Hydrogenated Oils Enemy Foods

Hydrogenated oils take much longer to spoil than other oils used in food manufacturing. This means food with hydrogenated oils have a longer shelf life. In recent years, hydrogenated oils have been linked to a long list of health concerns.

Few Examples On Where To Find And Avoid Hydrogenated Oils
1. Butter and Margarine
2. Frozen Meat
3. Frozen Fish
4. Processed Food
5. Fast Food
6. Instant Noodles
7. Packaged Snacks
8. Energy Bars
9. Biscuits and Crackers
10. Doghnouts

Side Effects : High Blood Pressure
Hydrogenated oils are much thicker in consistency thatn other oils, which in turn makes the blood thicker when consumed, therefore the heart has to work harder to pump thicker blood through the body, which contributes to high blood pressure, a chief-side effect of hydrogenated oils.
Side Effects : High Cholesterol
The Nickel used in the hydrogenation process can cause scarring of the artery’s internal walls. This scarring can contribute to high cholesterol as the body produces cholesterol in an attempt to heal the artery walls.

Side Effects : Cancer
Cell walls serve as the cell’s defense mechanism. Cell walls are normally made up of essential fatty acids (EFAs) or health oils that allow nutrients to flow in while letting waste product flow out. With hydrogenated oils replacing healthy ones, the cell walls must use the hydrogenated oil to form its defense. The process of healthy nutrients flowing in and waste flowing out gets altered and the reverse begins. As a result, the cells can either mutate or die, which can lead to the cells becoming cancerous.

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