11 Strange Animals

11 Animals in Curious Predicaments

How can a cow jump over the moon if it can't make a guardrail?

Sometimes the whole world is upside down. Oh, wait—that's just me!

Note to self: Never mess with the cats again. 

A dog who can't dog very well.

Come to park, they said. It would be fun, they said. 

The short end of the stick would help in this case. 

Sno-Caps in feline form. 

So close and yet so far...

To strike or not to strike? This venomous cobra in a drought-hit village in India was thirsty enough to drink water from a bottle.

The higher the heights, the lower the lows.

Rescuers practically covered this squirrel in butter to get him out of a tight squeeze, but this embarrassing predicament has a delightful ending—New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, MA took him in and treated him to a spa day!

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