11 Ingenious Fracture Bag Hacks

Ingenious Frakta Bag Hacks

The recent news of couture fashion house Balenciaga creating a Frakta knock-off bag for $2145 has sent cheeky fashionistas and IKEA fans into a DIY frenzy. Check out 11 creations you never dreamed possible!

1. Running Shoe

Mathieu Hagelaars, of Studio Hagal in Amsterdam, crafted this running shoe from the Frakta.
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2. Mask

You never know when you might need one—Zhijun Wang, a design student in Beijing, is responsible for this Frakta mask.
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3. Caps

These head coverings are a Capslock Ltd. creation.
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4. Shoulder Bag

A practical shoulder bag via an Instagrammer out of Tokyo, chase_the_enemy.
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5. Thong

We don't know the thong's creator, but maybe that's a good thing!
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6. Skirt

A men's skirt, brought to you by Instagrammer Dj Deadswan.
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7. Corset

An Instagrammer named hollydots came up with this fashionable corset.
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8. Crop Top

A summer Frakta crop top from art director Giacomo Properzi.
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9. Apron

Even IKEA itself is in on the action with this children's apron!
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10. Two Piece

A fashionable and functional two piece by designer Han David.
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11. Prom Dress

If you buy three Frakta bags to cobble a dress like this together, you'll have spent less than $20—sounds like a steal to us!
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