9 Awesome Gender Reveal Ideas

9 Awesome Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Paint Gun

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Holyyyy crap it’s a BOY!!! I swear we’re still in shock over it! We’ve of course started referring to my belly as ‘he’ and ‘Nash’ and every time, without fail, Brian and I look at each other with this stupid grin and say ‘I just can’t believe it!’ Now, of course we heard from sooo many people, ‘you’re due for a boy’, ‘I bet it’s a boy this time’, ‘ I hope you have a boy’.  Fact of the matter is, it’s a 50/50 chance–there’s no ‘due time’ when it comes to the sex of your child and regardless of the fact that we’ve had two girls in the past–the equal possibility of either gender still remains.  Aaaand don’t even get me started on the people that ‘have to have a boy’. My life when I was pregnant with Tyler went a little something like this: ‘Ohh congrats on your pregnancy, is this your first?’  No, it’s not. ‘Ohh do you already have a girl or a boy?’ A little girl. ‘ Aww and you’re having another girl, I bet you were bummed!’    Whooo says that?! If they only KNEW what we have been through! So–all we ever dreamed of, was healthy. Through our loss we have come to know so many others who have also suffered great loss and know unbearable heartache. Healthy is the biggest blessing on earth.

Back to the happy/shock.  I was convinced we were having another girl–I’m talking, taking bets, convinced. I don’t know why but I guess having experienced the pregnancy of two girls I convinced myself that if I were ever pregnant with a boy,  I would have different symptoms, I would feel different, I would know! I also took heavily into account that my mother never had sickness when she was pregnant with me yet she had extreme morning sickness when she was pregnant with my brother–I took those tales to heart big time convincing myself I would share the same fate. Then there’s Brian, he’s said from the start ‘I only make girls, and I’m ok with that.’  He’s such a sweetheart, so loving and caring. He’s a gentlemen through and through, still to this day opens the car door for me before going to his side–he’s the perfect father to little girls who steal his heart from the start.  With that being said–the scream he let out when he finally took a peek and realized we were going to experience a BOY for the first time, it was hilarious and unforgettable.  Like I said, we would have been ecstatic for either–but the sheer shock and surprise of learning we were having a boy, despite my adamant convincing of otherwise, was HUGE!  It truly made it that much more exciting for us all.  I’m in a pure state of bliss. We are so blessed to be able to experience the beauty of life with both a boy and a girl. Brian grew up with an older sister and I think he turned out pretty spectacular–I always say he’s much sweeter because of it ;) I can’t wait to see Tyler grow in to her ‘big sister’ role and I can’t wait to experience life as a mother of two perfect babies.  As always, thanks for being a part of the ride, it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without you all <3

For the reveal–it was WAY harder than I anticipated!  First of all, it was extremely last minute. We were originally supposed to wait until Father’s Day to do the reveal but there was NO way I could stare at that envelope any longer! I made some calls, ran to the store and things were set!  Due to such short notice, a few of our dear friends were out of town but thankfully, most could make it!  The plan was to fill water guns with blue and green paint orrr pink and yellow! Do you know how hard it is to find water guns that aren’t ‘see-through’ and have a large enough hole to fill with paint?! The first 25 I purchased didn’t work out–back to the store to try again. Once we arrived at the beach my Father in Law was the only one to head to the vehicle, open the envelope and take on the duty of filling the water guns with the proper paint color! It took the poor guy forever-the paint had to be thinned with water and then he had to splatter paint colors for both a boy and a girl all over the guns due to the oozing that was taking place everywhere, disaster haha.  BUT it wound up working out perfectly! Brian and I stood in a tight squeeze, eyes shut, smiles huge. We experienced a 10 second countdown, the longest most exciting 10 seconds of my life. Everyone began spraying away and we heard screams and laughter and finally, we took a breath–Brian peeked first and his throaty cheer was so shocking and exhilarating that it took me a second to register and focus on what we were really seeing! It’s a boy. Nash Riley Macon. A name we’ve had picked out for 5 years. We already love you more than words can say and we can’t wait to experience this new life with you. Thank you for continuing to show us that this world is a beautiful place.

A HUGE thank you to our dear friends, Chris and Cynthia, for capturing this for us!! They did such a wonderful job and I’m so proud of them! We love you guys so much!!!

2. This Couple Revealed Their Baby's Gender In The Most Epic Way Possible

Like many expectant couples, Monique Tello and Steven Statter wanted to surprise their family with the sex of their baby in a fun, creative way.

While some opt for cakes or balloons, this baseball-loving duo pulled off a gender reveal idea that kind of blows everything else out of the water.

"We are both huge Dodger fans," Monique told BuzzFeed Life. "Pregnancy is typically focused on the female, so I wanted Steven to feel included in our gender reveal."

Steven plays baseball with an Orange County men's league every week, so Monique thought this was the perfect way to get him involved.

To pull it off, Monique came up with the idea to create a "baseball" from a plastic Christmas ornament filled with chalk powder.

The couple were kept completely in the dark -- Monique's sister Marissa was the only one privy to the results of the gender scan in order to load the "ball" with the corresponding color of chalk.

The couple rented a baseball field and invited family and friends to wear either pink or blue to indicate their gender guess.

The "teams" filled their respective dugouts...

Daddy Steven took the plate...

Mama Monique threw out the first pitch...

And BLAMMO! It's a girl!

"I had no expectations, but I was so surprised and shocked and thrilled," Monique told BuzzFeed Life. "I can't wait to dress her up and put bows bigger than her head on her!"

Photographer David Swayze explained that the pressure was on for Steven -- they had one fragile ball, and one chance to get the shot.

"Although I was a little on edge, I was more stressed out for Monique and Steven," the photographer said. "I remember saying a quick little prayer to myself before she threw the ball, not for me to get the perfect shot, but for Steven to make contact with the ball giving them both the outcome that they had envisioned in their minds."

Still, the dad-to-be, nicknamed "Showtime" for his hitting skills by his baseball buddies, stayed calm and focused.

"Steven has never struck out in a game, so he just treated it like any other at-bat" the proud mom-to-be explained. "He swung, saw the pink powder and instantly thought, 'Softball, here we come.'"

"There were about 50 friends and family members there," Swayze said. "The energy was amazing."

Congratulations, Monique and Steven!

3. This Dad Built A Rube Goldberg Machine For His Kid's Gender Reveal

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Taylor Calmus, a 30-year-old actor, comedian, daddy vlogger, and DIY enthusiast, has always wanted to build a Rube Goldberg machine.

And he recently lived out his dream, creating a multi-story (!!) Rube Goldberg machine to deliver the news of his unborn baby's sex to him and his wife Heidi (and, now, the world).

It starts out with some classic Rube Goldberg shenanigans. The couple's first child,15-month-old Theo, knocks a sippy cup off his crib in the nursery, which triggers this series of events:

You might think it's gonna end there, but you'd be wrong!

There will be several rooms, two sets of stairs, a lot of toy cars, a "you think this is the end but it's not!" fake out, and some very satisfying domino effects before the gender-revealing confetti cannon is finally triggered:
I men, gender is a construct but I'm honestly so impressed.

Calmus told BuzzFeed that he built the elaborate contraption with the help of a friend over a weekend while his wife was out of town.

"We had just gotten the envelope from the doctor with the gender in it and we we're dying to find out," he said. "I thought it would be the perfect time to do it because I knew it would take over the whole house and I didn't want to inconvenience her with that any more than I had to."

The wildest part? Calmus and his friend didn't plan out the design in advance at all.

"[My friend] Aaron and I knew we wanted the machine to be started by Theo upstairs in the nursery and end down in the garage with an explosion of confetti," Calmus said. "From there we just took it step by step creating each element and then figuring out how that element could trip the next element. We'd work on one move at a time over and over until it was working consistently and then we'd move on. So this was basically ENDLESS amounts of test runs."

The friend loaded the confetti canon so the reveal was a surprise to all of the Calmuses.

And in case you're curious (I was), toddler Theo's gender reveal was considerably more low-key. The couple hadn't planned to find out their first child's gender in advance, but two weeks before he was born, the doctor accidentally pointed out his testicles during an ultrasound. "And we were like 'IT HAS TESTICLES!?!'" Calmus said. "The surprise wasn't quite how we envisioned it going down."
You can get more of the Calmus family on Taylor's vlog.

4. This Couple Had An Insanely Unique Baby Gender Reveal

This is Jamie and her fiancé, Keith. She's a licensed massage therapist and he's a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, living in Navarre, Florida.

The couple is expecting their first child together and wanted to do something awesome to discover the baby's gender.

Jamie told BuzzFeed that the couple wanted to do something for the reveal that was genuine to who they are.

After a bit of research, they settled upon the perfect idea: using a labeled box filled with Tannerite and colored chalk powder to reveal their baby's sex.

Keith was faced with the task of bursting the box open by shooting it with a rifle. Once opened, it would reveal the bundle of joy the couple would be welcoming later this year.

They looked for the perfect spot, finding a beautiful wooded area in their hometown.

When it came time for the big moment, Indiveri says her fiancé was fully prepared: He’d been training just the previous week for the Best Ranger Competition, and when it came time to hit the explosive in the box, he nailed it on the first try.

"His friends and teammates in Special Forces, who are all highly trained in advanced marksmanship, would never had let him live it down if he missed!" she said.

The couple was overcome with joy when the box was opened and the chalk in the air was blue, indicating they would be having a boy.

To keep the baby's identity a secret, Traci Ball, one of Jamie's friends, came to the hospital to get an envelope that contained the child's gender.

Ball, along with the photographer, were the only two people who knew what the baby's gender would be, according to Jamie.

Photos of the couple's unique gender reveal have gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of shares — and a lot of people are praising them for their idea.

5. Woman Dyes Her Hair for Epic Gender Reveal: Creative or Crazy?

This mom-to-be got a surprise dye job to reveal her baby's gender.

Mom-to-be Amanda Parrish really committed to her gender reveal. She had her stylist, Amber Sacrison, dye her hair either blue or pink, and then surprise her at the end of the service.

In the now-viral video of the epic reveal, which Sacrison posted to her Facebook page back in November, we see an anxious Parrish clutching the armrests of the stylist's chair as she waits for Sacrison to remove the towel from her head. The mirrors were covered while she was having her hair colored, so she had no idea what the outcome would be.

Once the towel is whisked away, bright blue locks spring forth, and Parrish immediately starts clapping and cheering. Her partner is also clearly thrilled with the fact that they are having a boy. And even though this gender reveal idea is a bit unconventional, it is an emotional moment and I'm not too proud to admit I teared up.

Still, if you're like me, you may be wondering how safe it is to dye your hair during pregnancy (ahem, even though I've totally lightened my locks while expecting). Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, a small amount of hair dye penetrates the skin when used, but it isn't thought to be enough to pose a risk to a fetus. Sacrison responded to anxious Facebook comments by assuring viewers that the mom-to-be got the go-ahead from her OB-GYN. "Color molecules are too large to enter blood stream to affect baby," she wrote.

Incidentally, Parrish gave birth to a healthy baby boy in early March. I'm curious if she kept the blue hair...

Would you or have you dyed your hair during pregnancy?

6. By Soccer Goal

This proud soccer dad was delighted to reveal his baby gender by kicking a penalty. They will be the proud parents of a little girl.

7. Firefighter couple's unique gender reveal

Many parents opt for balloons in a box or a gender reveal cake, however volunteer firefighters Chandra Hollinger and Brad Williams were never going to stick with convention for their gender reveal.

Due with their second child together in August, the chief and assistant chief of the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department employed a fire truck and hose to announce the sex of their baby to family, friends and the wider community in Columbus, Indiana.

Perched with their three-year-old son atop a fire engine, the video shows the family anticipating the stream of water, followed by the big reveal.

The fire department posted the video to its Facebook page with the caption, "Wayne township will be welcoming a little girl to the dept in August! We are so excited!!!!"

Brad brings two other children - a boy and a girl - to the blended family, who are all delighted to be expecting a baby sister.

Fox 59 reports that "Chandra is the first active female firefighter to become pregnant in their department".
Krystle Mitchell was invited to photograph the event and says this gender reveal was "the coolest".

8. With A Mustang Burnout

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What more perfect way for a car-loving couple to reveal baby's gender than with an epic burnout? This pair outfitted a Mustang with colored smoke tires for a reveal on all four cylinders.


Getty Images

I have been sitting on this session for just a little while so that this amazing couple could tell all their friends and family first…and, last night was the big party!  It was a fun party and I was reminded how important it is to have such a large group of support, love, and encouragement as you are going through such amazing and new seasons of life.  Isaiah and Latasha are not alone in welcoming their new baby to the world!

This is my beautiful friend, Latasha.  Photography brought us together, but she is a friend for life now…camera or not, and it is so fun to watch her be so excited about this new baby!  And….as any of you who know Latasha…she doesn’t do anything in a small fashion!

Isaiah, however, wants me to think that he is way more subdued about this whole baby thing…..

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