10 Coolest Sleeping Bag Ever

The Coolest Sleeping Bags Ever

1. Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag

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They say you've never truly experienced pizza until you slept in it. Perfect for sleep overs, these hand made comfy pizza slice sleeping bags can be custom ordered with your choice of toppings that come either as extra pillows or as fixed blanket decorations.

2. The Sleep Suit
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It looks like a honeycomb, but it's not. Created by Forrest Jessee, it's inspired by the Dymaxion schedule of sleep, which means sleeping many times per day. So this one's good when napping, and not just for camping. I, however, would not bring it anywhere near a forest—it's too pretty to soil.

By carefully mapping the pressure points in any possible position, this sleepsuit is surprisingly a great "sleeping bag" to slip into.

3. Condom Sleeping Bag and Pillow

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The condom sleeping bag is a sleevey, tubey, condom looking sleeping bag that comes with a pillow that looks like a condom wrapper, so while your are sleeping you can just think of yourself as a tiny littler sperm. The condom sleeping bag and pillow are just a life sized reminder to wrap it up before you get busy, with whatever or whomever you plan on using that one. The condom pillow even comes with two tiny pockets, one on each side. The smaller pocket is to hold real sized condoms, snacks, or a fresh pair of undes, so that you are ready for anything if and/or when it comes. The larger pocket is to hold the condom sleeping bag. The condom pillow is stuffed with a polyester filling, and the design is hand screen printed on the pillow case.

4. Nappak - Office Sleep Bag

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The Nappak is designed to use in the office for the minimal space; quickly open and store; mobile and easily use. This Nappak sleep bag can be stored in a slim and round trolley, it features can be expanded in a a few minutes, quickly open and stow. Its inside translucent white color creates a relaxing atmosphere, and outside orange color give the people attention. I love this design, because its independent space can be separated from the offcie, give users more relax.

5. Anatomically Correct Sleeping Bag

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Give your friends a complimentary biology lesson at the next sleepover by placing yourself inside this anatomically correct sleeping bag. Apart from providing ample padding and insulation, it features a fully colored diagram of the human body.


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This is one of those things that exists in the world and I simply do not know why and cannot imagine who would want such an item. (And no, “irony” doesn’t cut it as an excuse because there is none.) Here it is: A Hot Pockets® sleeping bag. According to the description, its “Custom MicroWaav™ insulation system ensures your extremities stay toasty.”

During your next camping trip or marathon gaming session, this Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and cozy. After the initial 2 minute period to reach maximum internal temperature, the integrated crisping sleeve allows for maximum warmth retention. Our custom MicroWaav™ insulation system ensures your extremities are always toasty while your core stays nice and cool. It’s perfect for backpacking, camping, or couchsurfing.

This is just a guess, but I’d imagine the #1 use for this particular sleeping bag is most assuredly couchsurfing.

7. Jacket + Tent + Sleeping Bag = JakPak

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Why carry a jack, tent and sleeping bag on your back when all these items can fold into one, wearble 3lb bundle?

The JakPak is a three seasons tent built into a sleeping bag built into a jacket. Constructed of breathable but waterproof urethane coated ripstop nylon/polyester fabric, through the miracles of velcro-secured chambers, the jacket portion of the JakPak can unfurl to the body bag you see in the lead shot—complete with no see um netting and armpit ventilation!

The JakPak will be available this March for $250 and seeks to eliminate homelessness as we know it. [JakPak]

8. Burrito Sleeping Bag

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Creative and innovative sleeping bag designed by Oradaria can be easily transformed into a pillow, mattress, chair, or a blanket.

Made for kids and adults, “Blandito” is warm and extremely comfortable.

9. Sleep like a mummy in your very own pharaoh sarcophagus sleeping bag [Cool Gear]

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I recently stumbled upon an online shop based out of Japan that sells highly decorated sleeping bags. I don't read Japanese so I don't have a lot of information but what they are lacking in details is made up by overwhelming class and style.

Behold the Pharaoh sarcophagus mummy sleeping bag. Hands down the greatest looking piece of outdoor gear I have seen in years and shame on US manufacturers for not designing something this cool.

10. Vagina Sleeping Bag

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And finally, a vagina sleeping bag. This outdoor gear would look great next to the condom sleeping bag and pillow.

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