Food poisoning? Overcome with Kale Juice

Food poisoning is a condition that occurs as a result of eating food that has been contaminated by infectious organisms such as pathogenic bacteria, parasites, viruses, and also by chemical or natural toxins released by the food itself. Food contamination occurred partly because of the preservation of foodstuffs that are not running perfectly and hygiene is not maintained. Errors in processing or cooking food can also be a factor incidence of poisoning.

Although cases of food poisoning are rare, but wrong in the handling can lead to fatal. Symptoms of food poisoning can be started some time after eating up to three days after eating contaminated food, characterized by nausea, abdominal pain or cramping accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness. When left for hours the victim will experience a great shock.

If you have symptoms of food poisoning, do not rush to panic because there is actually an easy way to solve it.

How must I do?
Bertha (36), a mother of two, a resident of Waterford, Central Java, has a story. One day while eating a meal, he suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous and dizzy eyes. Cold sweat running down his body. He was immediately taken to the nearest health center. The diagnosis doctors clinic stated that he had food poisoning.

Bertha remembered lucky poisoning incident that befell her husband a year ago. Medicines given doctors fail to drink. He even take 500 grams of roots, stems, and leaves of kale. Kale that has been washed was then blended with a glass of water, then drink.

After consuming 2 cups of kale juice, Bertha felt his body recovered. He admitted that it inadvertently recipe he got from a bookstore in Yogyakarta.

In particular, Dr. Dalimartha Setiawan, Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association of Traditional Eastern Health Development (PDPKT), pointed out that the measures taken by Bertha is quite appropriate. Because kale does have a pharmacological effect as a sedative (sedative) and capable of carrying the nutritious substances into the digestive tract. That is why, this plant has the ability to neutralize toxins in the body.

So when you are experiencing symptoms of poisoning,
– Immediately take a bunch of kale, or about 500 grams
– Wash
– Blender with a glass of water (can be coupled with honey)
– Then immediately taken.

So that the toxic effects soon disappear, drink at least 2 glasses of juice of the watercress.
Water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) besides being able to neutralize toxins also has a sedative effect alias sedative so that victims of food poisoning can be quieter. Properties that make people who ate spinach faster wracked drowsiness.

Kale role to neutralize toxins empirically been done in Burma and India. Kapoor in 1980 to do research on the efficacy of kale as neutralizing toxins in ethnobotany based on the experience of people in Andhra Pradesh, India. Results of the study demonstrated the ability of watercress treat arsenic poisoning people even opium into the body.

Another research by Salim Said Alkiyumi and Mahmood Ameen Abdullah of the University of Malaya, Malaysia in spinach also showed that kale is a natural substance detoxification to eliminate toxins in the body.

A health expert from the Philippines, Herminia de Guzman Ladion, put spinach in the “Miracle Healing Plant”. Aside from being antitoxin (antitoksik), kale pharmacological effects as well as anti-inflammatory, to stop bleeding (hemostatic), laxative urine (diuretic) and sedatives (tranquilizers / sleeping pills). Its properties that make kale has efficacy among others, to overcome menstrual too much, blood urine, nosebleeds, bleeding hemorrhoids, Anyang-anyangan, constipation and insomnia. Topically, kale can also be used to treat ulcers, calluses, skin and purulent inflammation.

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