8 Secret Selfies

8 Shocking Secret Selfies

1. Secret Service Agents Investigated for Snapping Selfies With Trump's Sleeping Grandson

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Two Secret Service agents are under investigation for taking photos of themselves with President Donald Trump's sleeping 8-year-old grandson, Mother Jones is reporting.

According to the magazine, the incident happened last weekend when the agents were assigned to protect Donald Trump III while driving him from Westchester County, N.Y., where the president's family has an estate, to Manhattan.

"Trump III was sleeping in the car when the agents began to take selfies with him while he was asleep," Mother Jones said. "Trump III woke up and, as the source framed it, 'freaked out.'"

The boy reportedly told his mother, Vanessa Trump, who informed her husband, Donald Jr. about it.

Mother Jones says the Secret Service has confirmed it is investigating.

"The U.S. Secret Service is aware of a matter involving two of our agents and one of our protectees," Mother Jones quoted the protection service. "Our Office of Professional Responsibility will always thoroughly review a matter to determine the facts and to ensure proper, long-standing protocols and procedures are followed.

"The Secret Service would caution individuals to not jump to conclusions that may grossly mischaracterize the matter."

The New York Post reported that President Donald Trump has a good relationship with his Secret Service detail and notes the incident with his grandson is being investigated as an isolated one.

2. SECURITY BREACH — Selfie In Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Study Raises Questions

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PALM BEACH — Much has been made of President Donald Trump designating his Mar-a-Lago resort his “Winter White House,” with many questioning whether the club is a tight enough ship for such affairs of state.

Trump has been accused—among other dubious practices—of letting guests pay for access to him at his Palm Beach club.

And who could forget the time he turned an open-air dinner full of club members into a spontaneous “situation room” to discuss an ongoing North Korean missile launch with the Japanese prime minister?

Trump, of course, maintains that Mar-a-Lago is just fine for his presidential purposes. It’s a position borne out by Trump’s apparent insistence on holding court at the Palm Beach mansion damn near every weekend.

Unfortunately, though, it’s also a position severely undercut by the resort’s latest security mishap.

“Snuck by secret service to catch this selfie. They might have told us not to go in there,” read the provocative Saturday-night Instagram post of club guest Joseph Young, which was accompanied by a photo of Young smiling in the Donald’s study. A creepy portrait of Trump in the full flower of his youth loomed in the background, with the someday-president posing like the sporty-yet-foppish scion of country club royalty.

The Secret Service disputes the account.

“Those reports are all false,” said Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan. “No one got past the Secret Service.”

Additionally, another Secret Service source said that club guests were permitted access to the study anyway.

As with much of what comes from the Trump camp, the takeaway is unclear. Another guest, Frank Vigilante, posted a photo of himself and his mother in front of the same portrait, which could be seen to support Secret Service’s claims about the openness of the room, but could just as easily be cited as further evidence of a hole in security.

“If a goober like this can sneak in, I think it’s safe to say Russia & China have full audio/video access 24/7,” posted Twitter-user @BrianBruce7 of Young’s intrusion. The tweet was fairly typical of social media’s response to the original selfie, which drew criticism of both Trump and the Secret Service.

Young deleted his post, but the internet being what it is, the damage was already done.

It wasn’t the first selfie-related problem Secret Service experienced this week. On Thursday, two agents “freaked out” Trump’s grandson—8-year-old Donald III—by taking selfies with him while he slept in a car from Manhattan to Westchester. No less than a day later, another agent had a laptop with sensitive information on it stolen while under her care. All-in-all, not a good week for the president’s security detail.

The latest Mar-a-Lago incidents—if true—are surely the most serious of the bunch.

It’s almost as if there’s a potent argument for the Trump brood simply residing in the White House like every other First Family has been content to do.

3. Liz Hurley Kicked Out of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum for Taking Illegal Selfie on Antique Bed

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Most people wouldn’t ask a glamorous actress to leave their bedroom, but that’s exactly what happened to British star Liz Hurley, who was escorted out of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum last week for taking a selfie on the 16th century Great Bed of Ware.

According to the V&A Museum’s website, “The bed is famously over three meters wide, the only known example of a bed of this size, and reputedly able to accommodate at least four couples.”

Besides its impressive dimensions, the bed is also treasured for its elaborate handiwork, as the museums describes: “The Bed epitomizes the flamboyantly carved and painted beds of the late Elizabethan period. The woodwork is profusely carved with anglicized Renaissance patterns, acanthus leaves and strapwork.”

The actress reportedly triggered an alarm when she took a seat on the priceless 10-foot wide mattress to capture that perfect shot.

“As we were leaving Liz and I wanted to take a quick selfie on this really old bed,” her friend, shoe designer Patrick Cox, told the Daily Mail. “The alarm went off and all these security guards came and escorted us out of the building. It was very funny.”

The resulting image, which Hurley shared with her 164,000 Instagram followers racked up over 3,000 likes in only five days.

“Oops. Couldn’t resist perching on this magnificent bed in the glorious V&A last night…and set all the alarms off,” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you to the V&A Museum staff for being nice.”

The V&A has a strict “no touching” rule to preserve its historic exhibits. Touching introduces dirt and oil from the skin onto an object’s surface, which can attract dirt to linger and degrade old and fragile objects.

Luckily, Hurley’s clandestine selfie adventure didn’t cause any direct harm to the exhibit or the photographer, but things could have ended very differently: This past May, a selfie-taker smashed a priceless historic Italian statue of Hercules, while in Russia, a fatal accident saw the introduction of new safety guidelines for selfie-takers.

4. Want to take 'ballot selfie'? Here's where it's legal, and not

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NORWALK, Calif. — Jim Condos, the secretary of State for Vermont, has a clear message for young voters. Yes, it’s “perfectly legal” to take ballot selfies on your smartphone in the Green Mountain state on Election Day. “Just in case that was keeping you up at night.”

Vermont is one of about 20 states, plus the District of Columbia, where showing yourself off in the election booth with a finished ballot and sharing it on social media is accepted as a reality of the mobile age.

In slightly fewer, however, it’s not allowed, while laws in states like Arizona, Texas and Ohio are unclear, according to an analysis by the Associated Press that's been updated by a recent flurry of state decisions that clarified rules in the past two weeks.

While some states have penalties, including New York and Illinois, the bans on photo taking in the booth have rarely been enforced. Arrests — if police made any — haven’t been widely reported, and local law enforcement usually deal with more pressing issues when snapped photos are discovered online.

Questions, lawsuits and late-show ribbing  reflect the new twist in this year’s election cycle. Young voters, who often share many, many details of their daily lives, are getting into the spirit of the campaign by posting photos of themselves in and around the voting booth.

This is a just another reminder that this election cycle is unlike any from years past, marked by the power of social media, which has allowed candidates to rally voters and trade barbs without the filter of traditional media, and led to record engagement around political events on Facebook and Twitter.

Just as the election itself is contentious, so is the debate about whether or not to allow photos in the privacy of the voting booth, and the ballot itself.

Every citizen “has a right to keep their ballot private, but people who want to share it should have that right too," says Michael Risher, a senior staff attorney for the ACLU of Northern California, who says the ballot selfie is a first amendment issue.

Katie Moore of Los Angeles was an early voter last week, but unlike many young citizens, she wasn’t planning to shoot a selfie of herself in the voting booth. A simple photo of herself with the “I Voted” sticker outside the election area was suffice for social media.

The selfies practice “encourages people my age to vote,” she says. It’s the digital equivalent of the “I voted,” sticker, Moore adds.

5. Want a selfie of the guy who stole your phone? There's an app for that

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A security app installed on a cell phone that was reported stolen at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Tampa, captured a secret selfie of the man who may have taken it, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

The phone's owner told deputies the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone was stolen about 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at the KFC at 7605 W Hillsborough Ave. in Tampa.

An app installed on the phone triggers the front-facing camera to take a photo whenever a user has a failed attempt to unlock the phone's operating system, according to the Sheriff's Office.

After the phone was taken, the app sent a head shot of a white male with a long beard and gauged ears to the phone's original owner.

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After spending holidays in the U.S., 17-year-old Miss Brazil candidate Lilliana Matte was prepared to head back to Brazil when she was arrested. All because of a selfie she took at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport, in Miami.

The selfie was shot in a restricted area – and police immediately arrested Matte. She has been detained in a juvenile institution in the state of Illinois since August 22, with no access to her belongings, restricted communication with her family, and no estimated release date.

Matte’s mother flew to the United States to follow her case, and says that the model “cries all the time.” Before her arrest, Lilliana Matte was planning to be a part of the Miss Brazil pageant, which starts on September 1st – chances are she will not be able to attend it.

7. Playmate Dani Mathers bashed for body-shaming after posting photo of naked unsuspecting woman at gym  

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"I understand fully the magnitude of this post that I have hurt a lot of people, women. Body shaming is not okay...and not something to joke about," she continued.

The blonde model claimed she was trying to privately send the photo to a friend but because she's new to Snapchat she "accidentally" unleashed it to the world.

Mathers also filmed an apology, stressing her career with Playboy is about loving "the female body."

"I need to take some time to myself now to reflect on why I did this horrible thing," she concluded.

The 29-year-old's mea culpa fell flat with most online commentators.

"Vile. You're a bully and an apology won't ever change that," one Twitter user wrote.

"You thought it would be funny. It wasn't. You got caught. Now you feel stupid. So you should," another wrote.

A spokesman for the gym told TMZ that authorities were contacted on Thursday.

"Her behavior is appalling and puts every member's privacy at risk. We have handled this internally and also notified the police," the gym told the gossip site.

8. Mom's 'secret' peace sign selfie goes viral

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One mom is now a viral hit after she was hilariously caught trying to take a selfie.

Itati Lopez posted the video after sneaking up on her mom Silvia who was trying to get the perfect peace sign and sunglasses selfie.

Mom was clearly mortified over this and quickly jumps and nearly drops the phone.

The twitter video is being shared like crazy, but no word on whether she ever got that puckered up, peace sign, sunglasses selfie.

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