Secrets Behind the Formula 3 x ½

Scientists often emphasize the importance of rule 3 x ½ to health, namely:
1. Three times a half minutes, and
2. Three times a half hour.

Three times and a half minutes is a relatively short and seem trivial to some people. But who would have thought that three and a half minutes it turns out can greatly help reduce the number of sudden death. One of the cases of sudden death that is often encountered is happening shortly after a person wakes from sleep. Often people die when they are just waking up and immediately run another activity. Lots of events seniors who died suddenly in the night or early morning. How did it happen? The elderly usually woke up in the middle of the night when going to the toilet to urinate, and often they do it with too hasty. Once awake, they immediately got out of bed spontaneously when awareness is still not fully returned and the blood pressure remains low. This makes the brain is deprived of blood and nerves are not working perfectly, the brain is deprived of blood causing dizzy eyes, causing a fall. Falls in the elderly usually creates complexity, among others: fractures, tearing of muscle tissue, arteries or veins, disability, hematoma, the heart stops suddenly and cause death.

Benefits 3 x ½ Minutes To Prevent Sudden Death

Why scientists recommend that formula three and a half minutes? Because of monitoring ECG (Electro Cardiogram) patients, it was found that during the day ECG is normal, but when the night is usually the heart muscle is deprived of blood and suddenly shrivel. Why is that? Because when he suddenly woke up, suddenly decreased blood pressure monitor, the brain is deprived of blood and the heart stops. Then the scientists used a formula three and a half minutes that can overcome these problems, namely:
1. If you want to get up from the bed, lie down on your bed during the first ½ minutes.
2. Then straighten your back and sit in bed for half a minute.
3. Then the new lower your legs to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed for half a minute.
Well, by running the formula three and a half minutes, a formula sound that can be done by everyone very easily at no cost and does not require extra effort, insufficient blood supply to the brain can be prevented, the heart will work normally, and minimize the possibility of falling to fractures , heart attack and stroke.

There are examples of cases where an elderly person after finding out the formula 3 x ½, she cried and regret, why he did not know from long ago. Two years ago she woke up middle of the night to urinate, in the shower she suddenly felt dizzy and his head like a swirling, until finally he fell. As a result he is now paralyzed until the cause can not leave the bed. If only he knew this early and apply it, perhaps now he does not have to suffer in bed.

The next rules suggested by the experts is 3 x ½ hour. Three times a half hours are:
1. Every morning I wake up, exercise for half an hour, be it Tai Chi, running in the morning with a distance of not less than 3 km or other suitable exercise,
2. Then at noon, a half-hour nap. It is required by the human biological clock, with a half-hour nap, then the condition of the body and mind will be refreshed so that the activity can be done with passion. The elderly need more nap, because seniors are not too used to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, so they need a little break in the middle of the day.
The third is a leisurely afternoon walk for half an hour. By doing this, the seniors will be able to sleep soundly at night, but it can reduce the occurrence of myocardial necrosis and high blood pressure.

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