9 Awesome Glass Bottom Pools

Amazing Glass Bottom Pools

1. Home with Infinity Pool and Glass Bottomed Pool Rendered in 3D

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Residence One is part of part of the exclusive Zil Pasyon resort on the private island of Felicite in the Seychelles, there will only be a maximum of 17 villas on the island and all of them will be located on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Residence One is designed by Studio RHE in a step format with the master suite occupying the complete 2nd level while the social zone as well as additional bedrooms are on the main level. The master suite features its own glass bottomed pool which doubles as a watery skylight to the social zone below.

Opening in 2015, all 17 homes are water or air access only and are approached via their own moat, bridge and 13′ high doorway. Each villa also has breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and each villa features both a 50ft infinity pool and glass-bottomed pool.

The island is a private and forested oasis with beautiful sandy beaches. It is a stunning location both from a distance and up close and each villa is positioned to be separate from the rest.

2. One Pacific shows off dramatic glass bottom pool

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Concord Pacific’s One Pacific project is nearing completion on the edge of Yaletown, next to the upcoming Parq Vancouver casino and BC Place.

The 21 storey, 435 suite development was designed by IBI Architects and features what the developer calls a “riviera deck” with a glass bottom pool and cabanas. There is also a hot tub and fireside lounge, as well as dining hall and kitchen outside.

There is also a “sky garden” on the top of the tower, as well as a planned cafe, Asian restaurant and athletic club.

Concord Pacific will now turn their efforts to The Arc, their development on the other side of the Cambie Bridge. That development will feature 620 units in two towers of 28 and 30 storeys.

Occupancy of One Pacific will begin mid-July. As you can see from the photos, new residents will likely be very happy with how the building turned out.


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Italian architecture firm NOA has recently completed this eye-catching glass-bottomed pool for Hotel Hubertus, a holiday resort for skiers and hikers in the Italian province of South Tyrol. The dramatic 25 meters pool is part of a new extension of the hotel, located at the foot of Kronplatz mountain with impressive views of the surrounding Dolomites – a mountain range that forms part of the Alps. The pool, functioning as a connector between old and new, underlines the essence of this comprehensive renovation project.

The highlight of the project is the new sky pool, floating like a natural rock over the new accommodation wing. Without any visible boarders, a width of 5 meters, a length of 25 meters and a depth of 1,30 meters the over 17 meters cantilevering pool can be seen as completely unique. The position of the pool, which floats 12 meters above the ground, at its extreme edge, gives the swimmer the feeling of floating. This impression is further reinforces by the glass front and a glazed window on the bottom of the pool.

“The hidden edges of the pool, kept in anthracite-coloured stone, abolish the gap between pool and landscape, creating the impression of the water flowing into nothing, disappearing between pool and landscape,” said the studio.

4. Paradise Is The Wall House in Portugal With Two Perpendicular Pools

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With 2 swimming pools, one of which has a glass bottom and floats above the other, the concrete, wood and glass Wall House in Portugal designed by Guedes Cruz Architects is a bit of Paradise perched on a golf course.

Anchored by a large patio that opens to the outdoors, the home’s pools run perpendicular to each other, the above pool with a glass bottom from which you can see the lower pool.

5. A glass bottomed sky pool just opened in Houston — and it's both terrifying and amazing

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A new luxury apartment complex in Houston, Texas, has a rooftop pool.

There's a section of the pool that has a glass bottom and extends out over the building.

Swimmers can look down and watch the city below as they wade and swim in the pool.

Going for a swim on a rooftop is always fun.

But it's even more thrilling when the pool floor is made of glass and extends out over the city below.

That's how the new pool at Market Square Tower — a luxury apartment complex in Houston — is set up. The pool is on the building's roof, and there's a section of it that juts out over the edge of the building and has a glass bottom.

So when people wade out into that section, they can look down and enjoy the somewhat terrifying sensation of walking above the city.

Not surprisingly, the pool is already making waves on Instagram.

6. See-Through Swimming Pools Reveal A World Full Of Surprises

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The Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong features a swimming pool which is partially extended outward, cantilevering from the building in a way similar to a balcony. At the top of the building, the views are exquisite, especially when enjoyed from this one-of-a-kind watering hole.

7. Two Skyscrapers Joined By A Swimming Pool Bridge

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Being a huge fan of pools I can't believe I missed this 50m long swimmable bridge between two condo towers in Singapore. Living at the 574-apartment, 38-storey-tall Sky Habitat would be my idea of hell, but I'd love to have a friend there to enjoy that roof and swim through that bridge.

The mixed-use building is designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie and will be completed in 2015. The building also has a huge pool at ground level and two more garden bridges.

8. Montreal's Glass-bottomed "Sky Pool" Lets You Swim Above The Streets Below

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Are you scared of heights? If the answer is yes, then you probably shouldn't read past this line. Then again, you can do whatever you want, I'm not a cop.

But for those of you curious enough to still be reading, we've got a treat for you.

Montreal actually has an indoor glass bottom pool! So if you've always dreamed of taking a leisurely swim while a bunch of strangers stare at you from below, then your dream is about to come true.

If you drive up to the entrance of the Westin Hotel in the Old Port of Montreal and look up, you'll notice 8 blue tiles. Only those aren't tiles, that's actually the bottom of the pool.

Hopefully you aren't bashful, otherwise you might want to stick to the hottub. Or perhaps you're feeling extra daring and you have the guts to go skinny dipping in there. After all, what's the point of having a glass-bottomed public pool if not to show off a little skin?

9. Vancouver’s most revealing pool will be 200 ft in the air at the Arc

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Imagine swimming in a world-class pool with a glass bottom, 200 feet above Vancouver’s landscape.

This concept is soon to become a reality as part of Concord Pacific’s upcoming building named the ARC, situated in False Creek’s central neighborhood and community. According to the developer’s Senior Vice President Peter Webb, the pool was designed to give residents an incredible experience and Vancouverites a memorable spectacle.

“What we realized is that there’s an opportunity here where if we actually have these two towers that are in fact connected at a higher level, we could put the amenity up there and all the residents from their homes could go up and enjoy the views and outlets from this higher level amenity,” said Webb.

The pool will transcend upon Vancouver’s skyline as part of the iconic architectural centrepiece, testing the bounds of engineering as a statement amenity offering. It will be one of the most expensive amenities ever to be built in Canada.

The pool’s ultramodern infrastructure will allow light and views to transfer through the center cut-out section. Giant steel and concrete beams will be manufactured on site, supporting the pool and 8 storeys of condominiums across a 60 foot clear span suspended in the air; a feat only Glotman Simpson Engineers could realize.

Bridged between the ARC’s two building massings, the crystal clear pool will take swimmers to heights they’ve never experienced before.

As part of the luxurious ARC Sky Club on the 19th floor, a posh lounge space gives residents the opportunity to host extravagant parties on special occasions. The developer has also been considerate of the growing trend of day lounging, and designed an outdoor terrace with stunning views overlooking the False Creek Marina.

Other amenities include the Sky Spa with steam and hydrotherapy with heated stone loungers, a professional fitness centre with inspiring views of Cooper’s park, and a grand lounge with entertainment kitchen featuring panoramic marina and False Creek views.

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