Traditional Ways to Treat Myopia Eye

Eyes myopia is a refractive eye damage which the image / images produced are in front of the retina when accommodation in a relaxed state. Myopia eyes may occur due to the shape of the eyeball is too long or because the curvature of the cornea that is too large so that the incoming light is not focused well and distant objects become blurred. Patients with this disease can not be viewed remotely and can be helped by using negative glasses (model concave).

It has now become a major health problem in developing countries, especially in Asia, where the increase in Mata Myopia is estimated to have reached 80-90% of children in the productive age. Use of Gadget, physical activity habits that are less precise and inadequate intake of foods containing vitamin A into one of the major factors.

But for us who suffer from myopia eyes do not be discouraged because it has found laser technology that can make eyes Myopia becomes normal again. For some who want to keep the bespectacled, currently growing trend of glasses of various models and many of them also have precisely the normal eye glasses as fashion accessories. But what about those who want to recover from this disease Myopia Eye? Technical lasers could only heal, but at a cost which is certainly not small, and we do not yet know what the long-term effects (there had been no cases found).

Well, for those who want an easy and inexpensive way there is the traditional way that might be powerful and you have to try, of course, minimal or no side effects because it uses traditional ingredients and easily purchased in small markets or supermarkets. Below how to treat Myopia Eyes :
1. Moringa leaves and Honey
How to make is with grinding Moringa leaves then mixed with a glass of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of honey. The brewed mixture to the boil. After boiling and then filtered. This herb in the drink every night before bed.

2. Carrots and Honey
Anyone may already know that carrots contain beta carotene. Distinctive orange color makes you feel interested to consume. One vegetable can be processed into food is delicious and can also be used as a fresh vegetable juice. How to cure eye minus the carrots should consider ways of processing. If the heating is too long, then the content of vitamin A in carrots can be lost. Honey can be mixed at the time will be taken for eliminating bad taste in carrots.

3. Salmon
A lot of people who know that salmon contains omega 3 which is very good for health, including the one maintaining eye health. Although expensive, this one kind of fish remains to be excellent in the community. You can create a wide variety of dishes using salmon. Curing eye minus the salmon is better if cooked without oil.

4. Avocado
Fruits are rich in lutein benefits of henna contain substances of very high. The benefits of these substances is indirectly for eye health. However, its role is to help the absorption of beta-carotene is very well done thus consuming avocado is also recommended as a way to heal the eye minus. You can consume it in a way made into fresh juices.

5. The betel leaf
How to cope with a very simple minus eye is to take 2 pieces of betel leaves, wash, and stick it on your eyes before bed or while relaxing break. For maximum results, do it this way every day.

6. Barringtonia asiatica Kurz Leaves
Kurz Barringtonia asiatica is a plant that originated from Papua (Irian). In Papua keben fruit called pi Keben Rabon is a soft woody trees, has a diameter of about 50 cm with a height of 4 to 16 meters. Seeds and fruits keben is what can be used as eye drops.

7. Flower kitolod
Java people know him as the “flower kintolo”. These plants usually grow wild in the fields, the fields or in the bush. The shape is long, it was white like jasmine. Kitolod can be used as a way to treat eye minus and various diseases of the eye, cataracts, diabetes and various eye diseases including cataracts.

8. Jasmine Leaf
Jasmine leaf can also help the healing process of sore eyes naturally. You do this by taking a handful of jasmine leaves, finely crushed, and then paste on the forehead. When it dries replace with new. Repeat until healed.

9. Garlic
In addition to cooking, garlic is also able to treat sore eyes like minus. The way to wash your face with clean water until the eye free of dirt and then dry using a clean towel. Take a clove of garlic that has been washed clean. Cut off the tip of a little onion. Gently rub the tip of garlic that has been cut earlier parallel to the root of the lashes. Do not rub on the upper lid, you should rub alone on the lower eyelid. Wait some time to cause stinging, tingling, itching and even to make the head as if shaking. Hold, do not jump in the wash. Repeat the above steps several times, in order to provide maximum results.

10. Singapore Therapy
This therapy is a therapy for treating eye minus naturally developed in Singapore. Do it regularly and every time when there is a chance that, over time minus your eyes may be reduced.

Try the following steps:

  • Sprinkles enough water to wet the two eyes
  • Standing upright, tilt your torso to the right and to the left as much as ten times
  • Shaking his head up and down as much as ten times
  • Shaking his head to the left and to the right as much as ten times
  • Turn your head to the left toward the right and vice versa as much as ten times
  • Sprinkles enough water to wet the two eyes
  • Scroll eyes glanced up and down as much as ten times
  • Scroll eyes glanced to the right and to the right,
  • stretch your fingers as a point to be ogled as much as ten times
  • Turn the eye to the left toward the right and vice versa as much as ten times
  • Sprinkles enough water to moisten the eye
  • Massage the area around the eyes with one finger of each hand together as much as ten times.
  • Massage performed on two eyes simultaneously, and the movement of both hands ends meet.

11. India Therapy

Therapy from India is almost similar to the model of Singapore’s therapy, but is equipped with yoga movement that seems to make you more comfortable.

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