11 Cool Unicorn

11 Cool Unicorn - Inspired Objects

1. Taste the rainbow! Colourful melted cheese sandwich known as the 'unicorn toastie' is the latest food craze to sweep the web

The humble toasted cheese sandwich has been given a colourful makeover by a Hong Kong cafe.

Images of the 'unicorn toastie' have been sweeping Instagram after KALA Toast launched the dish oozing with melted cheese in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Lavender, basil and tomato flavours make up the different colours melted into four different kinds of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere - to produce a marbled effect.

Instagram user hkfoodiexblogger first posted snaps of the surreal rainbow-inspired sandwich costing $42 HKD (£3.80) alongside their very own review of the snack.
'The toast was crispy but I reckon both the flavour of the lavender and tomato were subtle', they wrote.

'The basil flavour was the most outstanding one comparatively but the cheese flavour still was not as storing as my expectation.

'It was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality was rather average but we all cannot deny that it is photogenic.'

2. Homewares That Look Like They Belong to a Family of Unicorns

Getty Images
There are so many beautiful things to decorate your home with in 2017, but if you're looking for the new, new trend, that's going to hit just as big a copper did in 2014, oil-slick or iridescent effect is it. Several big brands have tipped their toe into the trend — Tom Dixion's latest collection went all in — which is a strong indicator that it's about to blow up. Plus, it looks like the kind of thing you'd see in a unicorn's home, and everything unicorn is a 2017 must-have (and we mean anything. At least if Reddit is anything to go by — and it always, always is). Well, they're pretty and they're magic — we get the attraction.

3. This Terrifying Unicorn Candle Holder Cries Rainbow Tears

Getty Images
You've probably noticed by now that unicorns are having a bit of a ~moment~.

From makeup brushes to dildos to rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches, it seems nothing can escape the influence of these beautiful, mythical beasts. But whether or not you're on board with the unicorn bonanza, you'll probably agree that this new product takes things to a surprisingly dark place.

As Mashable reports, Firebox has officially released a "Crying Unicorn Candle," and it's both magical and creepy AF. Featuring a white ceramic candle holder in the shape of a tiny unicorn, the product includes three spiraled horn-shaped candles that, when lit, melt through the unicorn's eye sockets and makes it look like it's crying rainbows.

"Is there anything more beautiful than a Unicorn crying?" Firebox asks on its website. "Just light the tip of its spiraled horn and the Crying Unicorn Candle bursts into tears, weeping a waxy rainbow of colors. Made from the purest white ceramic, this knowingly kitsch ornament comes with two spare horns so you can make it cry again and again."

Suffice to say, whoever invented this candle seems to have some major beef with unicorns. (Later in the description, it lists one of the product features as "make a mythical creature cry.") Nonetheless, it's definitely a unique and fun gift for both the unicorn lovers and haters in your life, and can be preordered over at Firebox for $24.79.

4. Unicorn Meat Is Not the 'Other White Meat,' Insists the National Pork Board

Getty Images
If truth is stranger than fiction, I'm not sure where this cease and desist letter, sent from the National Pork Board to online retailer ThinkGeek, regarding the marketing for its canned unicorn meat, falls.

In the 12-page letter sent from Faegre & Benson, LLP (via facsimile and certified mail), the National Pork Board lawyers say ThinkGeek's marketing slogan for its Radiant Farms Canned Unicorn Meat as "Unicorn -- the new white meat" infringed upon the slogan the pork industry has been using for the past 23 years, which refers to pork as "the other white meat."

As evidence of the confusion this has caused, the letter points out other web sites that have linked back to ThinkGeek's product and tied it to the phrase "the other white meat." It also provides links to a Facebook page and a blog post on "The Frisky," including screen shots of the offending infringing URLs.

During the research that must have cost the National Pork Board a few hundred dollars an hour in legal fees, I can't believe that anyone thought to read the description of the product. Launched on April Fools' Day, it says unicorns "frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows" before they retire to County Meath, Ireland, where the Sisters of Radiant Farms "massage each unicorn's coat with Guinness daily and fatten them on a diet comprised entirely of candy corn." There's more, of course, describing the "sparkly meat" with a flavor like "candied almonds" and the crunch of the unicorn horn, added to the meat, "an excellent source of Calcium." My seven- and five-year-old children were in stitches by the time I got to "marshmallows." Could these attorneys have thought it was real?

Finding the Humor in Unicorn Meat

Other than providing amusement for my children and the geeks all over Twitter (who probably eat plenty of pork), the most shameful part about this flagrant misuse of attorneys' fees is that it indicates a complete misunderstanding of social media. Yes, there is a distinct inability to think critically; as the ThinkGeek blog post states dryly: "We'd like to publicly apologize to the NPB for the confusion over unicorn and pork--and for their awkward extended pause on the phone after we had explained our unicorn meat doesn't actually exist."

Pamela Johnson, Director of Consumer Communications for the National Pork Board, has a different take on the phone call between "a roomful" of Faegre attorneys and the corporate counsel for ThinkGeek parent, Geeknet. "We did know it was a joke, but our lawyers were doing their part to protect our brand," she said. "From the very beginning, they did know it was a joke, and the lawyers are going to be following up with ThinkGeek directly."

For ThinkGeek, however, the mirth overflows; ThinkGeek's PR manager, Shane Peterman, told me that the fax arrived at Geeknet's headquarters while the shareholder's meeting was in process, coincidentally, at ThinkGeek offices. CEO Scott Kauffman told the employees present about the letter and, said Peterman, "we all thought it was absolutely hilarious... there was a roomful of laughter." The company prepared a press release of apology; but, Peterman told me, it was rejected by the PR wires. "Was it a kind of weird conspiracy to keep us from talking about unicorn meat?" said Peterman. His theory certainly makes more sense than the idea that a large law firm might believe in unicorns.

Missing Out on a Social Networking Ballyhoo

There is, among the pork industry, also a lack of sensibility for geek culture in general. I asked Peterman about this; in the company's press release, a number of bacon-themed products were highlighted. ThinkGeek sells, among other delicious (or profane) products, Bacon Gumballs and MMMMVelopes, bacon-flavored envelopes. Do geeks like pork, in general? Yes, he replied, and: "if you look at the number of bacon products we sell on our website, we're doing a good job on spreading the good word for pork." Peterman, however, is a vegetarian.

If the National Pork Board had any sense, it would be cultivating the ongoing craze over things-with-bacon. Why haven't they started a meta-site highlighting the most raucous uses of pork, like the famous bacon maple bar at Voodoo Doughnut here in Portland, Oregon; or the Bacone (a waffle-cone shaped bacon container for eggs, hash browns, and cheese, topped with a biscuit)?

I asked Johnson if she would agree that bacon is fun ("yes!"); and said that, in my opinion, the organization's "New Look!" web site is very dry. It's informational, yes, but not at all fun. "You could have visited our site on International Bacon Day," she said, pointing me instead to TheOtherWhiteMeat.com and adding that "where appropriate... we do have the fun when we can celebrate it; we mainly inform, and make sure we're the one-stop resource for pork."

It's hard to see this through Johnson's glasses. From the geek perspective, the attorneys for the company are out of touch and the NPB is approaching a very delicious product with the wrong angle. As the NPB ironically starts the search for a new slogan, it is becoming the butt of the jokes when it could so easily be joining in the laughter.

5. Everyone on Pinterest Is Obsessed With This Magical Unicorn Blanket

Getty Images
Move over, mermaid blankets, this unicorn throw is taking over.

That's right, there's a blanket out there that you can wrap around yourself and instantly escape to a magical world (also known as the couch). This DIY unicorn blanket a.k.a. the cutest thing we've seen in a long time, has ears, hair and of course, a horn, making it a fan favorite on Pinterest.

The best part is you can completely DIY this yourself, so long as you have some crocheting skills. If you don't, now is the time to learn!

The pattern is available on Ravelry from designer MJ's Off the Hook Designs, for $6, and customers will receive the PDF pattern for not just the blanket, but also a cowl in toddler and adult sizes.

To turn your kid into a cozy unicorn all you need is 13 (19 for adult sizes) skeins of bulky yarn (suggested: Bernat Softee Chunky), a 16mm Q hook and a 9mm hook.

The pattern is considered advanced beginner, and can take up to eight hours depending on skill level. The blanket will work up quickly, but MJ personally suggests wrapping the yarn around a piece of strong cardboard or a book, and then cutting the lengths at either end to speed up the fringing process.

Even if it does take you a while, it seems like everyone thinks it's worth the time. "That unicorn is truly a fabulous creation," one woman wrote on MJ's Instagram page. Another woman also raved, "Bought this pattern the second I saw it! SO excited to make it! Your patterns are so easy to follow I know I can't fail."

If you're not into unicorns (sad), MJ has all sorts of adorable blanket patterns you can try, including an owl and wolf.

6. Wow! This girl made a UNICORN-inspired prosthetic arm

Getty Images
11-year-old Jordan Reeves was born without a fully developed left arm.

So she decided, while attending a “Superhero Cyborgs” camp last year, to design an extra special prosthetic arm that shoots glitter.

Inspired by unicorns, Jordan made sure her new arm, which is shaped like a horn, was as sparkly as possible.

And the best thing?

It shoots out glitter.

“Jordan is a high-energy ball of girl power,” her mum Jen told HuffPost. “She’s confident and has really grown into her own person this past year.

"Someone on Twitter said Jordan is a combination of Disney Princess and Ironman. I think that is very true.”

“Jordan’s overall attitude is: ‘Yeah, I’m different. So what?’ We are all different. Her difference just happens to be obvious.”

And while we're not keen on the idea of having to clean all that glitter up, there is no denying this is the best thing we have ever seen.

7. These Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Collection Additions Were a Secret Until Now

Getty Images
Tarte's new unicorn-inspired collection, complete with makeup brushes, a rainbow highlighter, and a palette, officially dropped yesterday. And we noticed there were some secret Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Collection additions that launched, too. As if the magical trio weren't enough to satisfy our unicorn-loving hearts, the five limited-edition lipsticks, highlighter, and liners somehow made the collection more lust-worthy and Instagrammable. Of course, all of the secret products have the same unicorn vibes that have been invading our beauty routine—in the best way possible. The glitter, rose-gold, and holographic shades are sure to make you feel like an IRL version of the mythical creature.

8. You can now masturbate with your very own unicorn horn dildo

Getty Images
We’ve thrown the unicorn trend at everything. Coffee. Makeup brushes. Blankets. Hot chocolate.

So of course, the unicorn trend was bound to infiltrate our vaginas.

Geeky Sex Toys, the same brand behind the pokemon sex toys we all collectively lost our sh*t over, have just brought out dildos shaped like unicorn horns.

Meaning pearlescent dildos in pink, white, or lilac, twisted and tapered into a point.

Each unicorn horn is 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide at the base, narrowing to just 2 inches at the tip.

There’s also a super strong suction cup on the end, so you can easily attach it to someone else’s genital area.

Or a wall. Or someone’s head, if you’re really committed to the unicorn role play thing.

Or you can masturbate with it and think of unicorns running around on rainbows, just like you did in your teens.

Anyway, it’s made of body-safe silicone, it’s firm but flexible, and the twisty horn style adds a bit of texture.

So it’s a perfectly acceptable dildo for anyone who needs everything in their life to be unicorn-ified and is also feeling a bit horny.*


9. These Colorful (and Healthy!) Unicorn Noodles Are About to Flood Your Instagram

Getty Images
We've already feasted our eyes on a stunning array of unicorn-themed desserts in the form of doughnuts and macarons, but now the mythical, horn-topped creature is slowly but surely making its way into the dinnertime scene. Thanks to a handful of genius foodies out there, unicorn noodles are officially a thing, and they're totally about to take over your Instagram feed.

It looks like A.J., the creative experimenter behind food blog The Indigo Kitchen, is the original source of this magically colorful dish. The 20-something has been sharing photos of his noodle masterpieces on Instagram since last year, and some of his followers simply couldn't resist following suit by trying it out for themselves. He graciously shared his ridiculously easy unicorn noodles recipe, and it's surprisingly healthy!

Zero artificial food colors are required to make this rainbow-like dinnertime dish — just the all-natural color-changing powers of two common kitchen staples. Start by cooking purple cabbage for five minutes in a pot a water; A.J. advises using less water to dye the noodles a more concentrated blue hue in the end, but go for more water if you want a lighter color. Then remove your dyed water from the heat and add in your noodles. (A.J. opts for glass noodles, but any other gluten-free option like rice noodles would work as well!)

Once you let the noodles soak for five to 10 minutes in the pot, there's one more magical step to take your noodles to the next level of Instagram worthiness. Simply squeeze lime or lemon juice on portions of your noodles and watch them transform from blue to the most gorgeous hues of pink and purple before your very eyes. Ah, the beautiful powers of a little citrus (and chemistry!).

Just like that, unicorn noodles can be on your dinner table or in your brown-bag lunch. They make a great neutral base for any nutritious stir-fry, curry, or soup recipe you've been wanting to try. If you're looking for a quicker alternative to our more in-depth, ingredient-heavy recipe for rainbow pasta, this three-ingredient one is just for you. Read on to see how the unicorn-obsessed foodies of Instagram have already started making these bright noodles our new favorite healthy food trend.

10. This Unicorn Soap Is So Good, It Deserves Its Own Fairytale

Getty Images
It's official: Unicorns are taking over the beauty industry. No matter how many other mystic creatures (looking at you, mermaids) try to take over the magical trend, it’s the fictional horse that reigns supreme. It all started with a few charming makeup brushes, and then quickly escalated to holographic nail polish, iridescent eye cream, glitter tears, and even 3-D manicures. But if you’re looking for a slightly more subtle — yet equally mystifying — way to get in on the action, look to your bath.

So, how can you sprinkle in some magic to your R&R time? Allow us to introduce you to unicorn soap.

We thought we’d seen everything the market has to offer when it comes to bath and shower essentials. Then just a few days ago, we stumbled across soaps that look like slices of cheesecake — and we quickly realized there's a lot more to learn. Now, there is a unicorn-themed soap to prove us right. Earth’s Raw Beauty has created Believe In Magic, a soap that looks like every single unicorn we’ve seen on a Lisa Frank poster — and it’s worth all our money. The rainbow soap only costs $6, so buying in bulk is easy. Even better than the pretty swirls of sparkly color? The skin-softening ingredients, like the goat milk, shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. Its scent — an intoxicating blend of berries, apples, peaches, and kumquat — makes it even more enchanting.

As of right now, the Believe In Magic bar is only available for pre-order starting tomorrow, March 16. If you haven't caught on yet, this unicorn craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we'd recommend stocking up on the stuff.

11. You Have to See This Magical Wedding That Featured a Unicorn Petting Zoo

Getty Images
Lest you thought unicorn obsessions were only relegated to the confines of nursery schools and, well, the Internet, consider this: One fantasy-loving couple in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, decided to have a petting zoo at their wedding that featured what appeared to be the mythical creature.

According to The Knot, Jody and Frank, with help from Kim Moody Design, employed a miniature white horse as their unicorn, complete with a blue-and-pink sparkly mane, a gold horn, and a bright pink leash. The animal even had its own pen in which to graze while guests were partying.

"Confession: We have an affinity for all things that sparkle, especially unicorns!" wrote Kim Moody Design on Instagram.

Depressed you couldn't meet the unicorn IRL at the wedding? Don't be—the world has recently appeared to become transfixed by the "animal," so you can head to Mac Lab Bakery in Duluth, Georgia, to try the unicorn macarons; Delish invented a no-bake unicorn cheesecake; Anaheim, California, dessert parlor Crème and Sugar is brewing delicious unicorn hot chocolate; a unicorn croquembouche wedding cake was created at London-based artisanal patisserie Anges de Sucre; and people all over Instagram are posting pics of unicorn toast on the daily, despite the fact that it's really green-tinged cream cheese.

In the meantime, check out some photos of the wedding and its unicorn star below, courtesy of Jessica Maida Photography.

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