Simple Slim Tips

More recently, nutritionists suggest a very scientific slender tips to lose weight. Nutritionists have found that drinking low-calorie soup to start the meal can actually help to lose weight. Get used to drink soup before eating the rice, then your body will be leaner and healthier. A bowl of soup seems to be much more effective and certainly much more palatable than drinking a glass of water before meals to lose weight. When you eat the soup first, the nerves will merefleks in the lining of the brain, in the lining of the brain is contained nerve center of appetite. When you start a meal with soup, then the nerve center of appetite will decrease arousal. Appetite will decrease by 30% and its impact, rice consumption will be less.

According to Prof. Hung Guang Zhao, a resident of northern China such as Manchuria, Beijing and the other part has a habit of drinking the soup after a meal. As a result, more and more soup to drink, their bodies are getting fatter anyway. Why is that?
Because if after a new full drink soup, it will make your stomach open wider, encouraging you to add more food into the stomach. Drinking soup after eating make you fat, otherwise drink soup before a meal makes you slim and healthy!

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