Leaf Cayenne Prevent Wrinkled Skin

You have cayenne pepper plants in the yard? We recommend that you do not waste leaves. Leaf cayenne (Capsicum frutescens, L) is known to contain flavonoids and glikon active compounds that act as antioxidants.

Antioxidants have a very important role, namely to provide protection for the body against oxidative stress that occurs in the cells and organs in the skin thereby delaying the onset of aging.

Research conducted by Yunita of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia in 2012 demonstrated the ability of these compounds in preventing oxidative stress in skin cells that cause aging of the skin, causing the skin wrinkled and rough due to thickening of the skin epidermis.

Oxidative stress is a condition in which the amount of free radicals in the body exceeds the body’s capacity to neutralize it. As a result, the intensity of the oxidation process of normal body cells becomes higher and cause more damage.

Indeed antioxidant products sold in the market. Weiss JS researchers from the United States reported that the use of vitamin A, showed a similar effect in reducing oxidative stress in the skin. Consumption of these vitamins can remove wrinkles and skin suffered change photoaging caused by exposure to sunlight to look younger.

The use of herbs to antioxidants actually been conducted by various researchers. The presence of cayenne pepper leaves only one alternative with similar properties that use was not currently maximized by the community.

Moreover, cayenne pepper plants including species that readily available and most widely kept in the yard.

So how do I obtain these compounds? The easiest step is to boil the leaves of chili sauce that flavonoids and glikon can go out and drink the cooking water.

Another way to get the benefits of chili leaves can also be obtained by applying directly to the skin. The use of chili leaves for skin care is already known and commonly practiced by ancient people. Efficacy of chili leaves is believed to blemishes acne scars, or scars on the skin.

Leaves Chili To Eliminate Scars
To disguise the scars or blemishes in the skin, how namely:
– Take and knead some cayenne pepper leaves by hand (no need to ground).
– Lulurkan squeeze and rub the area to scars or blemishes on the skin.
– When finished wash with warm water.
– Perform routine then any scar will gradually disappear.

Leaves Chili To Treat Boils
Chili leaves also can treat ulcer disease, how
– Take a few leaves of chili and wash thoroughly.
– Mash until smooth.
– Mix a little coconut oil.
– Apply on the boil and repeat again if it is dry.

Leaves Chili To Face Masks
To use it as a face mask, I set it up as follows:
– Take a handful of leaves and cayenne pepper puree
– Mix with rice water
– Apply collision chili leaves to the mask for 15 minutes
– Then rinse with warm water.

This treatment regularly for 1 month can help you get rid of acne, wrinkles, eye bags and black spots.

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