Goodbye Gout, Acute Gastritis & Vertigo

Melon & Lemon, 2 types of fruit that have similar names, composed of five letters of the alphabet are the same just different layout arrangement. Who would have thought behind the name similarity evidently kept a secret. Both the fruit when combined were able to produce a medicinal herb that works effective to cure various diseases. The combination of melon and lemon is proven to repel gout, acute ulcer, vertigo, cholesterol and other diseases naturally.

Perhaps it is time for you to start to leave the chemical drugs, the best option is to try these natural herbs that have medicinal properties of natural uric acid, a natural ulcer drug and drug experienced vertigo. Concoction of fruit juice could cure ulcers, gout, and vertigo in a way that is most delicious. How do I create a natural herb ulcer drug from the melon and lemon?

Here is the share of direct experience of Father Edy about how he was cured of ulcer disease and vertigo suffered due herb melon juice mixed with lemon juice. A share knowledge and experience is very valuable and important to know, especially for those who have the disease of cholesterol, uric acid, trigleserida, joint pain, obesity, want to trim, migraine, and ulcer.

Readers voice :
I used to always have a complaint Vertigo caused by Chronic and Acute Gastritis, midnight often feel pain and bloating in the stomach, would not want to wake up looking for food, the early mornings are often sick because if late breakfast directly recurrence.

Besides shoulder right side often feels stiff and sore feet when the tread and even the fingers are often pain in the joints. The doctor said this is because the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid that goes beyond the normal threshold. Plus intermittently exposed Flu and Cough.

I used to take medication to reduce the pain, and the effect is run into the waist, perhaps because the drugs will eventually make us unhealthy kidneys.

I prayed to God if it seems a good solution and free of side effects to deal with complaints of this all, the time and health for me is a very major thing.

And finally The Lord gave me an article about the benefits of Melon juice mixed Lemon Juice without any added sugar or sweetener. Taken 3 times a day as we drank plain water. (for beginners quite a few drops of lemon juice, do not be too acid first, then slowly get used to the new plus)
At first I was hesitant because I often recommend by medical experts to avoid acidic food or drink, while it is not playing lemon acid. Moreover must drink before eating.

I originally had doubts whether this article plunges or indeed help me, but abstinence for me to believe something that is not I try and see for yourself.

At first I tried to squeeze of Lemon little, worried there are things I do not want, and indeed only, initially stung in the stomach when I try, “but it seems lately I know it is because of lemon on the side of my stomach wound” ,
One day, two days and three days kept me try and slowly I added a dose of lemon juice (still without sweetener), and there was now 3 months I did it.

If there is no lemon (because the price is more expensive) can be replaced with local Nipis orange. Can also be taken with warm water. 3 x daily routine for 1 month and see the results.

Thank God all my complaints relating to Maag no longer exist, restful night’s sleep without being disturbed by a sore stomach. Vertigo has been 3 months this never happens again. Lightly shoulders, waist rather tasty, and my eyes so bright.

Oh yes, do not forget to rinse water afterwards so that the tooth does not ache, or if you forget to drink water we can use our saliva to lubricate the teeth. As it turns out saliva can maintain dental health.

Greetings Health Always!

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