7 Powerful Benefits of Watermelon For Your Body

7 Manfaat Dahsyat Semangka Bagi Tubuh AndaYou know about this one type of fruit, so the fruit is indeed a favorite of many people, because it tastes sweet and refreshing throat. In addition, how to get this fruit punt fairly easy and inexpensive. This fruit has a characteristic red colored, but now it has been developed also yellow watermelon. This fruit is suitable for consumption in broad daylight or in the summer is quite hot. Due to this fruit, a burning sensation you will be replaced with a fresh taste that you will get by eating this fruit.

Watermelon has a water content at levels of 90% of the composition of the fruit. If you want to buy, you can get at the fruit shop or supermarket at affordable prices. In addition to cheap, you know that this fruit contains a lot of benefits for our bodies. Including vitamins, nutrients, potassium and beta-carotene to fiber that is needed for our bodies. So no wonder, with the high fiber content of fruit is often used as a dessert as a complement to our fiber nutrients.

Hotcopas.com friend, content of nutrients in watermelon are very much present, inspires us to write about the tremendous benefits of this watermelon fruit content in order to maintain and sustain a healthy body se-hat.com readers. This time we will write about the various benefits of watermelon contains the unknown. Here are 7 powerful benefits of watermelon for health:

1. Maintain a healthier heart
The watermelon fruit is also a rich source of lycopene. Lycopene is a substance that is essential to keep the internal organs like the heart in humans. By eating watermelon, then you including your own heart health.

2. Healthy Organs Eyes with Watermelon
Not many people know that watermelon also contain vitamin A. Although Vitamin indirect, because the fruit contains beta-carotene, nah, beta-carotene is what your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for healthy eyes or your eyesight organ.

3. Adding the immune system
Watermelon is well known as a source of vitamin C for the body. Vitamin C is needed by the body to keep the immune system or immune system. So that the body will be preserved and protected from various diseases even when the weather is extreme though. if the current weather is hot and rainfall is erratic, then you should consume watermelon on a regular basis to avoid the disease.

4. Protect your body from free radicals
Lately is not inevitable of our lives with the air pollution that originated in the factory, the motor vehicle fumes, or dirty air are often inhaled by us while doing the activity. A dirty air had greatly impacted on the influx of free radicals that are very threatening to the health of our bodies, For that, we need a very powerful antidote to repel free radicals. Watermelon is one alternative as neutralizing free radicals that enter. because watermelon contains carotenoid which is great for neutralize free radicals.

5. Strong Bones Body with Watermelon
Watermelon contains enough potassium for our body. Potassium is a substance that serves to maintain her calcium in the body. Seingga our bones and joints become stronger and not easily fragile. This becomes prevention of osteoporosis that threatens us in old age later.

6. Maintain Kidney Organ and Preventing Kidney Failure
Do you knows, diligently consume fruits such as watermelon can increase your urine stream. So you will avoid the risk of kidney failure due to digestion of your urine will be smooth again.

7. Burn Fat in the Body
This is good news for those of you who want to maintain your weight. Sometimes a lot of people who want to diet but do not want to up the fiber and nutrients that will be needed by the Tubu. By eating watermelon you will get two benefits at once, namely nutritional benefits contained therein and the benefits of reducing the excess fat in the body that will help your diet program.

How pal, interesting is not it? our discussion of 7 powerful benefits of watermelon fruit is not known by many people. To still get the health benefits do not forget to read our articles others.

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