Benefits of Hibiscus Afternoon for traditional medicine

Hibiscus already quite famous in Indonesia society. Hibiscus or in the scientific language of Abutilon Indicum l. crop is grown outdoors such as in the forest, the field gets enough sunlight. But, just a little too who planted itin the yard of the House as a decoration. Because, the interest earned is also quite beautiful when seen with the eyes.
On the other hand, the Swell in the Afternoon also has many benefits in the field of health. In fact, the Swell in the Afternoon already used as traditional medicines since ancient times. Compounds that exist therein are now much need as a remedy. Some of the content in it is amino acids, organic acids and flavonoids which consists of gossypin, cyaniding-3–rutinoside.

Benefits and Benefits Hibiscus for Treatment

To make the Hibiscus as a remedy we must know which part will be used as a medicine. Actually the whole plant can be used as medicine. Unplug plant then wash and clean off the ground, plainly cut into pieces and dry in the sun to dry.

Here are some diseases that can be cured with Hibiscus:

How to Cure Toothache Using Hibiscus
To be able to cure toothache using Hibiscus, Hibiscus Leaves you should boil until boiling, While still warm, use boiled water as a mouthwash you. This method is proven to cure toothache and swollen gums.
How to treat worms in children Using Hibiscus
To be able to treat worm Kerami at Children’s Hospital, you can use the Hibiscus as alternative medicine. How, you take Hibiscus Fruit Seeds. Then Milled Fine, and roll using the paper to form a smoking, Then Fuel Gulungant ersebut. The smoke then you breathed kelubang Anal Hygiene. This method has been proven to solve Kerami worms.
How To Treat Rheumatic Diseases using traditional medicine Hibiscus
Arthritic pain is pain in the bones due to aging or hidur irregular pattern. To be able to reduce your arthritic pain. You can use your Healing Hibiscus as a drug. The trick is to boil the plant Hibiscus, Hibiscus then use boiled water to shower or to compress on the affected body part.
How to Treat Urinary Stone Disease Traditionally used Hibiscus
You have a disease Urinary Stone? Try this way to be able to reduce your pain. First, use the Hibiscus Boil water until boiling. Disposable water to soak the body. In addition, you can use the leaves as a poultice to the waist and your bladder. The trick is to grind the leaves until smooth and use the mill as a poultice.
How to treat Tuberkulose pulmonary disease (pulmonary TB) is still mild
Boil 30 grams of the root of Hibiscus, with 30 grams of the root 1 lex asperial and 15 g Mahonia Japonica, boiled with water. Then Filter the water, after dinging Drinking water in one day
How to Treat Ear pain, decreased hearing
The more we age, the ability of human hearing will fall. To maintain the quality of your hearing. You can use your Hibiscus as a preventative medicine. Carnya is to take 60 grams of fresh Hibiscus about 20-30 pieces. Alau Hibiscus wash them, and boiled. Once the water is cold you can filter them and then drank the water.How to Treat Ulcers traditionally use Hibiscus
Hibiscus has a tremendous benefit to treat ulcers, from seeds and leaves can be used as your ulcer drug. The trick is to take the first bua dry beans until the beans are then milled into a powder, then the powder, you pour with 1 cup hot water. Drink water while warm. For its leaves, you can use as a drug by pasting on ulcers.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids traditionally use Hibiscus
Did you know that the roots of Hibiscus is a famous drug to overcome hemorrhoids? Hibiscus roots can be used as an herb by boiling 150 grams of the roots of Hibiscus, then boiled with water alone. Then drink the water.
Thus, some of the benefits of the Hibiscus as a traditional herb for the treatment of various diseases. For that, until now many people who cultivate Hibiscus plants as medicine and as an ornamental plant in the yard.

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