10 Awesome Eye Makeup Trends

Unbelievable Eye Makeup Trends

1. This 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Is Making Terrarium Eyes a Thing


Just as competition is good for the consumer, the beauty pros of the internet trying to outdo one another is good for the rest of us. Innovation! Creativity with brows! An all-you-can-beat-face buffet of mythical creatures! But perhaps the greatest part of it all is the democracy, as in one standout idea can bring a young, self-taught makeup artist recognition (or at least the Discover page, AKA the front page of Instagram).

Condensing the "daffodils blown across your face" trend to the eye area, London-based 19-year-old Ellie Costello has been perfecting what we're calling the terrarium eye, a tangle of blooms and 3-D appliqués on the lid that recalls the materials from the DIY kit you once let rot in its own glass-globe mausoleum (RIP).

More English garden than French in its let-it-grow haphazardness, her variations run the gamut from a woodland theme to an armful of fluffy baby's breath to freshly plucked petals attached to the lashes.

2. Pretty or Creepy? Feather Brows Are the Most Love-It-or-Hate-It Trend to Hit Instagram Yet

Getty Images
As far as we knew, the outer bounds of eyebrow creativity were limited to coloring, bejeweling, and maybe some highlighting. But then Finnish MUA Stella Sironen made one small parting for makeup kind, one giant leap for exciting ideas in beauty.

Earlier the week, Sironen posted the first known photo of what she'd later call the #featherbrow, in which the arch's hairs are split down the middle using a glue stick (!!!) for an effect that resembles barbs diverging along a quill. Note 1: She credits her friend Leevi for dreaming up the avian look while brushing her brows. And Note 2 : Get a load of that holographic eye and blue mascara—really nice.

As the more than 3,000 comments came thundering in, two very distinct camps formed: Team Ew/Never Gonna Happen and Team We Have a More Enthusiastic and Measured Response to Inventors of the New and Daring. But undeterred—and one could even say buoyed by the hate—Sironen uploaded a second #featherbrow photo with the addition of Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade for an even more intense version.

Y/N? Does it really matter except that someone was inspired to create something we've not seen before and we should appreciate the innovation? Now *that's* something we can say "No, just no" to.

3. Feather eyebrows are brows that have been parted and sculpted to look like feathers.

Getty Images
Finnish MUA Stella Sironen posted the first known photo of what she'd later call the #featherbrow in April 2017. The arch's hairs are split down the middle using a glue stick for an effect that resembles barbs diverging along a quill.

4. Karen Walker’s Makeup for Your Eyes

Getty Images
Karen Walker is using eyewear to bring her version of “eye shadow” to market through her new collection of sunglasses.

“We wanted to play with the idea of going from eyewear to a beauty product….It gives the impression of a dusting of an eye shadow over the eyes…rather than pale frames,” Walker said of the new Karen Walker Eyeshadow collection. She removed the rims from the glasses and made the lens colors “really soft and pared back” to create an illusion of makeup.

A collection of three silhouettes — a round, an aviator and a modern cat eye — are Walker’s answer to “makeup for your eyes” or “winter sunglasses” (because they “cut the glare” but are not dark enough to block from strong sun). Each frame, available in either silver mirror, tortoiseshell, marigold, pink or gold mirror lenses, ranges from $220 to $250. The collection hits Karenwalker.com today and will enter Barneys New York, Nordstrom and Shopbop next week.

Walker teamed with MAC Cosmetics to create a campaign for the range, which coincided with the release of the beauty brand’s new Colour Rocker matte lipsticks. For each image, makeup artist Kiekie Stanners used a lipstick color that would “pop” with the featured pair of sunglasses (the round Disco Circus frames in light pink were paired with a model wearing Bunnybeams, chalky, light pink lipstick).

Walker said she thinks about these glasses as the new “essential tool in your makeup kit.”

These are just the latest sunglasses from Walker, who sees meaningful business coming from the eyewear category. Currently, about a third of her sales come from eyewear.

“People wear sunglasses, yes to protect their eyes from the sun, but it’s so much more than that now. It’s about making a statement and completing the look. Sometimes you want to just wear eyewear because it looks awesome with your outfit,” Walker said. “Sheer lenses and more transitional lenses-can actually become a fashion statement indoors and outdoors.”


Getty Images
Bad news for those of us still not entirely sure how to even pronounce the word 'meme' (it's 'meem', FYI) – they are coming for your eyelids.

Meme eye make-up is a trend we've spotted cropping up on Instagram with increasing regularity in recent weeks.

From crying Kim Kardashian to the now world famous 'Salt Bae', artists of Instagram are using one of their smallest body parts as a canvas for their pop culturally aware doodlings.

We thought Meryl Streep-on-social-media had reached its nadir with the account tasteofstreep – an account dedicated to memes matching Streep to various different foodstuffs – but she's in there too.

The hollering Meryl Streep meme, which originated with a screengrab of the multi-Oscar winner shouting her appreciation at a Patricia Arquette speech during 2015's SAG awards, is in there too, painted perfectly onto an eyelid.

And the angry Arthur meme, which enjoyed a burst of fresh attention last month when Chrissy Teigen used it to make fun of John Legend - seemingly a dead ringer for the after-school favourite - has also been recreated in tiny size.

Look to the #mememakeup trend on Instagram for further inspiration/amusement/feelings of middle age.

6. Reverse Lashes Is The Strangest Beauty Trend We’ve Seen

Getty Images
When it comes to beauty trends, it’s clear that there is no limit to all the experimentation. However, once in a while, there comes a trend that leaves us speechless. Take for example, the reverse lash trend.

Unlike the regular way of wearing falsies to open up your eyes, this fad involves flipping them around. This means that you glue on the tips of your falsies, instead of the root. The result? Dramatic, spidery lashes that look out of this world.

7. The Latest Beauty Trend Is Disney Princess AF

Getty Images
Ladies, it's time to become the princess you always were inside.

The latest totally grammable makeup trend lets you rock the crown you deserve – but on your eyes.

Instagram's beauty daredevils are crafting delicate little tiaras on their eyelids and topping them with bling worthy of a queen.

8. Follow This Makeup Artist if You're Into Weird Makeup Inspiration

Getty Images
Beauty inspiration is never in short supply. There's magazines, red carpet events, film and television shows — and that's not even delving into Pinterest or social media. But saturation does not necessarily mean that you're guaranteed to be struck with divine inspiration, especially if your beauty preferences lean towards the unusual or unexpected.

One Instagram account that Allure editors collectively love belongs to makeup artist Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry at MAC. His Instagram bio is much more mysterious, stating only "All opinions are my own (probably because no one else wants them)," which to be honest is pretty refreshing, considering the number of makeup artists using Instagram as a promotional platform in much less artistic ways.

Barber's work is extensive and gorgeous (he's been at it since the early 90s, and has work in nearly every glossy mag you know) but it's his inspiration shoutouts that are truly unique — all documented in his Instagram feed. Here are some of the most out-there ones that have our minds expanding with each double-tap as to where you can find beauty inspiration — the fridge, a construction site, office supplies... it goes out there.

9. You Need to Try the New Neon Light Makeup Trend

Getty Images
Your Insta feed is likely filled with endless images of actual neon signs encouraging followers to "Embrace the Good Vibes" or remain "Wild at Heart," but now the trend is becoming a lot more accessible through the latest craze: fluorescent light-inspired makeup looks.

Yep, that's right. Your eyes or lips can actually look like they're glowing, thanks to skillful recreations of those same neon lights that fill your feeds.

While some artists might use actual UV makeup, others, like Genevieve Jauquet, rely on their makeup skills to create that neon glow look. Instead, the Australian makeup artist started with a base of black liquid lipstick all over the lips. Then blended white and neon pink liquid lipsticks to create the glowing effect around the mouth. She finishes by outlining the lips with the white to create the "light bulbs." Seriously amazing.

Now scroll through the below makeup artists and get inspired while I try to find the brightest white liner in my makeup vanity.

10. Halo Eye Makeup is the Gorgeous Beauty Trend You Can Actually Do Yourself

Getty Images
Every glam queen is looking for that super simple hack that will take a look from 30 to 100 likes in 2.5 seconds – and this is definitely that hack. It's called a halo eye and some of you might already be doing it.

Basically all you do is apply a little shadow to the lower lashes of your eyes and BOOM, it makes your stare ten times fiercer.

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