Ice Cube on Certain Points

Try doing the therapy when your body feels tired or head feels dizzy, then you will find yourself becoming lighter, more energy and feeling tired or even disease seemed to disappear. Some migraine sufferers also even have felt the benefits and prove themselves, that therapy using this method turned out much more quickly and effectively deal with migraines compared with the consumption of drugs. Therapy with this method can also create your mood increases and evoke a feeling of comfort, because this method works to stimulate the release of endorphins in the bloodstream.
The only thing you need to do to make this therapy is simply putting an ice cube at the point of Feng Fu and hold it there for 10 to 20 minutes. At first you may feel cold for 30-40 seconds, but slowly these points will start to warm.
The following are the efficacy and benefits of ice cubes pressed at the point of Feng Fu.
Gluing ice cube at the point Fung Fu efficacious for:
  1. Overcoming headaches and migraines
  2. Relieve dental pain and joint pain
  3. Creates a relaxing effect
  4. Generate energy and eliminate fatigue
  5. Improve the quality of your sleep
  6. Fixing the respiratory system and your cardiovascular system
  7. Overcoming Asthma
  8. Prevent frequent colds and runny noses
  9. Overcoming neurological disorders and degenerative changes in the spine
  10. Improve the digestive system
  11. Heal the digestive tract infections and sexually transmitted infections
  12. Overcoming the digestive tract disorders, obesity and malnutrition
  13. Overcoming thyroid gland disorders
  14. Help with arthritis, hypertension and hypotension
  15. Eliminate cellulite
  16. Cope with menstrual disorders, impotence, frigidity, endocrine, infertility
  17. Overcoming the psycho-emotional disorders, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia

That was some surprising properties and benefits of attaching ice cubes at the point of Feng Fu. Incredible is not it? Unfortunately therapy with Feng Fu method is still not known by many people, therefore scatter so that others can also benefit. Hope it is useful. Greetings healthy always.

This method should be avoided by pregnant women, people with schizophrenia or wear a pacemaker.

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