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Merr Leaf
Hair loss is a common problem and often complained by both men and women. The problem of baldness in particular became scourge for adam. Because suffering from baldness is often considered to reduce the aesthetic appearance until undoubtedly led to a crisis of confidence, even in some cases can lead to depression. As the plants, the hair is actually also need to be cultivated using a hair tonic that can thrive and maximum.

Actually a lot of herbs that are naturally very potentially be used as a fertilizer and a hair growth tonic. But the presence of the following two herbal plants like it needs to be considered.

What are two of these plants? Both crops are tea leaves and leaf of Nothopanax scutellarium Merr. Lots of research has been done on both these plants are proving that they have an effect as a natural tonic or hair grower.

US Patent in 2005 explained that the tea leaves which contains 9 active compounds that work synergistically in antioxidant activity was efficacious as a hair dye as well as natural hair grower.

Research conducted Herlin from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University Setia Budi, Surakarta, 2004 shows the effect of accelerating the growth of tea leaves hair on animal testing experiments. It was reinforced by the research in 2005 conducted by Prasetya from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta prove if consumption steeping tea leaves is able to accelerate the growth of hair.

The way that can be done to harness the tea leaves as a hair growth tonic quite easily, which is brewed tea as usual and wait for it to cool. After the tea cool rinse water evenly to the whole hair with subtle massage your scalp. Let stand for about 1 hour after the new shampoo and rinse with water.

And what about the leaves Nothopanax scutellarium Merr? Merr (Nothopanax scutellarium Merr) Is a plant that includes herbaceous plant species, can reach a height of three meters and the shape of its leaves like a bowl until the call leaves mangkokan. In addition to often used as a drug difficult urination, has long been known as a plant leaf of Nothopanax scutellarium Merr is efficacious as a hair grower. Nothopanax scutellarium Merr leaves contain a major form of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium oxalate, phosphorus, iron, fats and proteins that are useful to nourish the hair.

To take advantage of mangkokan leaves as a treatment care and hair grower quite easy. Which take 10 to 15 leaves Nothopanax scutellarium Merr then wash, then mash until smooth or blender. After a smooth and mix with a glass of cooking water and filtered, then use the filtered water to massage the hair and scalp for approximately 10 minutes. Having considered pervasive and somewhat dry, rinse with clean water and use a shampoo.

Well that was the use of tea leaves and leaf of Nothopanax scutellarium Merr as hair tonic separately. Then how is the effect if both duetkan or combined?

Research conducted by Beautiful Purwantini colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta recently showed that the combination of tea leaves and leaf of Nothopanax scutellarium Merr scientifically proven to accelerate the growth of hair and hair tonic activity equivalent to that available in the market. Results showed that the combination of the best comparisons tea leaf extract and leaf Nothopanax scutellarium Merr is 2: 1. That means the sole use of the two is not as strong as the effect when combined.

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