If You Only Eat Bananas For 12 Days

Banana is a fruit that is rich in fiber with a number of health benefits. With a high nutrient content and availability are easily available making it an ideal fruit for diet.

A nutrition expert named Yulia Tarbath conduct an experiment to test the benefits of bananas. He was on a diet by simply eating bananas alone for 12 days to detoxify the body. He named his experiments with the name ‘Banana Island’. ‘Banana Island’ is a phrase used to describe someone who diet by eating only one type of fruit only for a certain period of time. According to Yulia, diet ‘Banana Island’ is in fact do not always have bananas, but can also use other fruits like mangoes, grapes, or persimmon. The rule is that you choose only one type of fruit and eat them remain consistent until the challenge ends.

How can this banana diet? The trick is:

  • You only eat bananas are ripe
  • You drink a lot of water, up to 3 liters a day
  • You exercise as usual
  • You simply rest because your body is going through detox and recovery in

After 12 days on a diet this way Yulia saw significant positive changes in the physical and emotional health. Then change what happened to his body?

At first, he saw no improvement in digestion and do not feel any complications at all. Bananas are rich in fiber are known to have the ability to regulate electrolytes, removing toxins from the body and helps digestion.

Later, he was more often obtain serenity and peace and creativity at a higher level. He felt his mind become sharper and easier to work on tasks and activities. He felt the balance and also a positive mind. “I have tremendous mental clarity and focus,” said Tarbath. This feeling is caused by the content of tryptophan and potassium in bananas helps in cell communication and helped to transport oxygen to the brain so that the oxygen levels in the brain is maintained.

In addition, she feels more energetic than ever. The skin becomes softer and glowing naturally. When exercising weight, Yulia also no longer feel pain in his legs. Her body feels more flexible than before.

What are the real benefits of this banana diet? The benefits include:

  • Efficient and very fast to detox
  • Give your digestive system a chance to focus on just one fruit and spend less energy
  • Accelerate healing and recovery
  • Help you lose weight naturally
  • Helping to end addiction or trauma food
  • Increase vitality, energy levels and mental clarity
  • Improving fitness
  • One of the best ways to switch to a diet of 100% low-fat

Bananas are very useful to help you lose weight. One banana contains 108 calories amounts to 17.5 grams of carbohydrates. Bananas also contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals and pectin substances that make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This makes it ideal for any banana weight loss program. Bananas also have a low glycemic index, which also helps in weight loss. In addition, eating bananas are also useful to help control blood sugar levels in the body.
How, keen to try this banana diet?

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