8 garlic benefits for Skin Health and beauty

The benefits of garlic for health and beauty – Garlic are included as one of the types of spices are often used as a seasoning to make it more tasty and delicious. But on the other hand, garlic has lots of enormous benefit to your health.This is because due to the compounds contained in garlic is very diverse.
According to experts, garlic contains more than 100 biological chemicals (chemicals created yourself) who is extremely beneficial for human health. Like anti bacterial,viral, fungal repel treat as well as a good anti oxidant.

Without much theory again, here are some of the benefits of garlic for health:
1) lowers cholesterol
If you want to lower your cholesterol, you are required to consume garlic 600 mg per day to lower your cholesterol levels. It has been investigated by many researchers in medical world and they believe this way is very powerful, if done on a regular basis.
2) Treating the skin disease
As an anti-bacterial, garlic can fight skin diseases that attack you. Because skin diseases caused by bacteria, then white onion is an effective remedy for this problem.
3) launched an Blood Circulation
Garlic can help you increase the circulation of blood and prolong an erection.That’s because Garlic is a great aphrodisiac. So, for those of you who have a problem with sexuality. Garlic can raise your energy.
4) Regulate blood sugar
Garlic is one of the obligatory morning diabetics. That’s because it is not separated from its benefits that can increase the release of insulin for patients with diabetes. As well as regulating your sugar levels.
5) Antibacterial
Garlic can help you get cure the toothache, as well as a cure dysentery. The way it works is by killing bacteria and fungus in your body. Thus, the garlic is antibacterial.
6) lower blood pressure
Garlic is the right medicine to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. As well as controlling blood flow in your body part. Garlic will also stop the blood clotting of your blood vessels.
7) lowers the risk of lung cancer
According to the Chinese State, have the effect of raw garlic to ward off a variety of health problems including chronic diseases and cancer you. This is caused by the content of allicin in garlic.
8) heart health
Heart attacks are caused by a lack of oxygen to the body. To be able to stabilize it.You can use fresh garlic to reduce health problems due to a lack of oxygen supply on your body.
To get all the good compounds are then more good you consume garlic in raw state.If you don’t like the taste and smells. You can add a taste of other spices such as honey and soy sauce.

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