Breadfruit Sap is The Cure

Want to know the waist sprain drug used by hula dancers in Hawaii? They used to rub the sap of the breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) and bandaged on the spine to relieve sciatica and leave for 2-3 days until the pain is gone. Prescription medicine that has been handed down traditionally used and the result is very effective.

But not only that breadfruit sap efficacy. For the masseuse local fractures, breadfruit sap often used to help reduce the pain when treating patients with fractures. Breadfruit sap applied to the skin to function as an analgesic to relieve pain or illness.

Breadfruit sap is also used indigenous people to treat skin diseases, patching and repairing damaged teeth, mixed with wood ash to treat ulcers or sores around the mouth, and to treat diarrhea to drink along the water.

In addition to having many benefits for the treatment, it turns breadfruit sap is also often used as an anti-leak coating is used to patch a boat or a house.

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