7 Powerful Benefits Eggplant for Health

Inilah 7 Manfaat Dahsyat Terong Bagi KesehatanEggplant is a vegetable that is very well known by the people of Indonesia. Purple colored vegetable has a lot of content that are needed by the body. One is the calcium content of eggplant, rich in fiber, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Many people are always eating vegetables eggplant without knowing a lot of the content of this extraordinary.

Hotcopas.com friend, eggplant is very easy to find in the various markets or supermarkets nearby. The price is very affordable so that people often buy and mengknsumsi as major vegetable food every day. In fact, a lot of recipes that use vegetable cooking eggplant as the main ingredient.

Given the many benefits contained by eggplant. Se-hat.com will review eggplant hit tremendous benefits to our health. Here are 7 exceptional benefits for the health of vegetable Eggplant:
1. Source of Food for the Brain

Eggplant contains phyto nutrients which is one of the nutrients needed by the brain. By eating eggplant on a regular basis, then the brain will be more work optimally. So if you currently want to sharpen brain function. There are times when you try to diligently consume eggplant as a favorite food.

2. Streamlining Digestive

Eggplant vegetable has a lot of fiber, fiber is the body needs to nourish the digestive organs. Nutrition enough fiber every day, we would not be disturbed digestion.

3. Preventing Diabetes

Eggplant can help you to avoid diabetes, my friend would want to know why? adallah answer because eggplant is a source of soluble fiber and carbohydrates are low so the eggplant is very good for diabetes prevention.

4. Prevent Heart Disease Risk

Eggplant help you to lower your risk of heart disease and even heart failure. Eggplant helps your body to lower the bad cholesterol in your body. So that you avoid dar your risk of heart disease.

5. Controlling High Blood Pressure

Se-Hat.com friend, eggplant memiiki bioflavonoids which have a role to lower your high blood pressure. So that high blood pressure or hypertension, you may be reduced by consuming eggplant.

6. Strengthening more Healthy Bones

As we have stated above, pal. Eggplant has a calcium content which serves to strengthen bones and joints pal. So my friend can avoid the various problems such as bone fragility or osteoporosis.

7. Prevent Anemia

Do you know pal, eggplant contains iron that can help my friend to prevent anemia. Anemia is a disease caused by a lack of red blood on the body.

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