Destroy The Gallstones

Some time ago, one of my friends suddenly collapsed and was diagnosed with chronic gall stones that have been so great to rock in the bile and cover the supply line blocking bile to help digestion in the stomach.

According to the doctor that there is no way other than surgical removal of the gallbladder in other words he will no longer have his gall bladder in the organ. Without thinking 2 x, my friend whose career quite brilliantly in the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia was scheduled surgery at a hospital an international scale in Jakarta, because if they are not as fast as in the operating body will be getting thin, weak and feel pain remarkable course.

But a few days just before surgical removal of the gallbladder was done, one person’s relatives brought 3 coconuts green “fibers red” or coconut drug that has a large size, or commonly recognized by the characteristic fiber inside purplish red when the tip of the skin on coconuts The slightly peeled. Coconuts like this is indeed a little sparse but apparently also not too difficult to come by because many young coconut seller who can provide it is certainly at a higher price than regular oil.

To process it is also not too hard that the base slightly shelled and hollowed out, and then slightly reduced so as not to spill water when burned on the stove until the water boils. After boiling with coconut water looks a lot of air bubbles and the steam coming out of the coconut water was so turn off the heat and let cool a few times so that when it is cold as soon as possible in drinking until exhausted by wearing a straw or can be poured in a glass.

Three coconut green “red fibers” it was the one that consumed by a friend in three days, at which time the most good drink that is at night just before bed. As a result in a few days ago when my friend did an ultrasound end to the operations that will be done soon, gallstones which will remove it from the body it has disappeared altogether only remaining bit pasiryg will soon disappear in a few days.

At the end of the surgical procedure was also canceled as well as my friend is healthy again as usual. Thus this paper I make by referring to the experience of my friend in order to be beneficial, because the procedure of removal of the gall bladder in my opinion does not resolve the real problem. Where the real problem actually exists in the liver that by because aspect there is slight damage to the liver and lifestyle and eating habits that are not healthy, so the liver produces certain chemicals in bile when sediment can create a rock in the bag supplies bile.

When the bile sac discarded, indeed make sure there will be no more rocks formed there because it has no more bile at capacity. But every drop of production of bile produced by the liver would soon spill into the stomach until we encounter a man who had had gallbladder naturally obesity and excessive weight up in need of various types of drugs in all his life to maintain his health in order not presenting new problems of health problems. So hopefully useful.

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