10 Dumbest Mode Ever

Dumbest Fashions Ever

1. Nordstrom Sells $425 Jeans That Are Covered In Fake Mud

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If you’re still grappling with the fact that people pay money to buy jeans with holes in them, you might want to look away right now.

Nordstrom, purveyor of some pretty questionable items, sells a pair of men’s jeans that are covered in fake mud. Worse yet, the jeans ― designed by PRPS ― will set you back $425.

According to the description, the jeans “embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action” and proudly feature “a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”

2. Topshop release completely see-through trousers and we’re not sure how to feel about them

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Well, they’ve just released some more clear Jeans – but this time, it’s not only your knees getting a window. The MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans are made entirely out of plastic. According to Topshop, they thought the jeans, which retail at £55, were ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ and ‘guaranteed to get people talking’ – which while we totally agree with, we’re just not sure it’ll be for the right reasons.

The jeans description notes that the transparent trousers are ‘ideal’ as a ‘statement piece’ for a festival or costume party. Though we’re not quite sure what ‘statement’ requires see-through pants. If worn for an everyday look, Topshop suggests completing the look with an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress – basically anything that’s going to cover your bum without the need to wear shorts underneath. Sure, some people may rate this look – but let’s be honest, many of us turn to jeans when we simply can’t be bothered to shave our legs.

3. $2,145 Balenciaga ‘Arena’ Tote Inspired by 99-Cent Ikea ‘Frakta’ Shopping Bag

High fashion brand Balenciaga is currently under fire for one of its latest bags: The Balenciaga “Arena” tote.

Shoppers were quick to point out that the blue tote looks almost identical to Ikea’s cheap plastic shopping bag. The twinning purses share the exact same bright blue shade and both also have very similar large, rectangular shape. The biggest difference? The price tag. The more luxurious “Arena” tote is priced at $2,145, while Ikea’s “Frakta” tote is only $0.99.

Several have expressed dismay with the overpriced and not-so-original Balenciaga bag. However, Ikea seems pretty cool about the situation.

“We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents,” the Swedish furniture store stated. “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag.”

4. Twitter Is Not Here for Gucci’s Latest Sock Sandal

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Wearing socks with sandals (or heels for that matter) is oftentimes the butt of style jokes. However, when it’s done well, well, prepare for the compliments to roll in. Yet, Gucci’s latest take on the fashion trend seems to be one the internet is NOT having.

The fashion house debuted its firehouse red Ilse Sock Sandals ($1,190), from its Spring 2017 collection this week for pre-order over on Nordstrom’s website. But this particular pair had a twist: a nude sock with a plastic overlay.

The leather and latex open-toe heels are described as “a streamlined take” on the sock and sandal trend. And the “sock” is detachable, allowing the wearer to choose their own shoe adventure, if you will.

5. More distressing fashion news: Neiman Marcus sells $1,425 torn sneakers

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Remember the $425 pair of denim jeans with fake caked-on mud sold at Nordstrom that lit up the Twittersphere a couple of weeks ago?

Well, they're so last month.

Enter the latest distressed fashion item that's created a fashion fracas on social media: Belgian designer Maison Margiela's ripped-up sneakers, which cost an eyebrow-raising $1,425 at Neiman Marcus.

According to Neiman Marcus' website, the Italian-made Future Destroyed high-top white-and-yellow sneakers feature "heavy distressing," inluding ripped and peeling leather, holes and scratches.

Neiman Marcus, a Dallas-based luxury department store, describes the designer as "a pioneer of avant-garde fashion" who worked "during the 1980s to redefine luxury under radical new terms."

TV host Mike Rowe, formerly of the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs," kicked off the faux mud jeans controversy.

"I offer further proof that our country's war on work continues to rage in all corners of polite society," he wrote on Facebook. "Behold the latest assault from Nordstrom's ... Finally -- a pair of jeans that look like they have been worn by someone with a dirty job ... made for people who don't."

Reebok subsequently entered the fray by adding the Reebok Authentic Sweat Shirt — complete with fake sweat stains — on its website among its legitimate offerings. The faux soiled shirt's price? $425, of course.


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No historian could have seen this coming but it seems as though we've officially entered The Great Jeans Apocalypse in the year 2017.

Unexpected denim trends like uneven hemlines, frayed culottes and even the return of the denim mini skirt ruled the street style scene last year, but now we're starting to enter some questionable territory.

Just last month, the internet completely lost it over a pair of Topshop jeans with clear plastic knee panels and not long before that, one of our favorite denim brands, Re/Done, introduced the "High-Rise Ass Rip Jeans,"which featured a ripped slit under the right butt cheek. Now, Vetements is here to one-up the rest with a pair of jeans that truly takes denim to a new level.

The French fashion brand took to Instagram to share a cheeky (terrible pun intended) sneak-peek at its newest pair of denim, a collaboration with Levi's, and they're definitely...innovative. The #VetementsxLevis jeans not only feature zippers down the backs of the legs, but also a zipper right smack down the center of the butt.

7. 'This is hilariously stupid': Balenciaga is trolled after it releases a £2,325 printed tote that looks exactly like a BLANKET bag (which you can get from a bedding shop for just £24)

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It's the designer label loved by the Kardashians but Balenciaga's latest fashion accessory has become a figure of fun - because of its uncanny similarity to a regular household item.

The £2,325 extra large lambskin printed tote has been branded 'hilariously stupid' by fashion fans because it looks exactly like a plastic blanket bag.

People are pointing out on Twitter that the luxe accessory resembles the same bag you probably threw away after dumping your blanket on your bed, which you probably paid less than £25 for.

Brands like Silentnight sell their pillows and duvets in the plastic carrier with rope handles and what better excuse to update your bedding than to be on trend and in with the fashion set.

Others are already one step ahead, as they shared their own versions from their airing cupboards, with one writing: 'I must be balling then, didn't know these were Balenciaga.'

'I have similar models so if anyone is interested pls dm me it's the special collection "Kambal from India" by Balenciaga for only 2000€ thx,' joked one person on Twitter.

'This is hilariously stupid. But I still kind of love fashion,' said one amused social media user.

The user going by the handle SoyySaucce, who first pointed out the resemblance, wrote: 'Guys I'm exhausted by fashion. Is this not the bag we keep blankets in?'

'I swear every Asian household has a bag like this with a blanket in it and Balenciaga are selling it for £2k???', one shocked person replied.

Online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter explain the items origins in the product description, writing: 'Finding beauty in the every day, Balenciaga's oversized tote is inspired by classic blanket bags.'

While Matches.com explain that the bag made a 'striking' appearance on the runway.

8. Ben Taverniti Inside-Out Crop Jeans Will Break the Internet

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It's safe to say this week has been a weird one when it comes to online shopping. First there was ASOS's tutu t-shirt which was soon followed by their v. questionable sausage choker, and then there were Topshop's shorts made out of cheerleading pom-poms. And well, with our newest find, it's starting to look like this could be just the beginning.

Enter designer Ben Taverniti's Inside-Out Jeans, which come as part of his "Unravel Project"and retail for a super-casual $1,000. (You could buy so many shoes with that kind of money, just saying.) The pair of slightly distressed jeans look exactly as the name suggests: they're visibly inside out, on purpose, including everything from the buttons to the pockets. The right-hand pocket reads, "To create something new you must first destroy" in small block lettering. Interesting.

We'll never be the ones to judge anyone's sartorial choices — no matter how bold or out-of-the-box — but we have a feeling Twitter will have a field day with these. It remains to be seen whether people find them chic, or well, just plain weird. Either way, the old fashion adage rings true: it's not what you wear, but how you wear it.

9. Would YOU pay £185 for a DHL T-shirt? Provocative French brand leaves fashion fans shocked by 'unethical' over-priced top worn by courier company employees

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Work uniforms rarely fall into the category of stylish, especially when it comes to T-shirts with corporate branding.

But brand-of-the-moment Vetements, famed for charging sky-high prices for normcore clothing such as hoodies and tracksuits, have attempted to put a fashionable spin on the T-shirt worn by employees of courier giant DHL.

The French design house has left fashion fans bemused with the £185 ($266) offering in bright yellow with the company's distinctive red logo, but the high price tag has been branded 'unethical' and 'disgraceful'.

MasonPeterK: 'Fashion tragics, a T-shirt with DHL logo for £185 is crazy. This price is beyond reason.'

Ezekixl said: As a fellow fashion desigNer I can truly say this is disgraceful and unetHical. £185 for a DHL shirt?'

Ashley Cook speculated that it must have been some kind of prank ahead of April 1.

'What if Vetements has been one long April fool's joke to see how far fashion people will go for a DHL t shirt?' she tweeted.

Others poked fun at the expensive garment with Geztaltz tweeting sarcastically: 'Do you want a yellow T-shirt with DHL emblazoned across the chest? Only £185.'

Amirul tweeted that he'd joked to his DHL delivery man: 'Is this Vetements?'

Wereyoublonde made the cheeky suggestion for a cost-free way to get one of the T-shirts for free.

'Why spend $400 on a Vetements tee when you can just seduce the DHL guy and steal his uniform after he undresses?' she asked.

RoyaDavani complained he was getting fed up with people taking pictures of DHL employees and sending them to him on Snapchat with the caption' Vetements'.

Meanwhile Jay Smith joked that people were going to head to thrift stores for the T-shirt to 'pretend they can afford Vetements'

Jonhsu took a step further, making the quip that he intended to steal some DHL shirts so he could look like a 'deconstructed reconstructed deconstructed Vetements delivery man.'

The cotton and elastene T-shirt made it's debut during a fashion show for the Vetements summer 2016 collection back in October.

Now it's hit the shops and has been snapped up by fashion blogger Margaret Zhang who treated her 732,000 Instagram followers to a photo of her posing in the top on a recent visit to London.

Jayden Smith's model-girlfriend Sarah Snyder also showed it off on two occasions last week, posing by a DHL delivery van for effect.

Vetements, headed by designer Demna Gvasalia - who has recently been appointed creative director of Balenciaga - is becoming notorious for charging the earth for the simplest of items.

After Selena Gomez and Rihanna were pictured wearing a Vetements tracksuit, the hooded cotton polyester sweatshirt, which is completely plain aside from a small logo, and matching cuffed trousers costing £790 have almost sold out.

A £130 oversized polyester black raincoat with 'Polizei' emblazoned on the back that looks like it's part of a police uniform has also flown off the shelves.

DHL appear to have no issue with the free publicity, tweeting an image of CEO Ken Allen stepping out in the Vetements version of the staff uniform. 

Do YOU want to be as fashionable in yellow as these workers?

10. The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About These Topshop Jeans

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Jeans are a pretty straight-forward staple. Sure, you can play around with the rise of the waist, the crop of the hem, or even the fit. But for the most part, it's all pretty clockwork; meaning, if you do decide to switch things up drastically, it might raise some eyebrows.

That's what Topshop appears to be discovering once the internet caught wind of its Moto Clear Patent Mom Jeans. See, this distressed denim style features two clear plastic panels halfway down the leg, in an apparent effort to make knee caps the new patch of skin to show off. Mom jeans have come pretty far, huh?

The pants in question are available at Topshop and Nordstrom, the latter of which describes the plastic panels as "[baring] your knees for a futuristic feel." (The high-street brand's own e-commerce doesn't have any other descriptor for these leg windows other than "cool.") Still, despite the interesting (?) design, a handful of lone reviews on Nordstrom's website are actually pretty positive (whether or not they're sarcastic, though, is up for interpretation). "No more lonely kneecaps!," one comment reads. "Never going back to normal jeans," says another. Unanimous five-star rating aside, the Twittersphere is a tad more skeptical about how and why such a garment exists.

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