Onion Benefits While Sleeping

Did you know that the soles of your feet turned out to have a direct access door to several organs in your body which is also known in Chinese medicine as meridians? Meridian is a path that connects every organ of the human body. Some argue that the meridian is not really there, but people who understand Chinese medicine recognizes that the meridian is closely related to the nervous system.

The soles of the feet have at least 7,000 meridians that connect directly to different organs in the body. Electrical signals that are sent through these meridians often become inactive when you wear shoes. This is the main reason why you sometimes have to get your legs to walk outside in direct contact with the earth barefoot, because it stimulates meridian points is very important.

One of the most unique ways to stimulate the meridian point of this is to put a piece of onion under your feet and wrapped with socks when you want to sleep. Shallots are believed to be useful as air purifiers and when applied to the skin, can be beneficial to kill germs and bacteria. In addition, phosphoric acid contained in onion can enter the bloodstream so it helps cleanse the blood.

Our skin actually absorbs what we put on it. This makes the surface of our skin is important for health. We must have an awareness of the things that we enforce on our skin. Choosing natural materials and organic helps reduce the amount of toxins that enter the body. One study proved that the substance applied to the skin can be absorbed into the deeper tissues and pass through the body’s lymphatic system.
A simple demonstration that is named test ‘garlic breath’ is done to prove this. Simply by rubbing some fresh garlic on the soles of your feet, then within 15 minutes, your breath will smell like garlic. This fact proves that what you apply to your skin to circulate throughout your body. Garlic is known to fight colds or coughs, and how with shallots?
Here are the benefits of shallots for health when put into socks.

Outstanding Benefits of Putting Sliced ​​Red Onions into Socks
1. Purify the Blood
When phosphoric acid of onion is absorbed through the skin, it will help to purify the blood.
2. Kill Pathogens, Germs and Bacteria
Onion has antibacterial properties and powerful anti-virus.
3. Clean Air
Shallots are also useful help to purify the air in your room and get rid of foot odor. In England, during outbreaks they will chop the onion and put it in the corners of the room to purify the air, and to help them not vulnerable to infection, flu, or anything that could harm them
Simple Steps Kill Germs and Bacteria and Purify Your Blood
Step 1: Cut an onion into slices Organic
Use organic onions because they are free of toxic pesticides and other chemicals. Cut onion into slices flat and not too thick so easy when affixed to the bottom of your feet.

Step 2: Place the onion slices in the soles of the feet, wrap with socks, then sleep!
When you sleep, the natural healing power of garlic will work through your skin to purify the blood, kills germs and bacteria, and absorb toxins!

Thus the shallots for health benefits when put in socks. Amazing is not it? Good luck and, Greeting healthy always.

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