How To Get Rid of Acne Naturally Using Fruits and Vegetables (Traditional)

You Have Acne? make sure you do not feel comfortable? Acne always arise due to some factor that appears. Many do not know that Acne can strike anyone any age.Acne is also not only appears on the face, in the case of the other acne also appears in other body such as the hands and others.
Acne triggers also is very much, but the main ones are triggers the onset of puberty teens who make the hormone is not stable so easy acne appears. If you have problems like this, there are times when you pay attention to your diet and rest. It could be that his diet also triggers your acne so more and more.

Acne being one of the frightening spectre for teens especially women who begin to have a sense of attraction towards the opposite sex. How not, sometimes we as women feel confident in front of the opposite sex if you have acne. For that, it is very necessary for us to figure out how to eradicate acne or acne scars naturally and fast using fruits or vegetables.

Causes (Factors) the incidence of acne on the face which often occur:

Indeed today, food becomes a major factor in the causes of the incidence of acne in the us. However, there are several other factors that can also cause acne on the face.The factor I is divided into 2 parts, the factors such as internal and external factors. Examined factor cause acne will also affect how to treat the acne itself. Due to different factors, then the difference is also the care and treatment in order to be resolved soon. How are ready to know what being a factor in the onset of pimples on the face.

Here are some of the factors the incidence of acne:

A. The Hormonal Factors
Hormonal factors being the biggest factor in the second (after the factor of food)causes the onset of acne. This usually occurs in a woman who is experiencing prementruation. Medically, the time ahead of the coming month (menstruation) attack women will experience an increase in the hormone progesterone so that the skin will earn excessive oil content. So it will be easy for Acne comes when a woman has a buildup of fat in the tissue of her skin. So the fat piles can cause blood flow become clogged and be acne that arise.
Then, what about the condition of Adolescents who are going through puberty? Yes,when teenagers are going through puberty and increasing a sense of attraction towards the opposite sex can also increase hormone. Or more companion, called falling in love to others will increase productivity hormone. Then do not be surprised, if you have spotty at the moment are in love. Even now, if the trends are more spotty as a sign you are in love to someone.

To address Acne caused by hormonal factors you don’t need hard to find suitable cure. Over time the body will automatically stabilize your hormone. As a result, Acne can disappear by itself. However, if you are already impatient to overcome your acne.Then I suggest do not use chemical medicines or cosmetics to overcome this type ofacne. Use traditional medicines such as fruit or vegetables from the potion to overcome acne. Interested to try traditional and naturally to grow pimples? Check out this article to hold it down.

B. Stress Factors.
Stress is a condition where the body is experiencing depression and stress on someone. Stress causes disruption of metabolism as well as the health of the body.Stress can cause a variety of experiences a decline in conditions. Including the emergence of pimples easily. Moreover, if your skin type is oily skin types and easily affected by acne. To that end, Shun the stress and multiply things and positive thoughts on our bodies. Watch Comedy movies or funny can help you reduce stress and make laugh at ourselves.

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C. Factors Make Up
Choose Make Up indeed into the one of problem for women. Because if we choose wrong, it could be not the beauty that we can, but it could be instead be the start of a disaster the incidence of acne to face us. For that, we need to be vigilant in choosing the make up.
On the other hand, the make up is indeed be a solution so that we still look beautiful and attractive. However, the makeup also contain compounds that could be less suitable for our body. For that, you need to be aware of any content contained in the makeup you wear makeup and beware if you use makeup instead of recommended by the beautician.
Consultation on a dermatologist is the most appropriate step that you must take. The doctor will give you advice on cosmetics which are suitable for your skin type.Especially if your skin types including sensitive skin types.

D. Factors Bacteria

Factors of bacteria is also often the cause of the outbreak of acne. Usually this happens because we are less into the cleanliness of the body so that the bacteria can proliferate with the fast across the skin. Bacteria bacteria is often called by the name “p. acne“. Of course if you often use cosmetics often hear the words or name of the p.acne. Yes, cosmetic or chemical acne medication containing many anti p. acne.

The bacterium p. acne breed in the sebaceous gland which then swell and rupture that it becomes lump–pimple bumps. even the bumps will cause irritation to the skin.This type of acne is often called rock with acne, because if it appears it will be very difficult to overcome. Even if we manage to solve it, acne scars will be the scars that stubborn and difficult to be eliminated. Among the causes of the incidence of acne more, factors from bacteria into factor the most frightening, because the scars evokes very rarely can be eliminated.
For, can overcome the type of Acne can in Barcelona or do prevention using science materials or materials of cosmetics made from chemicals such as cosmetics and others. However I suggest to keep consultation to physicians dermatologist and acne to choose cosmetics that are suitable for your type of skin. Because if you choose the wrong cosmetics could be, your acne will get worse even difficult to be eliminated.

E. Hereditary Factors
Older people who have acne problems will potentially big to lose acne on his son. Someone who has parents who have acne problems either youth or what period would be more potentially exposed acne problems. DNA and genes a factor this was the main factor. The second factor definitely passed down to his children.

F. Factor Drugs
Pathogenic bacteria contained in chemical drugs can also be a power increase in the incidence of acne problems.

G. Type Of Skin Factor
Do you have oily skin? Then you need to be alert, because acne will often come your way. Oily skin is the main cause of occurrence of blockage of blood flow to the skin.Once clogged, the blood flow will be the acne and appears as jendulan (lump) thatcontain oil or blood–blood that clogged it. Someone who has the kind of dry skin will be a little bit lucky because it will not be easily affected by acne problems.

H. Environmental Factors
Bad air pollution can also be the cause of the outbreak of acne. Generally a lot of air pollution caused from motor vehicle will cause our face become easily exposed to fecal pollution so that dirt buildup will occur on the skin of your face. In addition, if you frequently use the make up before cleaning up your skin. One of the ways that are quite effective is using a mask and goggles when you travel to or passing through the area that the high level of pollution such as industrial areas and highways.

I. Factors Infection
Who the hell would want to have blackheads? Blackhead is a heap of dirt that gather and clogging in the skin of the face. Then what will it do for removing blackheads?whether you use conventional treatments, drugs or by pressing your blackheads.Caution If you frequently try to squeeze blackheads–your blackheads. Because when you squeeze the blackhead can be will happen an infection that triggers the onset of pimples on the face.

The cause of acne is the most common and large mixed is a collaboration between hormonal factors, as well as the type of the oily skin factor bacteria that appear due to lacking care for cleanliness.
Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally:
1. How to treat acne naturally using Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera or often called Aloe Vera is a natural and traditional medicine has many benefits. Chiefly on the hair, so it’s no wonder is often used as the spokeswoman of brands. However, do you know if aloe vera can also be used as acne medication? Read on it goes.
To be able to use Aloe Vera as a cure your acne just use one Aloe Vera leaves, then cut and Peel skin deep into several parts. After that, take the resin to be apply on various face appears acne. Let stand until 15 minutes before you clean your face with clean water. To get the maximum results you should do regularly 2 days.

Aloe Vera has an active substance which is very good for the human body. Evenaccording to the up-to-date research, Aloe Vera gel can heal some of the other diseases to chronic diseases. With notice that a lot of the benefits of Aloe Vera-owned, so a lot of people who are already there even create them also who had sold it into jelly gelatin or Aloe Vera sweets. If you want to get care from the inside, you can take it.

2. How to treat acne naturally with egg white
Many experts and beauty experts admit that the egg white is a very potent traditional materials and without side effects to cope with acne and acne scars. In fact there have been many clinical facial treatments and spa use egg whites as the medium.

How to use egg whites as an acne remedy is by way of separating egg yolk with white eggs. Then, the egg whites already accumulated shake it first time. Then apply to your steel mainly on the affected part of acne, and let stand for 15 minutes. Egg white actually works as the excess oil content of absorber on the face that is often the cause of the onset of acne on your face.

For maximum results, as well as a smooth facial skin and avoid excess oil, you can use the egg white as your mask. Quite 15 minutes only, your face can look fine as well as avoid the excess oil.
When you are finished using the egg whites, you can clean your face using cold clean water so that your face become more fresh. Preferably, you do it this way on a regular basis two days. When you do with regular and consistent you’ll get maximum results.

3. How to treat acne naturally using Tomatoes
Tomato is a kind of fruit and vegetables that contain vitamins that quite a lot.Especially vitamin A Vitamin & Γo is great for the eyes, as well as to eliminate blackheads. How to use acne medications, a tomato with how to cut tomatoes into two parts, and then apply the tomato facial go to acne then let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water until clean. To get the maximum results you have to do it with regular and consistent every two days.

It is a great treatment from outside the body, if you are interested to do the treatments from within. Can you eat tomatoes every day to do the care of the body.Vitamin C can increase the durability of tomato and the metabolism of the body.Vitamin A Tomato can to increase the performance of your eyes.

4. How to treat acne naturally using Garlic
Garlic is a spice which is very famous in the world for culinary or cooking. Garlic as food flavor enhancer had many important compounds and substances that are good for the body especially for those who suffer from hypertension, Cholesterol high up to the blockage of the pulse.
Why Garlic can be used as acne medication? The answer lies from the function of garlic as an anti-bacterial. Garlic is very suitable for those who are experiencing acne problems caused by a bacterial factor as I point out above. Although this way including the way that little pains. In fact there have been many people who prefer to use it this way because it is easy and practical reasons.
There are two ways to be able to treat acne with natural garlic. That is the way through treatment from the outside and from the inside of the body (Internal External&). For external treatments you can treat acne by way of mashing two garlic until smooth and then apply the results of the collision last to face arising out of acne. After that, let stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.
The second way is the way, the internal or the care of the body by way of consuming garlic as much as 3-5 garlic every day. Certainly more nutritious raw garlic and the value of the content in it more than that have been processed. So you don’t feel bland while eating it, you can add a little honey. According to some doctors, the honey can thus increase the nutritional value and does not reduce the benefits of garlic itself.

5. How to treat acne naturally using Toothpaste
Using Toothpaste to eradicate acne is often used for those of you who do not want to elaborate. Usually this way many worn by men. Because it’s easy, no matter the material is searchable. How to use it is by applying toothpaste to the terkana acne or other parts around the acne. Doing this way before going to bed, and then leave ituntil the morning. After waking up, you can rinse with cold clean water.

6. how to treat acne naturally using Honey
Honey has a myriad of benefits to the human body. Well that‘s been found, as well as the another benefits which is still a mystery they contain. Efficacy of honey was already famous since ancient times as a healing substance naturally and without side effects.Honey contains some compounds such as enzymes, antioxidants are very high as well as anti-bacterial substance.
To be able to use honey as a remedy to remove acne blemishes, acne scars to the stubborn blackheads there are a number of ways. Benefits of honey is anti-bacterial we can benefit to eliminate bacteria from Acne causes. The trick is to apply 1-2spoons of pure honey and native to parts of your face that are affected by acne. Then let sit for 15 minutes. Then you clean with clean water. To get the maximum results, you have to do it this way on a regular basis two days. Consume honey also became the best way to do the care of the body.

7. How to treat acne naturally using the dregs of black tea
The dregs of tea is a substance high in anti oxidants so good to our skin. In addition, the dregs of black tea are also capable of removing acne by means of applying the dregs of black tea affected acne face fails or you can also use it as your mask. Then let sit for 15 minutes. Then you clean the face with clean water. Do this 2 days in a caronce on a regular basis until your acne disappear.

8. How to treat acne naturally using Lemon
Lemon is one of the ingredients that are good for the treatment of the body. Lemons contain antioxidants, vitamin C can reduce the levels of oil on oily skin face. As well asregenerate dead skin cells-se. Consuming Lemons every day to maintain the durability of the body and the body’s metabolism is getting awake each day.

9. How to treat acne naturally using olive oil
Did you know about olive oil? Olive oil is processed oil from olives of the Middle East.Olive oil is well known as a powerful Alzheimer’s drugs. Olive oil is already known since the days of the Prophet Muhammad as a very potent herbal remedies. Even the whole disease can be cured with olive oil. Without exception to eliminate acne and acne scars that are stubborn. The trick is to apply the acne with olive oil. Then allow it to some time. Before you clean with clean water.

10. How to treat acne naturally using Bekam techniques
Did you know about Bekam? Bekam very famous all over the country. The method is the method of treatment alternative Bekam brought from the Middle East. Bekam already existed since hundreds of years ago. bekam techniques can cure various diseases related to blood flow. Including acne, caused by blocked blood flow due to the excess oil clumping on our face. To that end, if you‘ve had nearly given up hope in overcoming acne.

Here are some tips from the author for you:
1. Notice the pattern of your life
As I point out, life has also become a major problem in the decline in quality of life. As well as the quality of the diet and the pattern of the rest of you, For your own diet nutritional meal you notice. Keep look at the food menu make sure you consume the whole fibre and nutritional healthy 4 5 perfect should would be sure.
To sleep, you should also pay attention to reduce staying out Karen will worsen your quality of life. Keep in consultation with a doctor for this problem.
2. avoid Stress with positive activities
Stress is a trigger factor for the onset of acne on the face of our faqs. Stress has an important influence on the condition of our body. To that end, in order for the condition your body awake. There are presumably you seimbangkan betweenrefreshing and activities.
3. start to keep clean
Cleanliness is the beginning of the formation of a healthy environment as well assecure. Maintain the cleanliness of the same health yourself. For that, it’s good you start to keep clean so that your metabolism and maintained properly. To start the cleanliness you can start it on yourself as well as your home.

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