Benefits Skin Dragon Fruit for Health

Benefits Skin Dragon Fruit for Health, How to treat tumors and Maintain flexibility of blood vessels – Dragon Fruit is fruit from South America that is now becoming a phenomenon for the people in Indonesia. Not only fruit, dragon fruit skin is also included into alternative medicine which is also beneficial for our body. Including dragon fruit skin is thick and tough and can not be eaten directly. Unlike other fruits such as grapes or apples whose skin can be eaten directly.

Most people make the skin of the dragon fruit as waste and simply thrown away. Though many studies have proven that the skin of the dragon fruit can be used for health. Although the benefits are not too much, at least not disposed of dragon fruit peel and just be waste only.

Benefits Skin Dragon Fruit for Health

Many researchers have investigated the dragon fruit peel to take benefits. However, the most reliable is the research conducted by Chi Nan University which is actually a fairly popuer University in Taiwan. They think there are three benefits of dragon fruit skin for Health. Therefore, this time we will discuss thoroughly about all three of these benefits.

Here are 3 benefits of dragon fruit for healthy skin:

1. Keeping the flexibility of blood vessels
When someone has a heart disease or high blood pressure, will usually result in a blood vessel. Blood vessels can rupture caused by blood pressure that is too high. To address them we can use dragon fruit skin to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels.

Dragon fruit skin has two compounds are very potent to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels. In fact both compounds were comparable with Troxerutin well-known first as a guard fleksibiitas blood vessels. However, the presence of dragon fruit skin feels able to reduce human dependence on chemical drugs. Because, sooner or later chemical drugs have side effects on our body.

2. Indicators dangerous food preservatives

There have been many types of food preservatives that have been circulating in the community. However, the most popular today are formalin and borax or borax. Both preservatives such food is kind of the most dangerous preservatives circulating in the community. Because, basically, two types of preservatives are used as a preservative corpse. Therefore it was the dragon fruit skin has a function to detect the presence of hazardous substances such food preservatives.

To be able to detect the presence of food preservatives in a food we should cut up dragon fruit skin and then soak potngan stretcher into the herbs fresh water + lemon juice. The herb is usually red / reddish.

Then we use a tissue to be dipped into a solution of water so that the tissue becomes reddish. After that, the lift of the dye continues to stick to the food that you want to test the content / presence of food preservative formalin and borax in these foods. Then let stand for 10 minutes.

See conditions of color on the tissue paper. If the tissue paper after a long time turned into white. Then the food did not contain formaldehyde / borax. However, if a tissue is not back to white, then you need to be vigilant because most likely these foods contain preservatives such as borax and formaldehyde.

3. Inhibit cancer cell growth

From various medical research, red dragon fruit peel extract that has been used as a highly potent inhibitor of tumor cell growth B16F10. Of course this is gembir news for people with these tumors. However, this does not apply to a white dragon fruit peel.
To be able to use the dragon fruit peel extract as this medicine. You can buy dragon fruit peel extract product that is so. Usually sold in the market, drug store, and a pharmacy nearby. Usually in the form of tea products. Or what is often referred to as dragon fruit peel tea.

However, if you frequently consume fruits that do not let you redundant by removing the skin. You can use it as a drug by means shredding dragon fruit peel into small parts. Then drain into small biscuits potoongan dragon fruit directly under the blazing sun for two days, until the piece of skin that become completely dry.

Then, once dry you can make it as a way menyeduhnya tea with boiling water. Then strain the water until you get the tea that is free from waste. Then make this tea as the beverage of your daily routine to get maximum recovery.

How pal is quite clear right about my explanation about using the dragon fruit peel extract as tumor drugs, medications and other flexibility of blood vessels. The point is, not all of which are often dumped it there is no benefit. If we know how it is that is usually discarded will be very useful to us.

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