Ric Flair HOSPITALIZED 'We Need Your Prayers'

Pro wrestling icon Ric Flair has been hospitalized -- and it sounds serious.

The Nature Boy's reps confirmed the 68-year-old was hospitalized over the weekend -- but Legacy Talent Agency insisted it was for "routine monitoring" and there was "no reason to panic."

But things changed by Sunday night, when the reps posted, "We need your prayers, positive energy, and well wishes for our Living Legend as he is dealing with some tough medical issues."

The agency has not said exactly what those medical issues are.

Flair was reportedly admitted to the ICU with "heart-related issues," according to ProWrestlingSheet.

We just saw Flair out back in May -- and he told us not to let terrorists scare them away from sporting events.

He's also been campaigning for his friend Kane, who's running for mayor in Tennessee.

Ric Flair’s management team asks for prayers as he deals with ‘tough medical issues’

Saturday, news broke WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was hospitalized. One report said the 67 year old Nature Boy was in the intensive care unit with a heart issue, but his management team issued a statement saying it was just “routine monitoring”.

Still no word from WWE, or daughter Charlotte, who spent the weekend doing promotional work for the company in China, but is advertised for a SmackDown house show in Providence, Rhode Island tonight.

Keep Naitch in your thoughts, and we’ll keep you posted with any updates on Flair’s condition.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair in hospital; rep asks for support

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was hospitalized and admitted to an intensive care unit over the weekend, and after initially downplaying the seriousness of the issue, a representative for Flair has made a plea for public support.

Melinda Morris Zanoni, the CEO of Legacy Talent LLC, tweeted out the latest on Flair's situation late Sunday night.

As first reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Flair was hospitalized on Saturday morning for heart-related issues, with Zanoni initially reporting the situation involved "routine monitoring." PW Insider's Mike Johnson reported that Flair is hospitalized near his home in Atlanta.

Flair, 68, has spent the past five decades of his career in the world of professional wrestling with a reputation as one of the most charismatic personalities in the history of that business. His popularity and personality have transcended into the world of professional sports on many occasions, with players recreating some of his most famous wrestling promos and Flair himself often called to serve as a motivational speaker.

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