10 Weird Inventions For Cold Hands

10 Weird Inventions For People With Cold Hands

1. This Infrared Heat Lamp Keeps Your Hands Warm as You Type

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Cold hands are apparently a big problem for professional gamers and office workers, so a couple of young Danish entrepreneurs set out to find an efficient hand-warming solution. This ingenious keyboard heat lamp is the result of their work and research.

One night in May 2016, Emil Frølund and Mats Sørensen were playing Counter Strike in Emil’s basement. They were getting “owned” by their opponents, and like any real gamer, they had all sorts of excuses – bad teammates, slow internet connection, cold hands. And while they couldn’t do very much about the first two, that last one was definitely not out of their hands. That night, in a small basement, in Aarhus, Denmark, the Heatbuff keyboard lamp was born.

When I first read about this invention, I honestly thought it was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen. Who would actually pay money for a lamp that keeps their fingers warm as they type? It turns out that a lot of people would. The Envavo Heatbuff lamp has surpassed its goal on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and its creators say they have also been contacted by companies interested in their product. So yeah, this thing could be big.

The Heatbuff is an infrared short wave heater that emits perfectly safe heat waves that warm your fingers, but not itself or the keyboard. Just place it on your desk facing the keyboard and it will keep your fingers at an accurate temperature, so your hands never get too hot. It’s quiet, easy to carry around and has low power consumption.

Originally designed to help professional gamers increase their performance in tournaments, the Heatbuff heater also sparked the interest of office workers whose cold hands make it harder to type properly.

Good blood circulation is apparently vital for professional players of online video games like League of Legends. With prizes of millions of dollars on the line in big tournaments, nobody wants to be blamed for mistakes caused by cold hands, so they currently use “hand warmers” that produce heat from the exothermic oxidation of iron when exposed to air. But they can only be used before the game starts, as they have to be held in the hand. The Heatbuff keeps the players’ hands warm at all times.

2. Say "F- You!" To The Cold With A Pair Of F-Unicorn Gloves

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Ravelry contributer Natalie Bursztyn brings us a free tutorial on how to make your very own pair of F-Unicorn Gloves. All you need is some gloves, yarn, and a needle. Sounds easy enough! But I’m sure I’ll manage to funk it up somehow. I always find a way! It’s like a gift I have. And by gift, I mean curse. Gift just sounds better, TBH.

3. Knit Beer Mitts Designed to Keep Your Beverage Cold While Your Hand Stays Warm

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Premium Knit Beer Mitts by Sky Innovations are designed to keep your beverage of choice cold while keeping your hand warm. They are available to purchase in green and blue in the Laughing Squid store for $15.99 (68% off the retail price).

Winter is cold. Whether you’re tailgating the game, out on the ice or slopes, or just throwing snowballs at the neighborhood kids while they make snowmen, it’s important to keep your liver warm with an ice cold beer. Don’t think about it, it makes sense. Kill two beers – we mean, birds – with one stone with this beer mitt, designed to keep a beverage cold while keeping your hand harm. Wear one and you’ll have a hand free to roll snowballs. Wear two, and give us a call to join the party.

– Keeps your hand warm & your beverage cold for extreme winter fun
– One size fits all
– Fits on either right or left hand

4. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like, folks! Keep this simple, rechargeable hand warmer on hand on a cold winter's day!

5. Tahka Gloves With Smartphone Window

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For all the great ideas, inventions, and gadgets that have come out of Kickstarter, there are bound to be some terrible ones as well. Take for instance the Tahka, which is a pair of connected gloves that have a window in the middle of them so that you can play on your phone while you're outside in the cold, and if ever it were to be brought to the mass markets would most likely mean the demise of society.

You made it outside, that's the first step, now just put down your phone and enjoy the view, the fresh air, and plus the graphics are amazing.

Tahka comes in many different colors and materials, and even comes with a handy screen wiper, but unfortunately never made the goal of it's Kickstarter campaign, so you actually can't purchase it.

6. Toasty Mug

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Start your day with this ToastyMUG by SABRINA FOSSI. It will warm your hands as you sip coffee or tea.

7. Smoko Toast USB Wired Hand Warmers

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These cute little guys come from the same company that makes Smoko foot warmers, pillows, speakers, and more. Simply plug them into your USB port, and you'll feel the warmth almost immediately. Meanwhile, your fingers are still free to move.

8. Smittens: World’s dumbest mittens

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These mittens are called “Smittens” because they’re mittens for lovers. Your outside hands will be free to grab, poke, and point at things, while your inside hands will be locked together inside a single mitten so you can interlock your fingers while you stroll about your favorite small town and/or scenic forest trail – awwww!

Here’s what would happen in real life. First, my wife and I would delicately bicker over who gets to have their dominant hand in the single glove. We’d each want our right hand to be free to punch things, hold coffee, and give motorists that run crosswalks the finger (too bad they’d just see a mittenous lump).

None of that would matter, though, because about half a block into our romantic promenade we’d have a sweatstorm going inside the double glove that’d turn it into a mushy maroon mess.

The kicker here is that Restoration Hardware started out selling these things at $49! Thankfully they’ve now been discounted to $24.49, although that’s still about $24 too expensive.

9. Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs

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You obviously don't want to get cold fingers grabbing a block of ice for your next tasty cocktail, so why would you subject your poor tongs to chilling temps? Sure, we have a tendency to anthropomorphize, but just in case they do have feelings, you could rock those tongs with Chilly Willy-styled mittens before they catch a cold! What a cool way to handle your ice. (Don't worry—they are very hygienic and made out of silicone).

10. Bluetooth Glove Headset

This glove with Bluetooth technology allows you to get and make phone calls while keeping your hands covered.

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