11 Weirdest Toilets and Urinals

Weirdest Toilets and Urinals

1. Vertebrae Puts Your Bathroom Fixtures In A Space-Saving Swiveling File

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We've seen small bathroom solutions before.  So far, though, I don't think anything will let you equip a small bathroom as creatively as the Vertebrae, which puts all your private hygiene necessities in a single swiveling file.

Created by Design Odyssey Ltd., the veritable Swiss Army bathroom puts every modern bathroom amenity in a single line of stacked rotating modules.   That way, only the module you need will take any extra space, leaving you with the whole room to practice your ninja skills while taking a shower.

The Vertebrae consists of seven modules stacked on top of the other and anchored to a pole.  The only fixed one is the toilet in the bottom, which you can access by moving the modules right above it out of the way.  Aside from the actual bowl, it comes with two access doors on each side, where the toilet papers and toilet brush are stored.

A full-featured sink gets the second level, while the third and fourth are occupied by storage bins (where you can keep your soap and toiletries and such).   The pair of topmost modules are both showers, allowing for up to two persons to get cleaned up at the same time.  Water for the bowl and showers is collected in a tank that acts as the fourth module, where a mirror is also attached.

According to the product brochure, water can be fed through a hole in the ceiling, with pipes hidden inside  the hollow steel pole.   Waste pipes can be directed through a hole in the floor directly below the loo.

In all seriousness, the Vertebrae is possibly the most clever bathroom fixture I've ever seen.  I'd throw it in my house right now, if only the $10,000 base price wasn't a little out of my league.

2. Loo with a view? China unveils glass-walled toilets and people are scared to use it

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China has taken its love of glass structures one step further – and perhaps too far –with an innovative glass-walled public toilet that was unveiled this week in Hunan province.

The first tourists to see the glass-walled toilets, opened on Thursday and situated in the scenic Shiyanhu Ecologic Park in Changsha, were, unsurprisingly, shy of giving them a test-run given that they don't give the user much privacy.

With only frosted glass to separate the cubicles from each other and fully transparent glass for the outer walls, floor and roof, China's media reported that a mirrored coating had yet to be applied to the outer glass surfaces.
"We wanted to make it something unique … exciting and adventurous," Yang Lang, an employee at the park was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

Hunan province has a thing for glass structures, having recently opened the world's highest and longest glass bridge (the bridge had to be closed for safety modifications and is soon to re-open) as well as a vertiginous glass walkway, both in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

3. Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom

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When men use a public urinal they are cruelly left in full view, with nothing to do as they answer nature's call.

Until now.

British company Captive Media thinks it has developed a product that fills a gap in the market - a urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for men.

It calls it the first "hands-free" video gaming console of its kind.

The sturdy device sits above the normal oval ceramic urinal bowl, opening up a whole new world of entertainment.
The user is presented with three generous targets to aim for in the urinal: stickers in the unit that read "Start", "Left" and "Right".

The console is able to detect where the urine is falling by means of an infra-red device.

And so a rudimentary "joystick" is set up.

Bog Standard

Games on offer include a skiing challenge, and a multiple choice pub quiz.

Once they have finished their business, customers can use their mobile phones to post their scores to Twitter and a live leader board.

The console unit has a 12 inch LCD screen, and sits behind toughened glass. So it can withstand collateral damage and be easily cleaned.

The sensor unit is contactless and does not use a camera, another important design consideration.

Windows 7 embedded, it is powered by one of Intel's Atom dual core microprocessors.

Urethra Moment

A similar product has already been launched by Sega in Japan. However, the co-developer of the UK device says his product has some compelling design features.

The equipment has multiple sensors, allowing for a more sophisticated input device.

It uses infrared, rather than microwave sensors, and they are fitted to the external console, rather than added to the urinal bowl itself.

As a result, Captive Media say that 90% of bowls in the UK are "retrofittable".

"You don't have to touch the plumbing," Gordon MacSween assures.

Time Gentlemen

Trade paper Adweek calculates that on average men are rooted to the spot for 55 seconds while they relieve themselves - nine months over the course of their lifetimes.

In the UK this means a billion minutes a year - an ideal opportunity to hit users with targeted advertising in order to relieve them of cash later on.

Bars can use the consoles to push drinks promotions in the venue.

When they buy the product, they are given one quarter of the advertising slots that are available on it and a veto on the external ones that will be sold to third parties.

"It's notoriously difficult for brands to engage a young male audience whilst they're out socialising," argues MacSween, and "Captive Media offers a long 'dwell time'."

"It is allowing brands to really engage in a fun and memorable way," his co-developer Mark Melford adds.

One organisation that has already signed up is Drinkaware, a charity that promotes responsible drinking.

However, it remains to be seen whether other brands will come on board in significant numbers, or will instead be put off at the idea of being associated with the act of urination, however long the dwell time.

This will have an impact on the business model, as advertising forms part of Captive Media's revenue stream.
"In-restroom advertising up until now has usually garnered more attention than it has revenue," says Philip Buxton, an independent digital media consultant.

"To be successful any new medium needs to lure advertising from existing channels and brands are still unwilling to switch their spend away from more serious channels such as TV and online."

Hitting Targets

The machines are already up and running at The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London.

They will help the pub "differentiate" itself from the local competition, owner Drew Weatherhead says.

Customers' experience there will be monitored closely, as Captive Media hopes to roll out its product to more venues.

A pub in Cambridge hosted a "pre-trial launch" for free earlier this year, and generated some interesting findings.

Polling suggests some competitive gamers worked out that by stopping and starting their streams, they could improve their scores.

Another noted side effect was that the toilets became markedly cleaner, as a new premium was set on accuracy.

More good news for women is that Captive Media also want to roll out units for the ladies' toilets.

There are "good anatomical reasons" that women can't use the original device, Mr MacSween says.

But units with quiz games will be placed in similar locations to hand-dryers, in a bit to alleviate boredom during notoriously long queues.

4. The 4.8 Million Dollar Toilet

People do not like to talk about the way they defecate as it is considered uncivilized. However, for those who are super rich, even their toilet seat is enough to make a statement about their high status. Throughout the history of mankind, stories about emperors and dictators having a toilet seat made of gold fitted in their bathrooms have reached common people to cause bewilderment. However, there is no need to be surprised or shocked to know that there are actually some people around the world who find it too common and ordinary to defecate by making use of a ceramic toilet seat. These are very wealthy people who actually sit on seats made from pure gold to defecate and give a boost to their already inflated egos.

There is a company in Hong Kong that has made a complete toilet using pure gold and gems. It is believed to be the most expensive toilet in human history and it is priced at $4.8 million thought it is not on sale. This toilet has been on display since 2001 and it even finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as the costliest toilet ever made. In fact, this toilet finds entry in Guinness Book twice as the costliest toilet and also as the most expensive bathroom.

The company that manufactured this toilet has been using it in its display in a bid to attract more customers. Nearly 380kg of gold has gone into manufacturing this toilet and it remains is heavy security all the time. This toilet seat certainly takes the cake as it is even more expensive than the costliest of thrones in human history.

This golden toilet is believed to have been inspired by Russian leader Vladimir Lenin who once said toilets made of gold would be able to serve a reminder about the wasteful ways of the west. Not surprisingly, this jewelry shop attracts nearly 5000 visitors everyday trying to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary bathroom.

The jewelry store where this toilet is on display recently came into news when it was revealed that the shop has been removed from tourism maps of Hong Kong.  This action was taken by the authorities when they received many complaints from people about the rude behavior of the staff at the jewelry store.

Toilets have been imagined in many outrageous ways by artists around the world. But this toilet made of 24 carat gold beats even the wildest of imaginations.

5. Doctor Loo! Cafe celebrates show's return with decorated toilet

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The Time Lord’s blue police box has been converted into a loo at a Bristol cafe.

Justin and Claire Hoggans picked up the replica Tardis for £1,800 and spent almost as much again installing the “Who Loo” at the Warmley Waiting Room Cafe on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path.

Justin, 41, said: “We went to a B&B that had a Tardis changing room. This gave me the idea. It’s fun but functional.”

Claire, 47, said: “We enjoy Doctor Who but are not crazy Trekkie-people. We get asked numerous times a day ‘is it bigger on the inside?’.”

6. This club has a toilet purely for vomiting

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You can always tell how classy an establishment is by checking out the bathrooms.

If they have classic music playing and fluffy hand-towels, it’s probably quite dapper.

If they have a toilet especially for vomiting, such as this one found in a Prague club, it’s probably a little less dapper.

Raised to chest height to spare your knees, the ‘puking toilet’ even has handrail to steady yourself while you regurgitate those shots of tequila.

While the design is flawless and the effort taken to ensure their guests are comfortable, even when puking, is commendable… we wouldn’t want to be using that urinal to the left while some punter is making use of the ‘puking toilet’.

7. A Venus Flytrap Urinal

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Bathrooms are generally pretty standard affairs. The variations you see are pretty mundane for the most part. Maybe some places have enclosed stalls, some older venues might have a trough instead of urinals. But for the most part it’s white porcelain, all the way. However, some bars and similar locations get more creative with their fixtures, often leading to some bizarre bathrooms. Here are 12 we found that range from kind of interesting to mindbendingly WTF. Enjoy.

Would you really use a Venus Flytrap urinal? Crafted by San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen, this fully-functional fixture comes with sharp spikes and a steep asking price of $11,500.

8. P-Tree Urinal

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Dutch designer Sam van Veluw has found an interesting way to solve a problem of outdoor toilets during different events, festivals, open-air concerts ets. He suggests strapping waterless urinals onto the trees. They are easy to install and can be hooked up to a central sewer system. Very clever. Sorry, girls, this concept is for men only.

9. Toilet Aquarium

Innovative aquarium designed by California based company AquaOne will replace the standard water tank of your toilet.

Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium is equipped with powerful filtration system, waterproof LED lights, and two transparent compartments:

One holds the toilet water and the other one holds the fish.

Now anyone can finally have a real aquarium in their bathroom.

10. Toilet-Sink Combo Ideas That Help You Stay Green

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The toilet-sink combo is one of best ways to make your home eco-friendly without sacrificing space or style. They communicate with each other and the water that you use to wash your hands can then be recycled and used to flush the toilet.

11. The Glass Toilet

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In theory it's a cool idea, but in practice? Not so much. Let's hope this one stays in the conceptual stages!

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