Benefits and the benefits of Noni Fruit for the treatment

Did you know about Noni fruit? Noni fruit is often referred to as a fruit of the Pace for the region Cangkudu for Java, Sunda, Madura to Kodhuk and still a lot of lag it. Noni fruit has indeed unpleasant odors but often used to blend Rojak.

The Noni fruit is ripe is usually more utilized for treatment. Because it contained a lot of highly nutritious substance content for our bodies. Among them is morindin, morindone, meti acetyl kapril acid, damnacanthal and sorandiyiol.
Noni juice from a drug believed to be able to cure many chronic diseases. This belief since the era of the Kingdom used to be. To that end, this time we will discusses about the benefits and the benefits of noni to create traditional treatment as well as how to combine:
As Medicine Hypertension
The herb Noni Fruit is very efficacious for treating high blood pressure. How to make it quite easy to just mix the two in a way the noni fruit is ripe in the tree with 1 tablespoon honey. Before the mixed, make sure you’re squeezing the fruit of mengkudu, because we need water just only. Then mix with honey. Drink Herb Noni and honey this two days just once. Until your blood pressure is Normal.
Cure Cough
Other benefits of noni fruit is treating cough. Noni fruit and take 1 ½ leaves only poo or handheld is often called leaves bujanggut. Then, the second material is boiled with 2 glasses of water to warm. Strain the water and drink it twice a day every morning and afternoon.
Pain Medication Stomach
It turns out that abdominal pain can also be treated with bua mengkudu. Clean wash 2-3 sheets of noni leaf and mash until smooth. Add a little salt, then mix in hot water. Wait to cool, then strain the water. Be nutritious concoctions, as pain medication stomach.
Treating Jaundice
Squeeze 2 fruit noni which has ripe tree. Then grab some water and mix it with honey and 1 piece of sugar cubes. Mix until evenly distributed and take 2 days to heal. This herb is very potent for treating jaundice.
Fever, cold and influenza
When you are exposed the complications of this disease, simply heal with 2 glasses of water decoction mixed with 1 piece of Rhizome kencur pace and 1. Wait for it to boil, then strain the water. Drink this concoction twice a day, each morning and afternoon.
Scaly skin
Noni fruit turns out to have benefits for beauty, one of them is smooth skin as well as skin scaly. Rub it into the skin that noni bua scaly or wants mashed. Seama let stand 5-10 minutes. Then flush with warm water until clean.
That’s some of the benefits and usefulness make noni for treatment. For those of you who do not want to elaborate, you can also buy noni Fruit Extract is sold in the form of packaging. Noni Fruit extract is often called Juice Noni in a product that is already so.

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