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Awesome Dispensing Fountains

1. Europe’s first beer fountain opens its taps in Slovenia

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The town of Žalec in eastern Slovenia unveiled Europe’s first beer fountain on Tuesday. Hundreds of beer enthusiasts flocked to the town for the grand inauguration, which involved a light show and dramatic music.

Sadly, the fountain isn’t the free-flowing cascade of frothing ale that beer fans might have been hoping for. Instead, the fountain, which is located in the town centre next to the market, has a semicircular design, symbolic of a hop flower, with eight taps that dispense different beers.

Drinkers pay €6 for a special microchipped glass that allows them to pour themselves 100-millilitre portions of five beers. The glass is placed under the nozzle of the pump, which extends down into the bottom of the glass, dispensing the serving of beer before retracting again. The beers on offer include Laško’s Kukec dark beer, Kratochwill honey light beer and Vizir IPA.

According to the town’s mayor Janko Kos, ‘the point is not letting people get drunk here, we want to promote the culture of drinking beer.’ He hopes that the new fountain, which was originally proposed in 2014, will put Žalec on the tourist map and draw beer lovers from across the world to the town, which is the hop-growing centre of Slovenia. Surrounded by fields of hop plantations, the town is already home to Eko Musej, a museum dedicated to hops, which offers hop picking demonstrations and beer tastings.

Cheers! Or ‘Na zdravje!’, as they say in Slovenian!

2. Dr Pepper Fountain

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Kansas State student Claire Daniels loved Dr Pepper soda so much that she tweeted, "I really just need to have a Dr Pepper fountain installed in my house. That would probably be cheaper than how much I spend on it currently."

Well, be careful what you wish on Twitter, because Dr Pepper saw that tweet and decided to make it a reality:

Just one month after Daniels posted the tweet, Dr Pepper’s marketing team reached out to Daniels and asked if they could come to Manhattan and surprise her as a reward for her loyalty. [...] It wasn’t until Daniels came downstairs and heard the sound of Dr Pepper flowing through the fountain that she thought her wish may have turned into reality.

A real life fountain flowing with Dr Pepper!

3. Italian town unveils a WINE fountain where visitors can drink for free 24 hours a day

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but in Italy, visitors can top up their bottles with wine without paying a penny.

Cantina Dora Sarchese has unveiled their new wine fountain, which will be open to tourists and pilgrims travelling along the Cammino di San Tommaso, or route of St Thomas, between Rome and Ortona.

But while the fountain might not be constantly flowing like the Trevi, it is open to visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The fountain is situated in Caldari di Ortona, a commune in the Abruzzo region.

It was a joint project between the owner of Dora Sarchese winery, Nicola D'Auria, and Cammino di San Tommaso, which promotes the pilgrimage route in the region.

It's intended as a 'gift' to St Thomas, one of Jesus' disciples, whose relics are kept at the cathedral in Ortona.

As such, the wine is primarily intended as refreshments for pilgrims although anyone can drink from it.
But the winery has warned would-be visitors in a Facebook post that the fountain is 'not a place for drunks'.

The structure was designed by local architect Rocco Valentini, who used recycled materials to create the installation.

Wine is dispensed from button operated taps, which are installed over a stone basin while the whole fountain is situated inside a giant wine barrel.

According to Decanter, the tipple that will be flowing from the taps will be red wine although the grape variety is not known.

Visitors will be able to access the wine fountain any time the winery is open and by appointment only on weekends.

The Abruzzo region is known for its red wines, made from the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo grape, but there are also several other varieties that can be used for red wines.

4. Public Fountain Dispenses Sparkling Water

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Paris is offering free sparkling water to promote tap water and to dissuade its residents from overuse of plastic bottles. The fountain in the Jardin de Reuilly is connected to the public water system and uses six taps to provide both sparkling and flat water.

“We chill the water between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius,” said Philippe Burguière, the spokesman for Eau de Paris, “and then we inject carbon dioxide into regular tap water to make the bubbles thin and tasty.”

At about 128 litres (about 34 gallons) per person each year the French consume one of the highest per capita amounts of bottled water in the world. In northern Italy 215 similar fountains have been installed and have proven to be very popular.

5. Largest Champagne Fountain in the world

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A group of enthusiasts decided to break the world record and make the world’s largest champagne fountain. The hight of the fountain is 7 meters it weighs 9 tons and it consists of 43,000 champagnes glasses. In the shopping mall of Wijnegem near Antwerpen, Belgium.

6. Ketchup Fountain To Make Your Burgers Classy

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Chocolate fountains...psshh, those are so 2008. These days, it's all about the ketchup fountain when you want to make a classy statement at your next party.

7. Your Wedding Needs 100% More Nacho Fountain

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Perhaps you're getting married and have realized you don't want to have the same spread all your friends had at their weddings.

And sure, having a Nutella fountain or a cream cheese frosting fountain would certainly impress your guests...

But a nacho cheese fountain...

A NACHO CHEESE FOUNTAIN would make your wedding stand out amongst all the vintage rustic Mason jar weddings, is all I'm saying.

8. Brazilian Natural Mineral Water Fountains

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Cambuquira is a Brazilian municipality in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, famous for being part of the Circuito das Águas ("Water Circuit"). It is considered the best water in Brazil, and in the Americas!

The city is a 950-meter high oasis in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais and boasts seven sparkling water fountains. The therapeutic quality of the waters combined with the region's pleasant climate makes Cambuquira one of the most important hydro mineral resorts in Brazil.

9. A World Class Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

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What is the largest Chocolate Fountain I could get my hands on? Well, you can’t exactly get your hands on it but there definitely is a ‘World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain’. It’s located at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Emerging from the Jean-Philippe Patisserie on the promenade of the Spa Tower is a visual and aromatic masterpiece designed by the pastry chef himself. This floor to ceiling sculpture circulates more than 2,100 pounds of melted milk, dark, and white chocolate thru 500 feet of pipes 24 hours a day. It's designed to operate continuously for over a year without having to change or replace the chocolate. Since chocolate contains no water, there's no evaporation. Standing outside the glass encased work of art we experience the chocolate’s cascade down 14 feet from one suspended glass vessel to another while being intoxicated by the smell that has drawn us there to begin with. Between the unique hand crafted glass basins and the visually stimulating flow of three different colors of chocolate you can stand mesmerized for hours. My only complaint, being the chocolate lover that I am, is that this is an encounter strictly for the eyes and nose, no dipping allowed!
Bellagios chocolate fountains Las Vegas

From far down Bellagio’s promenade, a mesmerizing figure entices curious guests with visual splendor and aromatic wafts: jutting out into the main corridor like the prow of a ship is a glass-enclosed, floor-to-ceiling chocolate fountain emerging from Jean Philippe Pâtisserie. Displaying a spectacular series of melted chocolate cascades, this first-of-its-kind spectacle is the tallest chocolate fountain in the world.

Designed by award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury and Norwood and Antonia Oliver Design Associates, Inc., the fountain took a year and a half in planning and design. The result is a genius work of kinetic sculpture and a daring feat of engineering. Standing 27-feet tall, the masterpiece circulates nearly two tons of melted dark, milk and white chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute.

“I’ve been creating sculptures out of chocolate for years, but exploring the particular properties of melted chocolate has been fascinating,” said Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury. “Each of the three types of chocolate behave very differently, and we had to be aware of this in the design. It’s been a wonderful challenge!”
The visual impact of the fountain is as compelling as its chocolate is appetizing: six spouts in the ceiling initiate the lyrical descent of rich dark, velvety milk and glistening white chocolate streams through a maze of 25 suspended glass vessels.

Cast in ½-inch thick, rough-hewn aqua glass and held in position by anchoring cables, each vessel was built to precise size, shape and design by Montreal artist Michel Mailhot. Some oblong, some rounded, each irregular, the vessels hover mobile-like to capture and coax the paths of free-falling liquid chocolate.

Three rivers of dark, two of milk and one of white twist and swirl from vessel to vessel, flood across then spill down to the next carefully positioned receptacle. The colored streams and vessels are staggered, creating a mosaic effect in earthy shades of cocoa, gleaming viscous surfaces and refracted light.

Having finished their acrobatic tumble down the tiers of this colossal chandelier, each rivulet funnels into hidden melting tanks, recollects and begins the journey once more.

Surrounding all this glory is a protective, multi-faceted cloak of 300-pound glass panels that rise in a funnel shape as the fountain expands toward the ceiling.

“We’ve made glass a central design component of both the fountain and the Pâtisserie,” said Designer Norwood Oliver. “Glass maximizes the visibility of chocolate’s color and the multiple cascades as they flow from vessel to vessel. Glass also was an ideal medium to take the fountain’s physical presentation to another level - sculpture.”

Built under Oliver and Chef Maury’s guidance by Perfect Équipements of Montreal, the fountain’s power plant is an elaborate system of pipes, pumps and valves located beneath the floor of the Pâtisserie.

There, three tanks of chocolate – dark, milk and white – melts to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Six pumps join forces to transport the molten delight to the top of the fountain through two-inch diameter, stainless-steel pipes hidden within the walls of the shop.

Surrounding each pipe is an additional three-inch pipe through which flows hot oil to keep the chocolate thinned as it journeys up the wall to make its entrance. More than 500 feet of these double pipes circulate chocolate 24 hours a day.

From the tank room below to the pipes above, the fountain’s full height is 27-feet, yet only 14-feet is visible within the shop.

“The scope of this team’s vision and their expertise are nothing short of genius,” said Randy Morton, president of Bellagio. “Jean Philippe Pâtisserie will become a sightseeing destination in itself and is a stellar addition to Bellagio’s collection of elegant amenities. This one-of-a-kind fountain, Chef Maury’s exquisite confections and the refined elegance of the décor and packaging all combine to make an experience our guests will never forget.”

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