latte art for fun. Like others, he started with hearts and flowers, before taking it to the next 'level' with the extraordinary portraits. Today, the famous barista spends his days traveling the world showcasing his talent to an ever-growing fan base that includes numerous celebrities.

3. This Korean Barista Takes Coffee Art To A Whole New Magical Level

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Few things can keep us from drinking coffee when it's in front of us, but this barista's coffee designs are almost too pretty to drink. Almost.

The 26-year-old Korean barista Kangbin Lee creates stunning works of coffee art that take the genre to a whole new intricate level. Using a technique he calls "cremart," he's able to transform cups of coffee into vibrant recreations of famous paintings, images of beloved cartoon characters, and designs of delicate flowers.

"I get inspiration for my art from various themes such as movies, politics, anniversaries, national holidays, and more," Lee told A Plus.

4. Mattsun (Japan)

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Japanese latte artist Mattsun makes legit works of art using a metal stirrer and a bit of latte foam. He first tried his hand at coffee art back in 2009 while working at an Italian restaurant, and by 2011 was accomplished enough to hold a solo exhibition, entitled Blue Sky Latte Art, in D?tonbori, Osaka, Japan.

Since then, he's created thousands of pieces of coffee art. One day, he hopes to own a mobile cafe so he can spread his latte art throughout the land.

5. Nerdy Cafe Latte Art Is More Amazing in Color

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You know what's more mind-blowing that latte art? Latte art drawn in vibrant color. And this Japanese coffee craftsman has mastered it.

You are looking at the work of "Nowtoo Sugi". Starting this past February, Sugi began using colored bartender syrups to, as the hobby artist says, "paint" on coffee. Sugi isn't the only one to create colorful lattes, but is certainly one of the best.

So, for example, Sugi uses Blue Hawaii syrup for, well, blue and strawberry syrup for red or pink. The colors are mixed with steamed milk for variation.

Sugi's work features video game, anime, and movie characters from Japan and the West. The first, or one of the first, color coffees the artist did was of One Piece's Donquixote Doflamingo.

6. Coffee art goes 3D

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We have heard of 3D printers and 3D movies, and here comes 3D latte art. 3D latte art is an art style where the artist uses whipped cream to decorate coffee cups with all sorts of shapes and designs. They say it was invented and spread throughout the world by Barista Kazuki Yamamoto from Japan. Yamamoto’s work encompasses a wide range of designs, from animals to popular characters. The designs he makes are so adorable that customers hesitate to drink them.

7. Barista Creates Colorful Latte Art Using Food Dye

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Ever wanted to practise your barista skills but can’t afford to waste all that espresso? Las Vegas-based barista Mason Salisbury certainly has, and that’s why he’s come up with a clever alternative. Instead of using espresso, he uses food dye.

Have a look at the pictures below to see his brilliant creations for yourself. He makes them by steaming milk which he then infuses with food dye before pouring the foam into a cup. He finishes them off with an artistic flourish in order to create these beautiful multi-coloured leaf patterns.

Like what you see? Then be sure to head on over to his Instagram page where you can find many more of his fantastic creations. Coffee never looked so good, especially when it isn’t even coffee!

8. This barista may be the best coffee artist in San Francisco, even the world

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Melanie Aquino's cafe mochas are dazzling masterpieces.

The barista at Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco's SoMa uses a metal skewer and a pot of chocolate to draw remarkably detailed sketches of everything from sweet-faced pugs to London's Big Ben atop the frothy foam.

Aquino first started experimenting with coffee art four years ago when she took the job at the coffee bar by drawing faces and bears. 

"When I first started doing it, I didn't think it looked that good," Aquino says. "But customers started to come in and really liked it and would ask for a bear for their kids and it would make them so happy and it would brighten my day."

Over time, Aquino, who grew up in Hawaii and moved to San Francisco 10 years ago, has perfected her art and Mashable recently named her the best coffee artist in the world.

"I thought that was a really bold statement..." Aquino says. "I may be one of the best, but I don't think I'm the best. It's a lot about perception."

And while Aquino would never say she's creating the best coffee art in San Francisco, it seems as if she probably is, as she's ranked at the top on both Yelp and FourSquare.

What's more, we checked in with Sarah Allen, the editor of Barista Magazine, who has judged coffee art competitions for over 10 years, and asked her to look at Aquino's work.

"Melannie would stand a real chance at nabbing an international title for this kind of work!" Allen wrote in an email.

Most coffee art is made by "free pouring" steamed milk into a shot of espresso and adjusting the pour to create certain patterns and designs. The drawing method, Aquino says, is unique and she knows of only a few  "drawing" artists through Instagram.

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