12 Coolest Chicken Coop Ever

Coolest Chicken Coops

1. Optimus Prime Chicken Coop

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Autochickens, roll out! shOOter---, a member of Overclockers Australia, built a chicken coop that any child of the 80s would be proud to drive. Or raise chickens in, for that matter. No Deceptifox will dare raid it.

2. Hotel Eggcelsior

Like something out of Deadwood, this charming hen hotel, dubbed the Hotel Eggcelsior, has an authentic tin roof and little curtains on the inside.

3. benedetto bufalino repurposes a police car as a chicken coop

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the artistic adventures of french artist benedetto bufalino can be trademarked by visually humorous transformations of consumable cultural objects. for one of his latest projects, he has reconstructed a 1970s french police car into a fully-functioning chicken coop fit for a farm. ‘la voiture de police poulailler’ is a old, urban vehicle whose interior has been gutted — save a few interior elements like the steering wheel and clutch — while the outside maintains its original signage: a vinyl police banner and blaring emergency lights situated on the roof. bufalino has opened the passenger doors as well as the hood, and trunk and fit wooden constructions inside, keeping them perpetually ajar. chicken wire closes up the exposed openings and contains the livestock in the enclosed space. by remodeling the recognizable automobile, its purpose is renewed into a quirky artwork that can be interpreted as both a sculptural object and a functional piece.

4. Free Range Chicken Jail

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An adorable “free range chicken jail” from Farmhouse38, complete with a garden roof.

5. Vintage Shasta Chicken Coop

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This chicken coop was made by a tiny travel trailer enthusiast who loves travel and decided to make a special and unique coop. Built to look like a tiny trailer this is sure to be eye catching in the yard and it brings some original flair with sporting blue and white colors and large run underneath the trailer itself.

6. Behold the Loveliest Chicken Coop the World Has Ever Seen

Today in things relating to barn animals, photographer Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, aka blogger The Fancy Farmgirl, has conceived and constructed an utterly mindblowing chicken coop on her farm outside Seattle. Measuring eight-by-12 feet, the structure, which Kirchner Dixon designed with the help of her husband and 12-year-old daughter, houses 30 free-range chickens (including, ever charmingly, ones that lay pastel-colored eggs). Employing a mix of "farm things I have collected over the years"—a cow print hung in a vintage frame, a bunny door stopper for a vintage screen door, and a vintage number "6" sign she found at a flea market (which in its own way designates the address of the coop)—Kirchner Dixon has created a space that would not be out of place in, say, Lonny. As for the chandelier: "I have made myself a goal of having a chandelier in every room of my house, so I thought, 'Why stop there? Let’s put one in the coop too!'" Looks like Dwell does not, in fact, have a monopoly on awesome chicken coops.

7. The hens on the property of the Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia live in a gazebo with a chandelier.

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8. The Moop: A Modern Modular Prefab Coop For Design-Savvy Chickens

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If you're homesteader or backyard gardener and you appreciate good design, then you'll really like the Moop chicken coop. This modular prefab chicken coop is perfect for design-minded chickens and their owners. Designed by San Francisco-based Nottoscale, the Moop has a small footprint and features 4 nesting boxes, one or two runs, and a low-maintenance easy-to-clean design. The kit of parts can be shipped to your door so you can put it together, or it can be picked up from the studio in San Francisco.

There are hundreds of designs out there for chicken coops – from super simple boxes to elaborate $100k fantasy hen mansions. But not all chicken coops are created equally – and Peter Strzebniok, founder of Nottoscale, set out to create a coop that is functional, compact, and modern.

With a footprint of 2×6 feet, The Moop takes up a small space, but it provides enough room for up to 4 hens. Two runs on either side hook into a modular roost with 4 nesting boxes. Hinged doors allow easy access to clean out the nesting rooms and pull out eggs. Another door on the base allows the roost to be cleaned, and extra strength chicken wire protects the hens against predators. Specially-designed ceramic water and food feeders by Nottoscale and local designer and ceramicist Rosalie Wild and Carol Koffel bring extra flair and functionality to the coop.

You can get your own Moop with one run starting at $600, and with an additional run for $800. The kit of parts is assembled once you receive it – although if you live near San Francisco you can pick one up pre-assembled for an extra $100. Nottoscale is currently taking orders for The Moop, and if you order soon, you can get it in time for the holidays.

9. Neiman Marcus offered the Heritage Hen Mini Farm. Price tag: $100,000.

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The coop, inspired by Versailles' Petit Trianon, included cushy rooms for nesting and roosting. The multi-level dwelling also had a chandelier and a small library stocked with books on gardening and raising chickens.

10. Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Beverly Hills Chicken Coop: ‘We Did a Miniature Version of My Own House’

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The last time Nicole Richie publicly expressed an interest in farm life, it was in a pair of denim shortalls alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life.

Now, the fashion designer and mom of two, 35, is a dedicated keeper of eight chickens, which she cares for in her Los Angeles backyard. She introduced her flock — Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny, Daisy and newcomers Ivy, Sibby and Dixie Chick — and their stylish coop to archdigest in a high-fashion photo shoot.

“About three years ago, we decided to add to our family and bought five chickens,” says Richie. “I was in New York at the Met Ball, and I came home and they were delivered the same day. I raised them inside my house for about six weeks, and then it was time for them to have a coop.”

The coop at her new residence in Beverly Hills is a minimal, gray structure that Richie says mimics the style of the main house. “We did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style,” she says. “I wanted one color palette throughout.”

While her two children, Harlow, 9, and Sparrow, 7, have taken an interest in the pets, her husband, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, is another story.

“Joel has looked at them maybe two times. When he has friends over and wants to be cool, then he’ll talk about our chickens and give his friends a tour, but otherwise, he doesn’t care about our chickens,” she says with a laugh.

11. Linden Hill – A $24.5 Million Historic Estate In Gladwyne, PA

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This historic estate, dubbed Linden Hill, is located o Monk Road in Gladwyne, PA and is situated on 50 acres of land. It was designed & built in 1929 by Edmund Gilchrist and was formerly owned by Jack Dorrance. It features a French Normandy manor style main house, a guest house, 2 staff houses, a detached 10-car garage, barn and an aviary. A long driveway leads to an expansive motor court with fountain as you approach the main house. The stunning main house features a grand foyer with sweeping staircase, 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, formal reception rooms, 10-14 foot ceilings throughout, 8 fireplaces and more. The grounds feature 2 swimming pools, a pool house, tennis court, formal gardens, pond and orchards.

12. Sheffer Chicken Coop is a metal-clad New York home for eight hens

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Asked to design a New York home for chickens rather than people, Architecture Research Office has completed a metal-clad bunker featuring wooden nesting boxes and underfloor heating (+ slideshow).

The Sheffer Chicken Coop creates enough nesting space for eight birds at a refurbished farmhouse in East Hampton.

Before designing the structure, New York-based Architecture Research Office (ARO) carried out some research into the needs and habits of well-bred chickens, in order to plan a habitat with appropriate levels of space, heating and ventilation.

"We looked at everything from the size of the coop for the type of chickens being housed in it to the size and location of the nesting boxes and access to harvest the eggs," explained architect Stephen Cassell, one of the three founders of ARO.

The coop was built with an arching timber structure. End walls are cedar, while the curving side walls are clad with aluminium shingles with folded-up edges.

"The shingles are folded simply because we thought it was beautiful how the shadows they cast change throughout the day," Cassell told Dezeen.

There are doors at both ends of the building – one for chickens and one for people. Ventilation is provided by a narrow opening at the top of these two walls, ensuring that drafts don't disturb the nesting process.

Inside, one wall is lined with a row of eight nesting boxes – one for each hen. The other wall is fronted by a pair of roosting perches that span the room, creating a place for the chickens to sleep.

Manure boxes are positioned directly underneath these perches, and a long hinged door allows these to be easily removed and emptied. A similar door on the opposite side allows for simple egg collection.

During their research, the team identified six different kinds of predatory threat, from foxes to birds of prey, and five possible security measures that could be put in place by the farm owners.

"The coop is fenced in and has a concrete foundation to keep foxes and other predators from digging their way in," added Cassell.

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