10 Funny Premature Celebrations

Hilarious Premature Celebrations

1. Running

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2. Soccer

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3. Golf

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4.  Cyclist celebrates Giro d'Italia 'stage win' one lap early ( Cyclist ) 

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Luka Pibernik celebrates what he thinks is a stage five win at the Giro d’Italia on Wednesday, forgetting there is a final 6.2km lap of the race remaining. The Bahrain Merida rider crosses the finish line as the last lap bell sounds, raising his arms in celebration. Seconds later he turns back, sees the approaching peloton still racing and realises his mistake. Fernando Gaviria went on to win the stage

5. Peta's Premature Celebration

Peta's twitter account gets owned.

6. High Jumping

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7. It's the men's turn now to do the premature volleyball celebration

8. Kid Climbing Down Some Stairs

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9. Oscar's Official Website

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10. Newspaper Fail

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The father of all premature celebrations.

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